Friday, October 23, 2009

Jeered, scorned and ridiculed - still BNP's Nick Griffin milks his moment in spotlight on Question Time

Nick Griffin was booed, jeered and mocked by a hostile television audience on the BBC's Question Time last night.
But the British National Party leader's priceless air time still left the Corporation facing accusations of 'publicity-seeking' naivety.
Senior Labour figures warned of racist attacks in the coming days, leaving the BBC with 'blood on its hands'.

Heckled: Nick Griffin's controversial appearance on Question Time, where he was mocked and jeered

Mr Griffin ran the gauntlet of 1,000 angry protesters who had laid siege to the Question Time studio at Television Centre in West London.

The 50-year-old, who has a criminal conviction for inciting racial hatred, was loudly booed as he went before the cameras under tight security.
Facing angry heckling, and at times looking shaken, Mr Griffin:

Repeatedly refused to give his views on the Holocaust, drawing attacks from Jewish members of the audience.

Claimed that Winston Churchill would have joined the BNP.
Was branded 'disgusting' by one black member of the audience.
Was forced to deny he had said that black men 'walk like monkeys'.
Was laughed at when he admitted meeting Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and claimed the organisation was 'non violent'.
Was jeered by a lesbian member of the audience who told him: 'The feeling of revulsion is mutual'.
One Asian member of the audience called for a whip round to pay for him to go and live at the South Pole where he could enjoy a 'colourless landscape'.
The BBC was forced on to the back foot over the decision to invite Mr Griffin on to the show.

David Dimbleby, who chaired the session, tried to calm audience unrest by insisting that the programme 'won't be the Nick Griffin show'.

But he refused a request to take an audience vote on the rights and wrongs of the decision.
Unrest: Anti-BNP crowds protested against the appearance of Griffin during the show at BBC HQ

The panel Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne, Conservative shadow cabinet member Sayeeda Warsi, Justice Secretary Jack Straw, Dimbleby, Griffin and Bonnie Greer
Baroness Warsi, the Tory panel member, said: 'If you look at the audience and reaction outside, people are outraged by his views and he has been exposed for what he is.'
Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the evening capped a 'catastrophic week for the BNP'.

They were joined on the panel by Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne and black poet Bonnie Greer.

More...Three policemen injured and BBC in lockdown as hundreds protest over BNP leader's Question Time showdown
DOMINIC CARMAN: A deeply disturbing encounter with the BNP's Nick Griffin - and the wife who thinks he's an oddball

Mr Huhne said Winston Churchill would be 'rolling' in his grave if he could hear Mr Griffin speak today.
Earlier Mr Griffin's appearance provoked angry scenes outside Television Centre. Three police office officers were injured and six protesters arrested.

Three officers were injured during the fracas as the BBC prepared to film Question Time
At one stage, around 25 people stormed inside the West London building as they attempted to find the Question Time studios.
Flares were let off and women dragged kicking and screaming back outside by security guards.
Mr Griffin, meanwhile, was smuggled in via a side entrance by up to 40 dark-suited security guards.
Inside, he attacked Mr Straw saying his own father was in the RAF in the Second World War, while Mr Straw's was arrested for refusing to fight.
Disgust: One man takes Mr Griffin to task over his politics
A black man in the audience was cheered when he confronted Mr Griffin.
His voice shaking with emotion, the man said: 'For just one minute could you not think of the benefits my parents brought to this country and other parents from an Asian, Indian or Pakistani background have brought?
'No, all you're thinking of doing is trying to poison politics and poison the minds of people in this country. The vast majority of this audience find what you stand for to be completely disgusting'
Mr Griffin smirked when he was asked whether he denied the Holocaust but refused to answer detailed questions on the issue. Of his previous comments, he said: 'I can't explain why I used to say those things.'
He acknowledged that the BNP had been a 'racist and anti-semitic organisation', but claimed it had changed under his leadership. 'I am not a Nazi and never have been,' he said.
He was wearing the poppy he rarely removes. He says he wears it in protest at the poor treatment of soldiers injured in Afghanistan.
A policeman tries to control the crowds as the show is filmed
Enlarge Shimal Thakrar, 33, from Edgware in London, said: 'It certainly wasn't as controversial as had been made out beforehand. The guy couldn't stand his ground at all.
'He contradicted himself throughout. He had no consistency. It was a needed debate. But he's not a politician.'
Mr Thakrar said the audience hissed and booed during the filming and shouted 'Liar' and 'Get out the door,' at Mr Griffin.
The BBC had received more than 1,000 complaints ahead of the broadcast.

