Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BNP membership list

BNP membership list leaked again ! ! !

BNP membership list appears on Wikileaks

List of thousands of names of BNP members, along with addresses and phone numbers, published on Wikileaks

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, is due to appear on Question Time on Thursday.

A detailed membership list of the British National party containing names, addresses and telephone numbers was published on the internet this morning.

The list, which contains thousands of names, was published on Wikileaks, a website that purports to be a clearing house for information to be published anonymously.

A Guardian analysis of the data suggests the BNP had 11,560 members as of April this year, including one peer and several doctors and military personnel. The party appears to have benefited from a surge in female recruits, with one in eight party members now women.

The list reveals that the highest concentrations of members are in Leicestershire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, while membership is growing fastest in places such as Wiltshire and East Sussex, outside the party's traditional heartlands.

Wikileaks said this morning: "The lists have been verified to be accurate in all cases examined by Wikileaks, however it should not be assumed that every person with a BNP membership number is a current member of the BNP."

The party's leader, Nick Griffin, said he could neither confirm nor deny that the list was up to date.

"The allegation is that it is complete as of April this year," he said. "We have no way of knowing that as yet, but it might be possible that the new list is a concoction of the old leaked list combined with inquiries up until April. As everyone knows, inquiries are often made out of curiosity or even hostility, and cannot be taken as an indication of membership or support."

He said the leak was part of a "hysterical media-driven anti-British National party campaign which is growing in intensity as the party threatens the corruption and treason of the old Westminster parties".

The BNP's leadership was alerted to the leak yesterday and said it appeared to have been timed to undermine the party ahead of the appearance of its leader, Nick Griffin, on Question Time on Thursday.

The far-right map of Britain: BNP membership by constituency The publication of the list represents the third significant time the details of the BNP's membership have been made public. In November 2008, a list of members' names, contact details and in some cases jobs and hobbies was leaked by disgruntled members said to have become frustrated that the party had become too soft under Griffin.

In December 2006, an undercover investigation by the Guardian revealed that the organisation's members included Simone Clarke, then a ballerina for the English National Ballet.


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Well worth checking out!!!

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Last time this happened in November 2008, with the 2007 membership list, Griffin promised us all that this would never happen again, as he had put in place new security practices, this prat and his stooges are totally and utterly incompetent, calls himself a leader?

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Latest from the lefty bastards at the Guardian newspaper.

Analysis of a party – what the BNP list says about its members


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Coming to your area sooner than you think!!!!

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Latest Establish attack on us from the Military, I wonder how many of these ex-soldiers live in a multi-racial neighbourhood? I bet they all live miles away in the countryside?


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Friends of the UAF .

sleeping satellite said...

Oh dear twice in less than months not good at all.Maybe all BNP data and security information should be outsourced to India or Bangladesh ? It might be a little bit more secure.

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Look Griffin said six years ago that if the BNP gets MEPs they will have to pay 20% of their wage back to the BNP! Not now that Gri££s in power he keeps the lot. Lies Lies Lies from Gri££ and co.

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"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."
Ian Fleming

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"Latest Establish attack on us from the Military, I wonder how many of these ex-soldiers live in a multi-racial neighbourhood? I bet they all live miles away in the countryside?"

-- like the millionaire Masonic Griffin family?

Wake up you mug.

Former West Mids BNP Organiser said...

It's Sadie Graham's fault...or Kenny Smith...or Steve Blake...they were all traitors and Searchlight spies. It must be them as the BNP has tightened up its rules.

When will everyone with eyes to see recognise that the source of every leak sits squarely with the State paid asset who is Griffin's right hand (sic!) man - Simon Darby?

Darby is State 100%.

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I don't usually agree with the Jews, but David Aaronovitch's article is spot on!

"Bear in mind that all this is one of two things. Either Griffin has undergone a complete change of political, philosophical and moral outlook in the past ten years or he is a consummate liar. The first is just conceivable: he may have looked at the Italian Gianfranco Fini who took the neo-fascist MSI into government as the centre-right National Alliance in less than a decade. The second is more likely."


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Griffin is saying the list is a fake but this statement has come from Martin Wingfield :

It was cobbled together by yet another former member of staff who was sacked. I understand that the police have already paid her a visit.

