Friday, June 14, 2013

Police probe ‘racist’ cadet incident at army barracks

ABUSE: The TA barracks on Deepdale Road, Preston
ABUSE: The TA barracks on Deepdale Road, Preston
A disgusted father has told how a group of young air cadets were racially abused by a gang who waited outside Preston’s Territorial Army barracks.

Police were called on Tuesday night after one cadet was allegedly chased towards Preston north End’s stadium from Kimberley Barracks on Deepdale Road, following a training session.
On Tuesdays the barracks is used by the 341 Air Squadron, but it is also understood a group of army cadets may have been verbally abused on the same evening.

Today, Det Chf Insp Ian Dawson of Preston Police said there were no security concerns at the barracks and said it was a minor incident.
He said: “ we are aware of a minor incident at the barracks and believe it was isolated. We have close links with the barracks and are working,through our diversity team, to establish who the youths involved are.
“Preston has a diverse community and we are not aware of any problems.
“We are working closely with community leaders.
He added: “We understand the cadets had played football on the park before returning to the barracks. A short time later, as they left the barracks, they were shouted at by a group.
“We have assessed our reassurance response to the incident.

A concerned parent, who did not wish to be named, said: “ A group of Asian youths were outside the barracks and were abusing the cadets as they came out.
“One ran back inside and had to get a sergeant’s help.
“Members of the TA who are stationed at the barracks also came out.
“My stepdaughter is in the air cadets and we worry about her walking home as it is.
“The youngsters were advised not to walk home alone.
“My stepdaughter had been shouted at once before as she left the barracks. It does not put us off sending her, but it frightens me.”

Coun Terry Cartwright, who represents the area, said: “ It is disturbing, particularly in the wake of what happened at Woolwich Barracks in London.
These young cadets are trying to make something of themselves.”
Preston community worker Ali Amla said: “ It is totally unacceptable behaviour for these young people to have been treated like that.
“The cadets are there to volunteer their time very positively and do something very positive in the community.”
A spokesman for Fulwood Barracks confirmed the air cadets had been training in the barracks at the time.
An Air Cadet spokesman was not available for comment.

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