Senior Labour politicians predicted that black and Asian people would face a violent backlash in the coming days.
The BBC insisted it had no choice but to offer an invitation to the BNP following the party's success in the European elections.
But critics have accused the corporation of being naive and driven by a desire to boost ratings.
Higher Education Minister David Lammy, one of Britain's first black ministers, said ordinary people from ethnic minority backgrounds would face violence as a result.
He added: 'This is a seminal moment for the country. I am very worried about the days that will follow.
'Many people across the country, black and white, will be appalled that Nick Griffin has been given a platform on the BBC's flagship current affairs programme for his terrible racist views.
'Many others, a long way from Broadcasting House, will be left very scared.'
However Mr Lammy acknowledged that the mainstream parties had to accept some of the blame for the rise of the BNP.
Former Home Secretary David Blunkett criticised the BBC for 'publicity seeking'.
'To spend the first ten minutes of the Six O'Clock News covering their own decision and the consequences of putting the leader of the BNP on Question Time, was a total distortion of news priority and a deliberate promotion of their own publicity-seeking decision,' he said.
BBC Director-General Mark Thompson yesterday defended the decision to offer an invitation to Mr Griffin.
Mr Thompson said the Government should change the law if it did not want the party to appear on news and current affairs programme.
He said: 'Censorship cannot be outsourced to the BBC.'

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Anonymous said...

Why did he tell lies about David Duke ?

Anonymous said...

A disastrous performance. He was completely outflanked by everyone except Jack Straw. I felt embarrassed for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in blew it big time, he had a chance to address 4 millions viewer, but he came over as an inconsistence, fumbling buffoon! He back peddled on so many aspects of his past and ideology, John Tyndall would have stood his ground and never relented his attack on the cocky, mouthy ethnic women guests. Jew Straw is a light weight and poor public speaker and the toff Lib Dem is an empty nonentity. Gri££in move over your time is up! God only know what his performance would have been like if he was up against formidable opponents?

Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley was on BBC 5 Live last night in a studio in Hull full of lefty scum and guests phoning in (similar scenario to Question Time) but he did a lot, lot better than Gri££in and came over articulate and focused in his argument and never once back tracked. Griffin stand aside you are finished, let a better man do your job?

Anonymous said...

Griffin cam across very unprofessional, he must have prepared himself for this programme, he must have known that the others on the panel would gang up on him? Why didn't he prepare himself better, or doesn't he care less now his elected to Brussels with the money and perks? He is not camera friendly or very photogenic and he sort of sloughed in his chair whilst laughing like a public school boy who has just been told a smutty joke and kept rubbing his hands throughout the hour. He wanted to charter a helicopter to take him to the BBC studio, but they told him there was no place for it to land. This man is a disgrace to our movement!!!

Anonymous said...

7.8 million viewers and fat boy Griffin blew it! This was the greatest opportunity to project our policies and ideology to the masses and spiv Griffin lost it!

Anonymous said...

The repugnant & slippery Gri££in exposed as an empty vessel?

Anonymous said...

Lots of interesting stuff coming out from the media coverage.

"My most illuminating interviewee was Tony Lecomber, former Group Development Officer of the BNP and still Griffin's closest confidant."

"Although Griffin had to expel Lecomber from the BNP, after he suggested using a hitman to assassinate politicians 'who are aiding and abetting a coloured invasion of this country', the two men remain very close. "

"Today, Jackie boasts that her 50-year-old husband's life is insured for 'very substantial sums' - some for his family, the rest for the BNP. The party pays all insurance premiums."

Anonymous said...

All we saw last night was Griffin's ego swelling, it was a dismal performance, all the media coverage in the run up to this event feed this wretch's inflated ego, but does nothing to get us ordinary poor White oppressed folk out of the NWO mess. Griffin is surround by fools ( many on the pay roll) who keep praising him, let's f**k this sell out merchant up big time by voting overwhelmingly against his motions of letting non-Whites into the party next month?

Anonymous said...

Yes, just like your party is growing in France, you stupid old fool. Gri££in and Le Pen are in the same mould, out of touch dropping membership and demoralisation in the ranks and falling fortunes, while they both feed their fat, smug faces and get their families on the payroll! Both the French people and use need new Racial Nationalist leadership?

"Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of France's National Front, forecast the British National Party would enjoy a surge of support thanks to last night's show."

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself?

"Nick Griffin came across as a sniggering fatty. Not a great night for the BNP

By Ed West October 23rd, 2009

Didn’t Nick Griffin behave weirdly last night? He sniggered his way through Question Time, perhaps out of nerves; it made him resemble a fat man laughing at a crude joke while stuffing his face full of crisps. (For God’s sake, can’t he cut down on the pies? If there’s anything worse than a racist, surely it’s a fat racist). That’s when he wasn’t shaking his head, denying everything every panelist said about him, while scribbling furiously. At one point I expected him to shake his head and mutter “not true” when someone said his name was Nick Griffin.

I can’t blame Bonnie Greer for laughing with dierision when Griffin said the Ku Klux Klan members he had dealings with was “almost entirely non-violent”. It reminding me of an Irish friend of a friend who told a magistrate’s court in Kilburn “that since the incident, your honour, I have given up crime, more or less”.

Mind you, Jack Straw and Chris Huhne didn’t do themselves any favours. Straw refused even to acknowledge that Labour’s immigration policy had anything to do with the BNP’s rise. Get out of the bunker, for Christ’s sake. And Huhne could have won a “smuggest Liberal Democrat” award, which is saying something. Baroness Warsi did much better, showing an understanding of the relationship between immigration and economics – but, in the end, she’s still a member of a cosy political class which thinks the multicultural experiment has worked. It hasn’t, and despite Griffin’s lamentable performance, the far Right will continue to benefit from its failure."

Anonymous said...

