Friday, September 04, 2015

Based off translated article by Antioxos, written by George of Golden Dawn New York division.
The Greek Communist Party, also known as KKE, is furious about Golden Dawn’s recent visit to the island of Kos. For years, the Greek Communist Party has had a stronghold on islands like this. These islands were for years very wealthy and affluent, with little negative effects from illegal immigration and taking advantage of cheap labor by undocumented workers in the summertime. The voters on these islands were widely supportive of all kinds of leftists including the Greek Communist Party and the radical leftist SYRIZA party.
They were widely supportive, until they recieved the “cultural enrichment” plan from the “radical left”.
The island of Kos in particular was especially hit hard this summer and tourism was decimated and destroyed. The locals saw their usual profits diminished drastically when thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants flooded the island scaring away tourists and causing crimes all over the place.
As was shown in previous videos,  the locals are now begging Golden Dawn to save them. Now suddenly more and more of them have decided that radical leftism is not all it’s cracked up to be.
This development has sent the Greek communists into a state of hysterical fury, and their local chapter office on Kos released a statement: 
“We urge you to intensify solidarity with refugees and immigrants, to turn your back to the xenophobic calls on Kos, to isolate the well known racist, fascist views of the Golden Dawn, who have found an opportunity to show their inhuman, repugnant, murderous face. “
They then went on to blame everyone for Golden Dawn being welcomed to the island,  Nato, the EU, The Municipal Dodecanese Authority, the current coalition government etc. Despite the Greek Communists on Kos urging for solidarity with the illegal immigrants, not one of them has as of this writing, opened their homes to the immigrants,  nor has even the local office of KKE let the illegal immigrants use their office space as a shelter. Greek communists were never known for their honesty or practicing what they preach, but now their 1950s audio tape they play to the Greeks no longer is taken seriously, even by those who used to give them the most support.
This could spell the end of one of the oldest mummy parties from the Soviet era, not just because of this,  but also because SYRIZA is splitting into more varieties than there are flavors of Lays potato chips, further diluting their pool of young leftist voters which they need to replace their nursing home bound core audience.

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"Petition: Stop allowing immigrants into the UK."

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