Monday, August 31, 2009


Dear Fellow NationalistIn the past 48hrs you may have received yet another grovelling demand for money from the BNP Chairman Nick Griffin. Within the invitation to become a BNP member for life (fine in principle until he finds an excuse to purge said individual with the usual vitrolic nonsense that the individual concerned is a neo-nazi/State asset/Searchlight mole/crank/dinosaur et al) there is a link to paying online at the URL:

Well this is a massive mistake by Simon Bennett; the earnest yet disgruntled current webmaster who has had a major row with the current leadership in the past few weeks. Simon has undoubtedly helped propel the BNP website towards new heights of success but in the process of so doing some very basic issues, not least ensuring the content is of political interest and stimulating, but in this case the issue of security of information transfer has been overlooked. Everyone who is in receipt of this latest begging letter from Griffin must be warned that they should not give their credit card details via an unencrypted site. If the site was really secure it would be thus: the prefix https://


May God help those misguided and gullible individuals who have already sent their personal details via this thoroughly insecure web page. The consequences do not bear thinking about - credit card phishing is one of the most common types of fraud perpetrated by Internet crooks. Please pass this on to anyone you know/think may be so minded to follow Griffin's latest (but most certainly not the final) call for cash.

With kind regards to the legion of genuine nationalists who remain true to the Cause,

Steve Blake Former BNP web editor


This is not the first time such a blunder has occurred.
There are other insecure pages here: here


While I was looking for the elusive BNP Organiser Guides on the following page I was mildly amused but, more so, embarrassed by the BidVertiser Ad for "Accurate Psychic Readings". Could this be an ad for the latest money making scam by the desperate Treasury team?



Anonymous said...

Well the legion of genuine nationalists should stop wasting their time and money on Griffin's business.

gri££in's bad eye said...

Steve Blake is one of the most honourable and decent people I have ever met. It was a very sad day when he was kicked out of the BNP by that vile vulture of a man Gri££in; it left a hole that still has not been filled.

I for one will do my best to pass on this good advice, and anyone with a shred of decency in them should do the same.

Anonymous said...

I will not give another penny to the party while MI5 Darby is running the treasurey dept along with several other jobs.

Anonymous said...

i see matt single pleaded guilty to leaking the members list he took the blame so as shady graham was got off he got 300 pound fine i hope you will all agree this was treason of the highest degree and no matter what you think of the bnp leadership its members did not deserve this treachery

Anonymous said...

Steve,I tried to contact you several times on your mobile number we all had before Gri£$in cut you from the party.

The BNP is in dire need of people of your calibre, and the only reason the BNP is gaining popularity has more to do with the British being peed-off with uncontrolled immigration and increasing immigrant crime ZanuLabour hides from the electorate, than efforts by Gri$£in.

Best regards P.

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