"Griffin claims that he went to Libya on a mission of peace in order to ask them to stop funding the IRA."

What a lie, he is trying to back peddle yet again.

Anonymous said...

Has Collett been sacked?

"Mark Collett is still listed on the official BNP contacts list as Publicity, Design & Leaflets along with being British Nationalist Editor and Voice of Freedom Editor.

Griffin said he wasn't head of publicity last night as he shook his head."

Anonymous said...

NG: "Much of what was said in the Daily Mail was untrue."

"Those things are outrageous lies"

My understanding is that Dominic Carman taped the interview he did with Griffin. Perhaps he would like to release the tapes and that should prove once again that Griffin is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Just seen this on a lefty site, is there any truth in it? If so it's bloody devastating.

"One of Nick Griffin’s security team looks suspiciously like Simon Goodricke, a former BNP candidate from Barnsley who was thrown out of the police force in disgrace and conned an 80-year-old woman out of £1,000 as he awaited trial for perverting the course of justice.

The former Solihull Detective Constable was sentenced to 18 months at Birmingham Crown Court in January 1998. He was found guilty of perverting the course of justice after he tipped off fraudsters attempting to swindle £100m from Columbian drug barons.The BNP stood by Goodricke and now it appears he is escorting Griffin into the BBC. Says it all really."

Sheffield Druggie & Nazi Klown Tommy Williams said...

How can the idiot slate Straw as a War Criminal and then BOAST that the BNP were the omnly party to fully support Israel - officially war criminals.

what a twit.

p.s. he denied Mark Collette too. is he now aware what an embarrassment to all Collette truly is.

Anonymous said...

The whole hour long Question Time programme is now on Youtube in six parts.

Anonymous said...

Whatever about Nick Griffin's performance, it can hardly be claimed he was given a fair trial! The progamme was so biased, I couldn't bear to listen to those self-important windbags (Bonnie who?) on the panel and the rent-a-mob audience.

Anonymous said...

"let's f**k this sell out merchant up big time by voting overwhelmingly against his motions of letting non-Whites into the party next month?"

Sorry mate the only people who will be f**ked is us the membership. Griffin will stage manage the conference from beginning to end, he will bus in sycophants and fools, have his people speaking for and against the motion, of course making sure the against people put forward weak arguments (Collett is usually good at this little act.) God only knows what he has up his sleeves for Sat Nov 14th? But be aware! If anybody wants to know what will happen when Griffin lets Wogs join our party just watch this video, it shows they will disrupt us! A black journalist from the Voice newspaper has already asked his readers to flood our ranks!

"Another question is, of course, whether black people will actually join in enough numbers to turn the party into a rainbow coalition. Black and Asian people could 'swamp' the party, take it over and de-racialise it."

Anonymous said...

Why did Griffin let the Negress off the hook so many times, Romans were black? What utter shit, all the busts, mosaics, frescos, statues etc ever found have no Negros on them, the Romans were White, the evidence to blatantly clear, the only blacks about then were slaves, Griffin needs a serious lesson in history. This ghastly Negress works for the British Museum, God only knows what PC crap and pseudo scientific nonsense she poisons our children's minds with? And Griffin just seats next to her laughing!

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Griffin it was a well organised hatchet job, virtually no current political topics discussed, which is after all, what the programme is supposed to be about.He should have stayed on the offensive, especially after putting Straws gas at a peep at the very start.Perhaps he'll take last night's mauling on board and stop being so "civil" with these dregs.

Anonymous said...

Dianne Abbott seems to have a fairer view of Mr Griffin than some of you!

"Speaking this morning, Diane Abbott MP accused bosses of turning Mr Griffin, 50, into a victim as he was so strongly savaged by panellists and the audience.

Miss Abbott, the country's best-known black politician, claimed the format had been deliberately engineered to humiliate the BNP leader.

'It’s all very well in the morning to say "oh well, he got smashed" but in the long run people who are attracted to the BNP will come away saying "he was a victim",' she said.

The BBC has so far received 357 complaints about last night's Question Time, of which 243 callers actually alleged bias against Mr Griffin."

Anonymous said...

David Duke Responds To Nick Griffin Last Night.

I have now seen the tv program on which Nick Griffin appeared and I am very, very disappointed with his performance.

It is true that the odds were stacked against him terribly, all the panelists, almost the entire audience were ready to pounce on him. But, he just prevaricated and weakly defended himself, instead of turning things around.

He should have just turned to the cameras, and said something like, "This is obviously an arranged audience, I have been elected and have a sizable constituency but this audience is not representative. Then he should have just made direct eye contact with the TV viewers and said, you people at home know what is happening to our country, the crime, the destruction of our jobs, the spreading invasion of our country where it seems as though we walk in a foreign country not the land of our fathers and mothers.

Instead of sniveling to the Jews by saying that he sided with Israel against Hamas and the poor murdered people of Gaza, hoping for a few crumbs from the Jews, which he will never get, he should have looked at the commentators who snickered and condemned him for his prior writings against racial intermarriage, and said, "When is the BBC going to expose the fact that in Israel, No Jew is allowed to legally marry a non-Jew! Israel, which the Jewish Zionist media bosses supports, is a racist segregated state built by terrorism and murder and ethnic cleansing on other peoples' land, while I am condemned simply for trying to defend my historical homeland and the character of Britain when it was place the British longed to come home to when the overseas, while now it is a place that millions of Britons are trying to leave.