So someone somewhere is lying to the members again.

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This is getting a bit tedious ... seems to have become an annual event... can't they think of another way to generate publicity?

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It appears Richard was being watched by the police when he spoke in Spain at the Libreria Europa meeting at the weekend. I don't know if someone can translate the text better?

Prosecutors ordered the Guardia Civil to monitor political ultra

By JESÚS GARCÍA - Barcelona - 17/10/2009 El Pais


Richard Edmonds, a veteran politician linked to extreme right British National Party (BNP), will deliver a lecture today at the bookstore Europe. Talking about the "lynching" that were submitted by the Nazi leaders in Nuremberg tribunal after the Second World War. Their presence in Barcelona has raised the suspicions of the prosecution, which today will ask the judge to order the Autonomous Police shoot and identify conference attendees.

The prosecution believes that the talk of Edmonds may involve the commission of a crime of opinion, as the justification of the Holocaust and incitement to racial hatred. Although it has published books in that sense, the British politician crossed the Holocaust in "despicable lie." According to the Constitutional Court, the doctrines deniers are excluded from the Criminal Code, but not its justification.

In the letter, which refers to the court today, the prosecutor asked that agents can access the library, which reserves the right to refuse admission, to record what happens there and who deliver the material to the prosecution. This formula has already been used in previous acts of the bookshop in Europe, as the conferences of Dave Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and historian David Irving.

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Gri££in is a hypocrite, he uses the image of the worst war criminal Winston Churchill on BNP election material but calls our present generals war criminals. Gri££in and Churchill have a lot in common, corrupt, devious, compulsive liars, money orientated and in the pocket of Jewry!

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Another BNP councillor resign.

A shock by-election has been called as a councillor has sensationally stepped down from his post as Camp Hill ward representative.

Darren Haywood has cited `job commitments’ as the reason why he has quit the role a little over a year after he was elected. This means that a by-election will now be held on Thursday, December 10 where people who live in the Nuneaton estate will go to the polls to decide who will represent them at the Town Hall. The 30-year-old’s decision to stand down means that the British National Party (BNP) now only has Barpool councillor Martyn Findley, in the council chamber.

The Nuneaton News has been told that candidates are expected to be put forward by the BNP, the controlling Conservatives and the opposing Labour group.

Mr Haywood’s sudden departure has come as `no surprise’ to the leading faces at the two main political parties, who have claimed that he did not carry out his duties properly to the people he was supposed to serve.

Andrew Burtenshaw, chair of Nuneaton Conservatives said: “The people of Camp Hill have been let down by a faceless BNP councillor. Up and down the country, BNP councillors have a shocking record of failing to deliver for the residents that they serve. In contrast, Conservative councillors in Nuneaton and Bedworth have been focussing on keeping our streets clear of crime and grime and delivering good value for money for our residents.

"People in Camp Hill will now have a choice between a Conservative council that has been spending residents’ money wisely, and a Labour party that spent 34 years allowing money to be frittered away on fountains and supaloos instead of getting the basics right.”

Councillor Dennis Harvey, leader of the Labour group, said that he knows only too well the lack of service given by Mr Haywood as he also represents the Camp Hill ward.

“This does not come as much of a surprise,” he said. “As far as I know, Mr Haywood has attended no meetings of the council since June and the BNP have shown an abysmal interest in representing Camp Hill since their candidate was elected in 2008. The Labour Party has always been at the forefront of representing the interests of Camp Hill and will continue to do so.”

What the fucking hell is going on in the West Midlands??????????

Anonymous said...

What was Katie Price wearing today does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Katie Price was wearing Alex's ..... sorry Roxannes cast offs! Ha Ha

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It will be very interesting indeed to see if any action is taken against Gri££in, he is wholly incharge and should take full responsibility this time, and stop passing the buck and blaming others as he has been doing for nearly 30 years?

"The information commissioner asked the BNP's leadership to explain the leak. "The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating this further breach of the BNP membership list," said Mick Gorrill, assistant commissioner. "We will establish the full facts before deciding on any regulatory action."

The ICO has the power to hold the data controller, in this case the BNP, legally responsible for breaches of security of data in its care. A spokeswoman added that it could take enforcement action against an organisation in breach of the act and that failure to adhere to a notice is a criminal offence."


