Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yet another Jewish activist, Anetta Kahane, wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration


Anonymous said...

More Than 8,000 Mosques Built in Russia in Past 20 Years

According to the Mufti Council there are some 20 million Muslims in Russia.

Anonymous said...

We see now why you at NWN refused to advertise that 'daftie' Owens and his videos. At last we see Owens 'masterplan' of 'coming out in support of Griffin'. Owens was pushed out by Griffin due to Owens criminal links and record.Owens thought he should have been Griffins minder and head of security in the BNP. But Griffin initially, after removing Owens, put in Warren Bennett . Owens was so angry with that.Especially as a wage was included in the job.

Owens is again causing instability within nationalism with all this nonsense, which is probably the plan.

Almost all the 'old guard' have gone from nationalism now, so they think the time is right to trash nationalism again or prevent any building of infrastructure within nationalism. Most of the new people won't have a clue about Owens, nor Griffins past antics.

Oh, and who else has noticed Owens videos start like 'the real McCoy' broadcasts from America by Dr.William Pierce of 'American Dissident Voices' ?

Hallo !!!!!!

Owens doesn't naturally use words like that in his lexicon range.

With all that is going on in the world today with the immigration crisis, the austerity, rising uncertainty in the world. Nationalism can and should rise.

So we have the 'wreckers' stepping forward again, prompted by the state.

Anonymous said...

Owens says that "the enemy still fears Nick Griffin ". The enemy still laugh at Griffin more like.

Anonymous said...

Tens of Thousands of Europeans Rally to Defend Their Homeland from Invasion
Europe continues to be inundated by a flood of hostile invaders.

Anonymous said...

Destruction of Europe: “Migrant Crisis” (Cucking Edition)

Anonymous said...

The Planned Refugee False Flag Is Happening Now!

Anonymous said...
Hungarian resistance

Anonymous said...

Gri££in must be short of money then.

Protest about the enforced starvation and murder of German soldiers AFTER WW2