Anonymous said...

You have to come back and fight these people. You don't do it by attacking someone's father as setting out the war, which was honorable in Britain rather than fight the fratricidal war against our own brothers and bomb and kill millions of men, women and children. You stand up by showing the hypocrisy of those who are the biggest racists of all, the ones making Briton uninhabitable for White people and land more like the squalor of the Third World every day.

Millions of Britons would have seen a man of courage and hope had he done that rather than look down constantly, snivel and make weak excuses.

He still has a great chance to do great things, but he has to change his course now. He is elected and serving in the EU and now is the time that he stands up to these bastards and stops groveling and start using the forum to make a clarion call to millions of viewers who need to hear an unvarnished version of White heritage and freedom.

I hope to God that Nick, starting today, will do that.

He took a terrible beating on what was his biggest media appearance yet. He must find a way to turn things around in the future, not by sniveling but by fighting. By presenting the facts and exhibiting the power of his will he must show that the audience and the panel are stacked who are with hypocrites and the human rights violators.

I say good luck to Nick,

But I also say, next time get up from chair next time when it is your turn t to talk, don't let one attack go unanswered with an attack of your own. Answer the question not by making an excuse but by saying that its a lie or if you said it, by forthrightly defending what you said. If you say it is a lie, immediately say something you really do believe in such as you are sick of the fact that millions of Britons are now facing discrimination because they are British rather than African descent, etc.

It reminds me of the great protectionist argument. When one calls you a protectionist because you are not for free trade with slave labor countries, you shouldn't go on the defensive and say, no no, I am not a protectionist, you should say If you mean by that I want to protect America, our jobs, our economy, the well being of our homes and families, you are damn right I am, and you should be ashamed for no protecting our country.

Or, are you a racist, no I am not any racist but I am damn well a racial realist, and I know that purposely destroying my White heritage by sponsoring massive non-White immigration, that's real racism, and by the way it is also cultural and genetic genocide.

You wouldn't get too far going to Africa and telling those people that they should let Whites come in by the millions and take over the country,

those are just some thoughts,

Nick, I expect a lot more from you next time!

Learn a little bit, and maybe next time you will get over 60 percent of the White vote as I did!

david duke

Anonymous said...

He does appear to have come out fighting:-

I've been following a lot of commentary on the Internet and he actually seems to be getting a lot of public support because of the way he was stitched-up by the BBC.

Anonymous said...

The BNP's biggest problem is that it's a one-man-band. Everyone knows why it's run like that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Griffin held up reasonably well considering that the whole thing was an ambush from start to finish and I bet it will come as a bit of a revelation to at least some British people watching that the political "elites" represented by the panelists don`t think there is such a thing as indigenous people in the UK! It does take a lot of bottle to walk into an environment like that and next time he should have learned valuable lessons and be able to apply them.

None of this changes the central issue though, which is that without Nationalist Westminster representation, the multicultural, multi-ethnic experiment continues. Motivated and sometimes quite professional officials and activists perceived to be a threat to Griffins position are undermined and forced out. I could happily accept Griffin as a party leader because he does have some good points but the BNP as the Nick Griffin Show isn`t going to change politics and if there is no change of approach from the BNP leadership then change will more likely have to come from one of the civic nationalist party`s instead.

Anonymous said...

Its time for a change vote Chris Jackson when he will soon be making a challenge. Griffin makes is family richer by the day. WhaT happend to the 20% of MEPs wages he stated must be paid to the BNP. He has gone back on his word. ROBBER****************

Anonymous said...

One word i was going to use but i wont,but these pair are like the mandy rice davies and the christine keeler affair under the john profumo scandal in 1963.they have shagged their way through the BNP.No names mentioned as a woman should have self respect for her body but if my daughters were seeing the likes of mark collett i would flip at looking at that lying creature

Anti-gag said...

Can someone explain something to me.

On the rare occasions (once a month or so) that I visit our party's official website these days, I read about record level of enquires. This time it appears to be 3000 in 24hrs, but during the European election I'm pretty sure it was an even more impressive figure. Tell me why then is our membership still at the 2002 level of about 8000. Surely by now (unless we're being feed a line or we're just totally incompetent in turning enquires into new memberships) we should have in excess of 50,000 members by now.

Burying our heads and hoping Griffin will eventually produce the goods is no longer an option.

We must now recognize what Mr Griffin's strengths and weaknesses are:

His strengths are:
He's good on TV unless they gang up on him.

While his Weaknesses are:
He can't build a political party for love nor money.

MEPs; QT appearances; and newspaper publicity etc; all mean nothing if we don't have a party structure, at local level, which can fight elections and recruit new members.

At the present rate of progress we won't get a Westminster MP elected in the next 60 years. But we don't have 60 years, and probably not 20 either. We need a BNP government elected within the next 10-15 years max, or we're done for. Can anyone say, with their hands on their hearts, that that's on the cards under Griffin's leadership?

