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The latest debating thread, is about the riots by muslims against patriotic football supporters in Birmingham this evening, Saturday , 8th.August.



Anonymous said...

Look at the muslim hardmen.

Attacking old men !

Anonymous said...

That bloody scumbag is nicking the Union Jack ! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

golden*nugget said...


Anonymous said...

The revolutionary Left, who run politics and most of the media, continue to think of themselves as Che Guevara-type rebels against a crusty, port-soaked Establishment. How can they believe this? Any Establishment person showing any sign of crustiness is immediately threatened with the Thought Police. That’s the whole point of the story of Judge Ian Trigger, who dared to utter some conservative thoughts and now faces a spell in a re-education camp. Left-wing judges – now the great majority – don’t need to be controversial. The law agrees with them.

Anonymous said...

Police are now the useless uniformed wing of New Labour

joe owens said...

Mick Treacy, John'jock' Shearer and Alan Rhodes are all oldham Searchlight snitchers.

They are why Oldham never got anywhere.

All got kicked out of the BNP as well.

The BNP does not want these crooks.

Anonymous said...

"They are why Oldham never got anywhere.
All got kicked out of the BNP as well.
The BNP does not want these crooks."

If this is the case then Dowson and his dodgy 'accountant' Thompson must be the first to be expelled?

Anonymous said...

Strange video here from West Midlands Sunday Mercury about incident yesterday. One of the protesters is holding a placard saying " English Defence League, we are Not BNP and we are Not racist." I can't make it out? Also a mouthy lefty Asian is interviewed.

Anonymous said...

The latest bias report about the incident yesterday.

Birmingham city centre protests: Riot police arrest 33 people
Aug 8, 2009 Sunday Mercury

RIOT police made 33 arrests tonight as they fought running battles with rival protesters as racial tensions spilled over on the streets of Birmingham.

Two people were injured as violence broke out in the city centre between a right-wing group campaigning against Muslim extremists and anti-fascists.

The rivals had held vocal but peaceful protests in separate parts of the city centre until trouble flared in New Street just before 7pm.

Terrified shoppers cowered in Primark and Saturday night revellers fled in panic as hundreds of police, some clad in full riot gear, struggled to keep the peace.
As our dramatic pictures show, at one point a man shields his head as he lies prone on the ground while a young thug attempts to kick him in the face.

Another photograph appears to show a middle-aged man throwing a punch as he is confronted by another man as tensions reach boiling point.

By 8.30pm police had restored order, but tensions remained high.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘‘We can confirm 33 arrests have been made to date the majority for disorder. To date there has been one report of criminal damage to a car, although we expect further reports.
‘‘We have also had reports of two people being injured and no known injuries to police officers. A high visibility policing presence continues.

‘‘A post operation investigation has now commenced into any criminality that took place during this afternoon’s protests.’’

The unrest flared after a group called Casuals United organised the city centre demonstration against Islamic fundamentalists.

The group rumoured to have links to the English and Welsh Defence League and the far-right BNP were formed after radical Muslims caused outrage by protesting against returning British troops in Luton earlier this year.

But Unite Against Fascism organised a rival rally after claiming the Casuals are made up of hardcore soccer hooligans intent on causing racial unrest.

Their protest took place next to Birmingham’s Bullring, while the Casuals gathered outside the council house in Victoria Square.

It us unclear what sparked the disorder, but riot police were soon involved in a large number of incidents and at one point they were forced to seal off New Street with a steel barrier.

Other officers were seen running ran across Corporation Street, desperately trying to keep the opposing sets of protesters apart.
Scared shoppers fled in all directions as chaos and confusion descended on the city centre.

Emily Bridgewater was buying clothes in Primark on New Street when violence broke out. She said: "Everything seemed fine until suddenly it all kicked off outside and there was stampeding and screaming.

"We ended up being locked in Primark, the shutters came down and the alarms went off as the riot police tried to regain control of the street.

‘‘It was very frightening."

Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood condemned those involved in the disorder. The Labour MP had previously called for the Casuals rally to be banned after the Sunday Mercury first revealed the plans.

He said: "I predicted this would happen when the Casuals announced their protest.

"Lots of innocent people, children and families, could have been hurt in this idiotic incident and I wholeheartedly condemn both sides for taking part in these scenes which have brought shame on Birmingham.

"I condemn the Casuals for organising their protest and inciting this fighting but I equally condemn the anti-fascist campaigners who rose to the bait.

Anonymous said...

Continued bias Sunday Mercury newspaper report:

"People have a democratic right to protest. But perhaps in future West Midlands police should look at holding sensitive demonstrations on separate days. That way they might avoid the scenes which have blighted our city centre tonight."

