Monday, July 25, 2011

'Crook' Griffin wins by 9 votes !

So it's 4 more years of nepotism, financial corruption, no direction , a lack of coherent policy and hiding from the creditors amongst many other charges we could easily lay at Griffins hands.

The BNP will not exist in another 4 years.
A rather telling statement was made by the numbers who voted in the BNP leadership election.
Apparently, only about 2,500 actually voted. So how small has the BNP now become under the Griffin 'leadership' ?

No doubt Griffin will spout some niceties for the moment. Though there is a rumour doing the rounds that Griffin sent his 'paid heavies' to take over the BNP admin records office and to destroy them if he lost.

What will happen now ?

We think that a split will occur.

Whether Mr. Brons will be involved in that, we at NWN have no idea. Mr. Brons said he will not be standing again as an MEP. So no one would blame him if he just said 'bolleaux' to Griffins BNP.

Many will now 'vote' with their feet.

But of course the destruction of the BNP was planned by 'the state' and advertised as such by the media just prior to Griffins hijack of the BNP in 1999 and as mentioned in the SPEARHEAD John Tyndall article just below this one.

The next few days are going to be very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Well I am off !

Anonymous said...

I would have rejoined but not now.

Anonymous said...

I nearly didn't vote. I thought it would be fixed. How many of you voted, not many i reckon.

Anonymous said...

No chance of going back now ! Its just a cult that will die out.All the hard work wasnt in vein though but its time to move on.

Anonymous said...

The only decent thing that can occur now is for MR Brons to resighnand tell Griffin to shove it. The BNP should dissolve as it will go no where under this leadership, nor should it as there are more than enough corrupt polaticians as it is and ro support the BNP now is to support corruption and give power to Traitors of this country. For as long as this vile piece of scum remains connected to the BNP in way I and my family will never vote the BNP, and will advise all i know never to put there votes in for this party.. and like the saying goes word of mouth is the best advertiser. What needs to areise out of this is for a true Nationalist party to rise with good down to earth people, who will say it as t is and not be bought and you dont need Qualifications for that .. simply a peoples person whi speaks the language of the people and whose hearts beat only with the people of this country.

Anonymous said...

If people hadn't 'voted with their feet', and been able to vote yesterday, Mr. Brons would have won easily.
If people hadn't spoiled or invalidated their vote, it's possible that Mr. Brons would have won.
The turnout was approximately 60% of those eligible to vote.

Anonymous said...

Look at this shite from Gri££in;

Nick Griffin said: “The time for division and disruption is over; now is the time to heal. Now is the time to move on. Now is the time to get back to work. We have a Party to build and a Nation to save. Let us go forward together!”"

He is the divider, the corrupter, the cause of all the anger, and grief.

Anonymous said...

This man is a spoiler - He has ruined the BNP for whatever reason and ha been on duty while it fell from popularity with the electorate.
The old biddy next door to me has said that she could never vote for him.
That is the crucial test - working class, ex labour voters have only us to rescue them, but we cannot help them with the sullied BNP abd NG.
We must start anew, a fresh name and uncontaminated leadership - with an executive that automatically resigns each year, then is re-elected according to their competence.
President for life Nick Griffin can stick HIS NP where Martin Webster has been.

Anonymous said...

I know BNP members who would have voted for Brons but either abstained or voted for Griffin because they thought the "turd that won't flush" Eddy Butler would be back in the party pulling Brons' strings.

It was a big mistake by Andrew becoming aligned with Butler.

Anonymous said...

If people hadn't 'voted with their feet', and been able to vote yesterday, Mr. Brons would have won easily.
No matter how many people were in the BNP during this leadership contest that corrupt one-eyed jew MI5 cunt Gri££in would have won by nine votes.

Anti-Gri££inites still in the BNP should seriously consider inviting the one-eyed cunt to a BNP meeting - you can guess the rest.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Well here we are at last, the end of the line. Our party has been destroyed by a man who put his own greed ahead of the party and at the expense of hard working activists and members whose only crime was a desire to make Britain great again. Mr Griffin, "If by his works a man be judged", then you are a pile of shit. Pehaps its time for a Fatwa!

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