You can be loyal to a cause, or you can be loyal to an individual, but you can't do both simultaneously.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

It's definitely time for Nick to go and make way for someone who has the qualities to take the party on to the next stage of its evolution. The BNP needs a leader who can attract and keep good quality people and deploy them to best advantage for the benefit of the party. Nick has proved time and again that he can't, or won't, tolerate the professional or intelligent in his ranks. The list of good people he's dispirited, demoralised, expelled or sacked is endless.

The only reason he's still there is because there is no obvious alternative to replace him. The only reason there's no obvious alternative to replace him, is because he's gotten rid of all likely contenders.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Anonymous (10:44 am),

I agree 100%.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Among the mountain of publicity that Griffin is receiving, this is the only really interesting one!

Party faces fine for filing accounts late

By Cahal Milmo

Thursday, 22 October 2009, Independent

The BNP is facing a fine of up to £5,000 by electoral watchdogs for failing to file its accounts on time, amid claims the far-right party is in financial crisis.

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has issued a plea to members for extra donations after admitting the organisation was "suffering acute financial pressure" and was "fighting for [its] very existence" following a dip in its income and a £600,000 bill for its campaign in the June European elections.

Fresh questions have been raised about the BNP's financial controls, after the Electoral Commission confirmed that the party's accounts for 2008 are now nearly four months overdue. A spokesman for the commission said the BNP, which has been fined by the watchdog four times in the past two years for breaking rules on filing financial records, faces a penalty of between £600 and £5,000.
Party officials last night denied that the BNP was facing imminent financial collapse, pointing out that its cash-flow problems over the summer, which included a delay in the payment of salaries to its two new MEPs, had now alleviated. Simon Darby, the BNP's deputy leader, said: "Things are now a lot better than they were. Unlike other parties, we are in the black because no one will give us an overdraft."

Mr Darby declined to comment on the size of any deficit in the BNP's finances, and insisted that the delayed 2008 accounts would be filed with the Electoral Commission "imminently".

The BNP has relied on small-scale contributions from its members and commercial activities to fund its campaigns. It has not declared a donation above £5,000 to the Electoral Commission since March this year, when its largest donor, Adam Champneys, a Kent fruit farmer, gave a total of £15,060.

Accounts for 2008 filed by the BNP's regional organisations last month showed it had suffered a 27 per cent drop in its income to £211,000.

Anonymous said...

"The only reason there's no obvious alternative to replace him, is because he's gotten rid of all likely contenders."

The trouble is that people leave the party in disgust, rather than patiently waiting inside the party to be joined by more members who feel the same.

How many are there who have resigned or just not renewed their membership?

There must be a sizeable group out there.

How can we get them all to re join and boost the anti Griffin camp?

Bill Jax

Stop the muggings! said...

Can't believe whats happening! I used to dream of getting a councillor, now we are looking at an MP!

Anonymous said...

A terrible, terrible performance on QT from a terrible, terrible leader and a terrible, terrible man.

The snivelling victim of a man thought he could 'big' it up on QT and instead he completely lost his way and made the BNP look like idiots.

The man simply has not got it.

He clearly is no statemen and he should return to his University common room where he can carry on laughing like a guilty schoolboy who has been caught out doing something naughty.

His past and his lies have caught up with him and he has been exposed as the empty, vacuous windbag that he is.

His supporters, including the Idiot Savant, 'Barking' Barnes, tries to rewrite history to support his master, perhaps for some crumbs off the table, but even his enthusiastic attempts at trying to make victory out of defeat is poor.

Griffin's time has been and come.

Now is the time for a new leader and for the corrupt hangers-on who surround him to be thrown out on their ears.

Anonymous said...

'It's definitely time for Nick to go and make way for someone who has the qualities to take the party on to the next stage of its evolution. The BNP needs a leader who can attract and keep good quality people and deploy them to best advantage for the benefit of the party. Nick has proved time and again that he can't, or won't, tolerate the professional or intelligent in his ranks. The list of good people he's dispirited, demoralised, expelled or sacked is endless.

The only reason he's still there is because there is no obvious alternative to replace him. The only reason there's no obvious alternative to replace him, is because he's gotten rid of all likely contenders.'

When you point this out the muppets become abusive.

Anonymous said...

The party's regional accounts have just been published online, Gri££in has been lying and bullshiting us all about growth and expansion, it's all a big myth! Click on to link below for full pdf file on 19 pages.

"Accounts for 2008 filed by the BNP's regional organisations showed it had suffered a 27 per cent drop in its income to

Anonymous said...

Membership dropping off in some of our good areas, not a encouraging sign.

"There have been significant membership falls in Leeds and Keighley in West Yorkshire, and Carlisle in Cumbria, and the number of names on the list is substantially fewer than the 14,000 members the BNP's spokesman, Simon Darby, said the party has."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Chris Hill will stand as a stalking horse i shall put myself forward for leadership

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon said

"The only reason he's still there is because there is no obvious alternative to replace him. The only reason there's no obvious alternative to replace him, is because he's gotten rid of all likely contenders.'

When you point this out the muppets become abusive."

Anon is right.

Just take a look at the idiot Griffinites who control Stormfront, all vying for their fearless (sic) fuhrer, Adolf Griffin. All opposition is smeared, ridiculed, marginalised and expelled if necessary.

