Friday, October 16, 2009

Richard Edmonds speaks in Barcelona !


Anonymous said...

Ex AC 2004-2008 said...

oh dear, does that mean one eyed monster will sack this "extremist" from the advisory council?

good to see Richard holding the flag for true racial nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby yesterday on BBC Radio 5 live's Simon Mayo show (drag onto 47 minutes into the programme), listen to this creep evade questions, contradict himself and lie. "We could win this case if we had £1million." "we can't win this case." " The party would be bankrupted." Hey isn't it already? "We want to contest 600 seats at the general election, we need £300,000 just for deposits." Wait a minute it was agreed at the AC in September that the party would stand in only 200 seats, that's £100,000. Darby evaded the question: " what is your personal view on letting non-Whites into the party?"

Anonymous said...

Watch this BBC News video, "Jews are OK in the BNP, they are British." What utter and complete nonsense, John Tyndall who wrote the original party constitution never put in a proviso for Jews, what's this BNP spokesman talking about? I notice the BBC reporter is Jew Jon Sopel.

Anonymous said...

RE needs to get his finger out.

He hasn't supported true nationalists under Griffins fiefdom for many a year.

Edmonds wouldn't even support Chris Jackson for christ sake !

Jennie Noble (AKA Miss Moneypenny) said...

You could not make it up. How many times have we heared on this blog, people slagging Mark Collet off for his Nazi sympathies. But when Richard Edmonds goes to spain to talk about the Nurenbourg trials,and it's "good on ya Richard, keeping the faith for true racial Nationalism" etc. Fucking hypocritical pricks you all are.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting article, new BNP members should read this and educate themselves? Griffin now keeps well away from the truth and this topic,I wonder why?

The Jews and White Nationalism

by Hunter Wallace The Occidental Quarterly Online, 30th September 2009

Anonymous said...

Miss Money Penny, I assume the reason why is because Collett is a little turncoat shitbag, totally incompetent, loud mouthed, paedophile, arch- Griffinite imbecilic stooge and generally disliked by many, many people in the movement, whereby Mr Edmonds is a committed, hard working, respected, educated,genuine Racial Nationalist who has struggled for the cause for 35 years, had his livelihood and personally security threaten on many occasions and never made any money out of it? And is also a excellent passionate public speaker

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Anonymous said...

Jennie Noble is not literate enough to be Miss Moneypenny.

Anonymous said...

"Jennie Noble is not literate enough to be Miss Moneypenny."

I totally agree, the theme Miss Moneypenny was coined by ID magazine last year and we all know who puts that Griffin publication
together don't we? Collett f**k off posting on this blog you shitbag! You will get no sympathy!
Jennie is a nice lady treated, very very badly by the party and she wouldn't swear

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Anonymous said...

Griffin and Darby have robbed the BNP of hundreds of thousands of pounds. They are the Scumbags.

Miss Moneypenny (AKA Michaela Mackenzie) said...

So you think a BNP advisory council member Richard Edmonds going to spain to speak to an openly Nazi group (just look at their web site) is going to be a vote grabber when it hits the papers. You pricks!

Anonymous said...

Miss Moneypenny alias Collett, no Racial Nationalist would go to the press about this story, if anything get out we know it because of you, you little bastard shit!

Anonymous said...

It won't be as bad as the story about pervert Martin Reynolds in THE TIMES.

Reynolds is being paid now by the taxpayer !

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer foots bill for BNP minderDaniel Foggo

Recommend? (4)
NICK GRIFFIN, the BNP leader, has put his personal bodyguard on the European Union payroll as his party becomes the latest to exploit the political expenses system.

A dozen senior figures from the party make up a BNP entourage of publicly funded assistants. As MEPs, Griffin and Andrew Brons are entitled to claim a combined £382,000 a year to pay for their colleagues’ salaries.

Martin Reynolds, a 20-stone bodybuilder who is head of security and Griffin’s bodyguard, said he “honestly didn’t know” why he

was justified in being paid by the taxpayer.

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Expenses scandal: payback time for Brown
BNP forced to close membership over race bias
He said of his job: “I just do the security side of it and \ personal assistant stuff and generally looking after him and making sure things are done for him.”

Griffin and Brons are also channelling payments to other “assistants” including Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader, Eddy Butler, its national organiser, Emma Colgate, its national administration officer, and a number of regional organisers and councillors. Some have not been openly declared as working for either MEP and others have unsavoury backgrounds.

Martin Wingfield, former editor of the BNP’s monthly newspaper, Voice of Freedom, is being paid as an assistant by both Griffin and Brons. He served a three-month prison sentence in the 1980s for failing to pay a fine following convictions on two counts of inciting racial hatred with election literature.

Adam Walker, head of Solidarity, the BNP’s supposed trade union, is being paid through Brons’s funds. Walker had to resign his teaching post in 2007 after being accused of posting anti-Muslim comments on the web using a school laptop.

All the BNP hierarchy’s new salaries, which go up to £25,000 a year, are allocated out of a personal £191,000 a year “assistants’ allowance” to which every MEP is entitled.

EU rules state that assistants must justify their taxpayer-funded salaries by doing work which is “directly linked to the exercise of a member’s parliamentary mandate”.