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation in Andrew Alexander's column in yesterday's Daily Mail :

"You would need to be a hermit not to have heard of the BNP and it's major platform (referring to Question Time.) Not even a party made up of billionaires could buy such relentless publicity."

Who's pulling the strings?

Thurrock BNP said...

I received this this evening from Steve Blake, who I keep in touch with. He is the outed former web editor and his figures show what most of us know, Simon Darby is either one can short of a sixpack or a liar. I know which one I'd go for.

Blake says
"I find the claim being made by Darby on his trite bird-watching blog that the BNP server has been brought down by sheer weight of visitor numbers very hard to believe. Griffin told the BBC that there were 77,000 unique visitors yesterday (I can believe that, even when I was web editor back in 2007 at and around election times 45,000 unique visitors was common) but then Darby spoils things by telling lies saying (on his blog) there had been "5.1 Million hits".

I "hit" is one page view..............you can do the maths as well as I can, Darby is either completely baffled by the definition of a "hit", which is very unusual for someone who was once the BNP's IT director (great job he did there - or rather non-job) or is deliberately lying (something most former BNP'ers will instantly recognise - the man is a consummate liar and a bogus nationalist and questions remain just who he is really working for). His figure of 5.1 million hits in a day means he is claiming that the 77,000 visitors each looked (on average)at 66pages. Given the slow speed of loading and the shallow nature of the current BNP site's political content I doubt whether the average punter would have been so enthused or patient enough to look at more than 2-3 unique pages making the number of hits a more realistic 150-200,000.

Secondly 77,000 unique visitors is not that demanding on the new generation of servers which I would assume the BNP has invested in. If it hasn't then it only itself to blame - it is really very embarrassing that the server cannot cope with in the scheme of things a very modest number of visitors, albeit probably a record for any UK political party at this time of year.

That said, Simon Bennett has done a very good job on making the BNP site attractive, his only flaw is that he is excited about gimmicks and add-ons instead of concentrating on delivering good political content in an easy to absorb manner."

Good to have someone who is not swallowing the BNP central B/S share this kind of teccy stuff with us. Darby makes a prick of himself once again, or rather makes the bigger Party look stupid. Again I know which Id go for and the reason why.

Was once Dudley BNP said...

Darby is the man who pulls the strings on behalf of HM Establishment Government. He has ruined West Midlands BNP which is a place where the BNP should be doing very very well. His years of neglect and mismanagement when he was supposed to be acting as RO have shown that he was never bothered about making progress for the BNP in this region. The man is a con and needs to be treated like the traitor and scumbag he is by all true patriots.

Although he was a councillor it didnt last long and Darby was kicked out of his Castle and Priory ward in under a year because he did sod all for his residents. He didnt show up at council meetings, didnt hold surgeries and I was one of the poor bugers who helped to get him voted in in the first place. He dont like showing his face here in Dudley in recent months because he knows what a reception we will give him.

Anonymous said...

Very poor show by Griffin on Question Time, he fumbled and back tracked far to much, admittedly most of the audience were hand picked lefties, but he should have done a lot better. Chris Beverley on BBC 5 Live radio tonight was a much better ambassador for our party and stood his ground against the lefty guests.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason we must oppose Griffin at next month's conference, otherwise we are going to have a real problem with non-Whites turning up at party functions, vote NO against Griffin's motion! Incidentally Bumbrook is a total wanker.


Anonymous said...

Darby stated on the BBC around 11.45pm tonight that the party's website has had 400,000 hits this evening, don't know where he got 5.1 million from, he's not very good at figures? No wonder Griffin put him in charge of the Treasury dept?

Anonymous said...

The BBC studio was full of Red scum and ethnics, but Griffin denied everything he has said in the past and just kept nodding and smiling in a stupid manner. Just watch his body language, he blew a great opportunity.


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I down loaded the 'new' list and ran a macro on it to compare the names from the last leak and it's the same list as before, and I'm STILL not on it ...Damit !"!!!

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

What the fucking hell is going on in the West Midlands???????

The same fucking hell thats going on in the South West. and the bulter's been sent to clean the mess.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...