Lee 'Barking' Barnes, the Medway Madman, similarly sticks up for this failure of a man by constantly running his tongue round his leader's arse. What a plonker. What's in it for him I wonder? Payment from the party funds?

Barking Barnes has himself discredited the BNP by his mad and schizophrenic rantings on his blog and his stupid hate-filled comments that serve only to discredit the BNP and Nationalism. yet Griffin defends him and promotes him, listending to him for his crazy advice.

By crawling to the Zionists and sucking up to Jewish interests, defending the terrorist state of Israel and its violence on the Palestinians and thereby promting the Neo-Cons, Barking Barnes and Griffin have made their bed with the enemy.

Barne's own jibe at those who should ever disagree with his statements is that 'He who works with the enemy, are the enemy', have now been truly turned round and laid squarely at the door of Lee Barnes. Both Griffin and Barnes have together sold the BBP out to the Zionists and the Neo-Cons and hence to the New World Global Elite.

Griffin, Kemp, Barnes, Collett, Walker, Dowson... amongst the others of the Griffin Circle ARE the enemy.

Remember that and make sure that they know about it.

They are the cockroaches who have infested the BNP and have undermined it, propelling it towards its oblivion as a redundant party in the pay and services of the New World Elite.

rosie said...


I am one of your lost members.
I did give a generous donation to my local region towards the Euro elections but until Nick Griffin goes I will not renew my membership or work for the party.
I think one comment out of many in all the papers got it 'in one'.
People are supporting the BNP DESPITE Nick Griffin.
Very very true.
I didn't think he did well on Thursday night - but he has been redeemed through the appalling tactics used against him. It doesn't make his performance any good and some of his statements made me sick.
So the BNP supported Israel in its attack on Gaza?
Anyone seen the Goldstone report?.
So the BNP supported using white phosporous on children?
So the BNP supported gross Israeli war crimes.
He might do so but I find it hard to believe the average member does.
I was also appalled at his sell out of the revisionists re the holocaust. Ernst Zundel for instance.
I suggest every BNP member sees the critique written by David Duke.
Says it all.
If the BNP had a personable leader - with no baggage - it would really stand a chance in the forthcoming general election.
That this election will be the last one in which we can cast a meaningful vote shows how such a leadership change is crucial.
Under the lib/lab/con our sovereignty and independence will be gone. It won't matter who flew the spitfires. Every last pilot among them will have been betrayed as will all our war dead from times immemorial who kept this country free.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in took an incredible 40 minders with him to the BBC studio in London on Thursday, I bet the party picked up the bill and not a penny came from his deep pockets? At one stage he was thinking of hiring a helicopter, it would have had to have been a big one!

Anonymous said...

rosie said...

I am one of your lost members.
I did give a generous donation to my local region towards the Euro elections but until Nick Griffin ....I SAY KNOCK IT OFF CHRIS HILL.

Khatru said...

Rosie - "I didn't think he did well on Thursday night - but he has been redeemed through the appalling tactics used against him" - I think his performance was reasonable in the circumstances and he does seem to be the best media figure in nationalism that I`ve seen. It`s very easy for the other members on that panel to be confident in how they presented themselves, it`s a confidence born of a lifetime of capitulating any independent thought to the social environments that created them. They fairly well represented the managerial and political classes in this country who are no longer capable of even defending democratic and civic values, let alone the ethnic interests of indigenous British people. I think it`s much more difficult to find a very high level of social confidence in someone who holds independent nationalist beliefs, so as far as this goes Griffin does seem a reasonable choice as BNP leader.

Chris - "MEPs; QT appearances; and newspaper publicity etc; all mean nothing if we don't have a party structure, at local level, which can fight elections and recruit new members" - I agree with you Chris. I`m an outsider who`s been watching the BNP`s "progress" for quite a while but I have never been convinced that it is worth supporting from what I`ve seen so far. Having said that, I also see that as a small party there might be an argument for the authoritarianism, the placement of people in the party who are loyal but not exactly effective. It has provided a kind of stability after all. But I full square agree with you that these things become a massive liability for any political party trying to become mainstream. I think a lot of people are expressing interest in the BNP as a protest vote only and that when they recognise that the BNP has these problems they will just move on to another political party or even back to lib/lab/con.

Khatru said...

At the same time, the whole leadership challenge approach doesn`t seem likely to get anywhere. How about this for some blue sky thinking though? Some kind of legal /constitutional guarantee to the BNP leadership for Griffin for a period of time, say 10 years or more, so that he feels secure in what he is doing in return for genuine, mainstreaming reforms of the party and local branches, and inviting back some of the "rebels"? I know that something like this could only obviously come from Nick Griffin. I just wish there was some way of everyone in the BNP putting aside their differences and any ill feeling and creating a long term and effective opposition to the establishment parties.

Khatru said...

Rosie - "So the BNP supported Israel in its attack on Gaza?
Anyone seen the Goldstone report?.
So the BNP supported using white phosporous on children?
So the BNP supported gross Israeli war crimes.
He might do so but I find it hard to believe the average member does"

I find it hard to believe as well. It`s a crazy foreign policy position to hold. There has to be more account taken of what BNP members would like to see as party policy. For that matter, I think most people in this country have a good conception of natural justice and will find what Griffin said on QT about Israel to be incoherent.

