Monday, August 24, 2009

Government to stop BFPO for overseas Armed Forces

URGENT NOTICE: With regards to BFPO;

Armed Forces have been advised that the BFPO facilities in mainland europe will be shut from September 2010. Personnel, and their families, deployed in europe currently enjoy the same postal rates as the UK. Withdrawal of this long established tradition will further erode personnel's ability to communicate with their families in the UK and safe receipt of mail & parcels

Please click on the link below and join the petition to make an attempt to stop this from happening.

Many Thanks

NWN: This is shocking. BFPO is so that our troops pay local postal rates to keep in touch with their families. Our troops are sent all over the World.
If our/BNP MEP's had anything about them, they would look into this !

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Anonymous said...

Another attack on our armed forces morale no doubt ?

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