A West Midlands Police spokesman said the force had been aware of the planned rally by the Casuals but no formal request to march had been received.

He said: ‘‘An additional counter protest also took place in the city centre by Unite Against Fascism. West Midlands Police has been in talks with leaders of this organisation and they have fully co-operated with police throughout the planning stages for this event.’’

Anonymous said...

The German poet Friedrich Schiller said that the Jews always profit from chaos. The Board of Duties and the other Jews in this country must be laughing their socks off watching this, as they plot our destruction behind the scenes?

Anonymous said...

and west midlands bnp have threatened to sack any members who were there ? christ theyve got no members left,whose running west mids BNP ? the f....g labour party by the sounds of it !

Anonymous said...

These dicks 'protesting ' in Brum apparently had an Israeli flag and posters saying 'We are not racists' We are against the BNP'.

A good kicking from the Paki's is just what the doctor ordered. A reality check for football wankers!

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Anonymous said...

Home of Fish & Chips May Become Asian Bazaar

The fate of the 150 year old Tommyfield Market in Oldham.

Of course, becoming an Asian bazaar is only one of three options on the table for the historic market (known as the birthplace of fish & chips) - but the article fails to mention the fact that the huge shift in the area's demographics may have something to do with the decline of the market's traditional customers.

What with parts of Oldham being no-go areas for white people, it's hardly surprising. Things like this may seem insignificant to some, but as with the decline of the traditional local pub and the abandonment of some historic inner city churches, they are hugely symbolic.

Anonymous said...

Is Your Government Breeding Bolsheviks?

Anonymous said...


Talk Sport Radio Saturday 8/8/09 host and agent of Zionisim George Galloway commented on the race riot in Birmingham Saturday. He was outraged that ordinary white people dared to demonstrate. He then went on to twist and blame the demo on the BNP. He proceeded to called BNP MEP's Nazis. But this Zionist agent best known for his leotard and acting like a tom cat on Big Brother proved unwittingly what Nationalists have been saying for years scoring a home goal by stating that the BNP are STUPID and dont realise the 'minoritys in Birmingham, Bradford etc ARE now OR SOON WILL BE the MAJORITY' Oh we do George YOU TRAITOR we bloody well do.

Anonymous said...

Please see Lady Michele Renouf's excellent website exposing Zionism's poison.

Anonymous said...

I started listening to this from Gri££in but it cut off before the end (must have something to do with that prick Golding and his pikey mate who have taken over the website from Bennett?) I bet Gri££in will distance himself from what happened in Birmingham on Saturday? He wants to come over as a law abiding establishment politician now! Incidentally is that Gri££in's study now, last time I saw it about 10 years ago he had it in an old shed, must have spent a bit on it, all the money he's nick of the party since he hijacked it in 1999?

Nick Griffin: An Audio Response To Birmingham Troubles Yesterday

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are interesting. There is youtube footage of the Birmingham councillor Salma Yaqoob whipping up the UAF bunch. Look at the audience, its the same people beating up the white men who are in the UAF audience.

Anonymous said...

We need to be organised for the next one.

Anonymous said...

If the police don't prosecute the black bastard with the brick then we'll hunt the fucker and do it ourselves. As for the paki shits we'll get you in august you fuckers and your mothers and sisters you pig worshipping scum.

Anonymous said...

It was organised by the state!

Anonymous said...

It was organised by the state!

11 August 2009 08:43

Who cares who organised it, look at the hate in the pakis eyes as he beats up the white guy. We should all exterminate the dirty paki fuckers

Anonymous said...

A GANG of men wearing balaclavas and armed with baseball bats took part in a daylight attack on a 19-year-old man in Nelson.

The assualt was reported by residents in the Chapel House Road and St Paul's Road areas of the town at 6.10pm on Saturday.

It was witnessed by several families, including young children, who were left shocked by the incident.

The 19-year-old was left with head injuries and a vehicle was also damaged.

Police said it was believed a number of Asian men wearing balaclavas were involved in the incident and that some were armed with weapons believed to include baseball bats.

Following the attack several men were seen running away from the scene along Chapel House Road near to the cemetery.

The teenager was taken to Burnley General Hospital where he received treatment and was able to return home later that evening.

Anonymous said...

"We should all exterminate the dirty paki fuckers"

You're wasting your time mate. Nationalists dumbly believe they will be in Downing street and have turned into a bunch of pussies.

Anonymous said...

We've found two of those Pakis. They use a kick boxing gymn in Alum Rock.

Anonymous said...

Has Peter Mullins South West Organiser been sacked by Griffin?

Anonymous said...

If you know where paki scum practice kick-boxing then I suggest you organise and ........... do I need to say more.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...