EX AC member 2004-08 said...

Some names in the frame to take over the leader of the nationalist movement - Griffin has had his day and ballsed up big time. Time for someone new to take the helm.

Jonathan Bowden- articulate, very clever, has a vast breadth and depth of understanding of what nationalism means and should be. Outshines Griffin in the public speaking arena.

Chris Beverley - a hardworking local councillor with no baggage , maybe too young being late 20s but has the potential to be a leader in the next decade.

Richard Edmunds - again a very knowledgble articulate and dedicated nationalist. Some baggage but has the benefits of age and experience.

Steve Blake - his absence from public speaking over the past 2 years has been a shame. The best talk about the philosophy of nationalism I heard was from Steve at 2007 Summer School. He pulled no punches but dont think he has the personal charisma or the looks to win over the masses.

Richard Barnbrook - the English love an eccentric and Richard is much like Boris Johnson, both put their foot in it and get away with it. He is photogenic, 100% dedicated to nationalism but needs a good supporting team around him. Griffin has always treated RB as a serious threat so that in itself speaks volumes.

Whoever replaces Griffin can only be better than this insecure wannabe politician who has all the charm of a slug who has eaten too much lettuce.

A man in the know said...

"Gri££in took an incredible 40 minders with him to the BBC studio in London on Thursday"

This is a lie, Nick took just 5 security personnel with him.

Anyone can see the footage on Youtube and BBC I -player.

Fact: There aint 40 security minders in the south that Griffin could muster.

Fact: The BBC Security Dept. only issued permits to work (PTW) for 5 named individuals to assist Griffin. BBC has a very professional Health and Safety policy and only named individuals can enter studio with a PTW. SO its Bullcrap about 40 minders.

Get your facts right before posting.

rosie said...

Jonathan Bowden

Yes Please!!!!!

But wasn't he tricked into resigning his membership so that he wouldn't have the seniority to challenge. Clarify please?
As I remember anyone who could remotely challenge Griffin was purged.
The party was run in a disorganised sham with periodic stalinist purges if anyone showed any independence or talent.
Hitler would have been proud.
Chris Beverley would also be ideal.
But of course to name him in this context will endanger any future for him under the present regime. It must be just about purge time again after all.
Not only was Griffin's support of Israel's attack on Gaza, absolutely monstrous, he also stabbed other causes in the back.
I cringed at times.
Oh by the way 'anonymous'.
Chris Hill?
I'm not even Fanny Hill you nutcase.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds would get crucified over Holocaust News and for saying that yes we are 100% racist yes.

Chris Beverley whilst carrying nowhere near as much baggage as Collette was filmed on Under the Skin asking if anyone had weapons to confront the red.

That aside then yes he or Bowden would be very good for the leadership.

Griffin lost his way on Thursday and lost the BNp its big chance. Time he lost the leadership

Yorkie said...

The party's regional accounts have just been published online, Gri££in has been lying and bullshiting us all about growth and expansion, it's all a big myth! Click on to link below for full pdf file on 19 pages.

"Accounts for 2008 filed by the BNP's regional organisations showed it had suffered a 27 per cent drop in its income to

The most significant statement: "In 2009 certain costs were incurred on behalf of the Branches, by the Central Office, in connection with the European election. These are to be recharged and will cover the money due by Central Office to the Branches." (p.17)

Gets Griffin out of a hole, but is basically theft from the BNP's branches.

rosie said...

Well when the Party gets the sense and guts to let Griffin 'spend more time with his family' - preferably in Croatia - most appropriate given history - he can take this bit of scum with him.
They can then get their nasty little thrills together, watching pictures of dismembered Palestinian children and pictures of their gross overweight jewish friends watching the slaughter with glee from a grassy knoll.
Sicko the pair of them.
Hopefully then Jonathan Bowden can charm every middle aged woman in the country or Chris Beverley can do some proper debating and represent the party with a bit of style - and humanity.

E. N. Ronn said...

Yorkie has a point. It's rather suspicious (to say the least) that the debt which head office owes to the branches went up from £41,831 at 31.12.2007 to £50,392 at 31.12.2008, despite Hannam's promise at p. 8 of the Regional Accounting Unit’s accounts for 2007 that:

“During 2007 central office borrowed from the regional accounting unit. It is the aim of central office to repay this internal loan with monthly standing orders.”

Now we hear that:

"In 2009 certain costs were incurred on behalf of the Branches, by the Central Office, in connection with the European election. These are to be recharged and will cover the money due by Central Office to the Branches." (p.17)

Someone in Welshpool is looking for an excuse to write off a debt that cannot be repaid. That idiot Hannam of course goes along with this act of expropriation, because he is weak and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put this past Gri££in, this is one of the reasons he sacked Michaela Mackenzie, as she wasn't happy and wouldn't go along with Dowson's cunning, underhand, illegal plans!

BNP leader ‘paid for UKIP member list’

rosie said...

England - 2009
Take a look.

seventhvictim said...