John Walker, the party’s deputy press spokesman, confirmed that he was being paid £18,000 a year in taxpayers’ money. He also receives £6,000 a year from the party.

“I am expected to do two days a week for Andrew and two days a week for Nick. And then the other day . . . is for the party,” he said.

Walker added that the BNP was “sensitive” to the fact that the rules emphasise all work must relate to the MEP’s role and not the party.

When Reynolds was asked what “specifically” he does for his EU salary, he said: “I honestly don’t know.”

He added: “I never got paid before, all our security was done for no payment whatsoever. I was an electrician.” He declined to say what his pay is now.

He said he was not sure if he also received a salary from the party: “I don’t know the ins and outs of my finances, my wife sorts all that out.”

John Thompson, the BNP’s accountant, said the party’s MEPs were using about half their full allowances and explained that the level of salary varied. “The top level might be £25,000 and the lowest £8,000,” he said.

Walker said: “I suppose we are going to publish the breakdown [of taxpayer-funded salaries] but whether they will go as far as individual remunerations I don't know.”

Anonymous said...

Griffin should just fuck off to UKIP and leave us alone !

Anonymous said...


Holocaust survivors will confront BNP on Question Time
The question has split the world of broadcasting and divided opinion across the country: should the BBC have invited the far-right British National Party to take part in this week's edition of Question Time, its flagship panel programme?
The BNP is already tens of thousands of pounds in debt following its decision to spend heavily on this year's European elections PA Views are polarised. While supporters of the decision say that it is the price Britain pays for free speech, and that the BBC has a duty to reflect a broad range of opinion, opponents have condemned the Corporation for offering the party an opportunity to promote its anti-immigrant views.
Holocaust survivors and victims of racist attacks plan to confront the BNP's leader Nick Griffin during the programme over his past as a holocaust denier with a conviction for inciting racial hatred.
Church leaders have expressed their regret that the BNP has been given the opportunity to air its "offensive" views
Even the broadcasting regulator has questioned the BBC's justification for inviting the party onto Question Time.
The row has been building since the BBC announced last month that it was considering inviting the BNP to send a representative to join the Question Time panel. This was confirmed last week when it announced Griffin would be appearing on Thursday, alongside Bonnie Greer, the black American writer, Baroness Warsi, the Conservative peer, Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, and Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman.

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Anonymous said...

NF standing in Bermondsey south east london Council election .Jan 15th next year Pencil this one into your diary folks.It's gonna be a good un.

Anonymous said...

Always remember we are being attacked from within!!!

Anonymous said...

Uber nazi old Allan Payne supports non-whites in the BNP.

The Manchester boozehound said this at last weeks Oldham BNP meeting.

Are you going to Madrid for the Franco rallies again next month Allan ?

Hypocrite !

Anonymous said...

Just seen this in Britain's biggest selling Black newspaper from one of their top journalists, we must oppose Gri££in on this motion at next month's conference and upset he destructive plans?

Why black people should join the BNP

By Dotun Adebayo, The Voice 19th Oct 2009

I NEVER thought I'd find myself saying this, but it's time for black people to join the British National Party!

I kid you not. The latest court ruling on the BNP is forcing them to allow black people to join or break the law. And, it seems, black people have now got the chance to have the last laugh on a party who claim that black people can never be British.

The question now is whether their members will be able to stomach voting to allow black people to join or whether they will go underground after showing their true colours and rejecting the legal obligation.

Another question is, of course, whether black people will actually join in enough numbers to turn the party into a rainbow coalition. Black and Asian people could 'swamp' the party, take it over and de-racialise it.

It's not the beginning of the end for racism as we know it. I am still prepared to take my fight against racism to the streets if I have to. But at least now I know that if I want to join the BNP, the full weight of the law is behind me.

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Anonymous said...

Just listen to sell merchant scumbag Griffin on Jewish Murdoch's SKY News talking about his Hindu, Sikh and West Indian friends, he also states : "We were going to change our constitution anyway, regardless of the Equality Commission rules!"

Anonymous said...

Interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Who was it this time?

BNP hit by second leak of 'members database'

Anonymous said...

Jennie is a nice lady treated, very very badly by the party and she wouldn't swear

She's not nice, and she was treated far better than she deserved, but I agree that she wouldn't swear. She doesn't know how to use the internet either, but that's besides the point.

Anonymous said...

After the last f**king membership leak,I thought Griffin said he had taken stringent security measures that it would never ever happen again? The lying, deceitful bastard!

Anonymous said...

How does Griffin know all this, if he hasn't even seen the list yet? Belfast would be the prime place for a leak, Dowson's staff ( whoever they are) had access to the list so that they could phone up members for donations in the run up to June.

"He said the party had strengthened its procedures in the run-up to the June elections, when the majority of inquiries and new membership applications had occurred. “If the new list is actually genuine, it will not be reflective of the party’s true membership figures or even the inquiries database,” Mr Griffin said."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the lying scumbag Gri££in!

This list was leaked on purpose and is the real deal.

I am on the list (I wasn't last time as I only joined early this year) and I am sorry that I ever joined this motley crew of crooks!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...