For God's sake griffin you are a walking disaster area for the sake of the British people will you simply not bog off and count your money.

rosie said...

I take it you have all seen this today

Anonymous said...

It's a pity the Guardian didn't view this blog and Griffin Watch instead of Storm Front? They would have seen a better over all view of the dislike of the one-eyed creature.

Nick Griffin attacked by his own BNP supporters over Question Time

Anonymous said...

Man in the know you are a lying piece of shit!
Gri££in had a lot more than 5 minders and read this several of them were criminal filth, the type we don't ant in the BNP along with you, you piece of excrement!

Shady past of the party bodyguards

Anonymous said...

The regional accounts make very interesting reading. London Region is in debt to the tune of £6,000. But in 2004 retained their GLA deposit of £5,000, that was quickly paid into central accounts and never seen again. Griffin is conning the regions and braches big time, when will the membership wake up?

Anonymous said...

The effect of all the abuse has been to divert attention from the BNP's biggest problem - the policy of removing capable people and preventing proper organisation so it's a one man band - onto Griffin's baggage. The first problem is ten times bigger than the last.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin did have a security team of about 40 people with him. The police were not communicating till the last minute and it might have been necessary to force entry through a crowd. About 5 went into the studio with him and the rest waited in the grounds outside till he safely exited. I'm not sure what the problem with that is.

I've read the shady past article. In two cases it doesn't seem they are very shady just from reading it. Pete Molloy accused of being arrested on polticial grounds (but not charged or convicted mind) and Adam Walker for posting political views online from a school computer.

Nick Griffin got in and out of the building with no real problems despite a large crowd which had said they would blockade and prevent his entry. Seems to me that the Security did the job they should have done.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Anonymous (11:07 hrs)

You said:
"the BNP's biggest problem - the policy of removing capable people and preventing proper organisation so it's a one man band"

I say:
You have hit the nail squarely on the head there!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Collett looks the part but is too immature and his quotes on Question Time will always haunt him.

Chris beverley needs to grow his hair looks like a skinhead in a suit

How about one of Griffins kids?

Anonymous said...

One of Griffins kids ?

Your taking the bloody piss !

Or your Jenny Griffin and I claim my £5.

Anonymous said...

Collet looks the part ?

He looks like a rabbis son.

Anonymous said...

"The NWN team would appreciate it if in addressing each other less inflammatory names were used."

Sorry JohninBasel (moderator,) I apologize over comments to 'A Man in the Know,' but my blood boils when Griffinites post on this forum utter nonsense in support of their corrupt leader. I realise this is a free forum and at least different points of view can be aired here unlike on other Nationalist blog sites, in future I'll refrain from such language and bit my tongue.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams secret stash of filth
Here is clubfoots secret stash of filth, which even included animal porn. What a fucking freak! This account was set up in 2006 so he cant say we have just set up to try and frame him. I no its his account as he used one of the pictures (the kitten one) as a avatar when he was a mod at C18 forum (posting as sniper69). Odins better keep her pets well clear of this pervert.


Nemesis said...

BBC's Question Time programme made history...but not just for hosting for the first time a politician of the nationalist right on a flagship political programnme.

No, it also sealed the fate of the BNP as a serious and capable political party.

Nick Griffin finally sealed the BNP's death warrant with his abject refusal to fight for its policies and values (so much for all his ealier Churchillian rhetoric),squirming in his seat and failing to offer any sort of a fight against his opponents. It was car-crash TV.

Now, it is beyond a shadow of adoubt that Griffin, aided and abetted by his stooges within the BNP, will stage-manage the final dismantling of the BNP as a viable nationalist political party. Those mindless and gutless idiots who regard Griffin as some sort of a Churchillian figure, as a prime minister in waiting, as some sort of a hero, will no doubt all vote to destroy their own party and principles, detsroying the sacrifices and hard work made by some many British nationalists over teh eyars since the 1970s. Yes, they vote for the demise like sheep to the slaughter and the idiots of Griffin's hierarchy, like Barnes and Kemp, will wave the flag for Griffin and his destrutive work, thinking with their pseudo-intelligence and gullibility, that Griffin is principled and taking the party to power.

A significant number of the BNP membership and, in particular, the idiots at Griffin's Top Table, individuals like Kemp, Barnes, Collett, Hannam, Walker, Dowson, and the rest of the greedy power-mad vermin, have lost their right to be called nationalists. they are civic nationalists - and have all sold their heritage to the New World Order and their allies.

If Griffin and his gang of idiots have their way then it will be goodbye to a once and future England.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a rabbis son .....

Collett looks like a rabbis son because he is a rabbis son ..... its his touching eyes thats gives the game away, and as for that nose, I thought he was sucking a banana.

Anonymous said...

I think that Nick Griffin had prepared for a different programme. The barrage of hate directed at him has never been seen before. The result of all this, however, is that the public felt he had been badly treated and support for the BNP in polls actually increased. His performance on the night could have been a lot better but he has since worked hard to turn it around. He seems to have largely accomplished this. It also seems likely to me that the BBC will be forced to invite him back (or someone else from the BNP). I understand that you don't like Nick Griffin but I think you should try to be more objective about the public reaction to the show.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...