Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bilderberger Labour frontbencher Ed Balls 
telling lies ? 

Treasury official Balls sidestepped the question about breaking the ministerial code, which states that MP’s cannot attend private meetings without disclosing details to the public, by claiming that he was not a minister – an overt lie because Balls swore an oath to uphold that very code when he became a Member of Parliament in 2005. Balls attended Bilderberg meetings before he became Shadow Chancellor. 

Officials are also supposed to have a secretary on hand making minutes, which is not the case at Bilderberg.
Just like the NSA wiretapping issue and innumerable other scandals, illegal activity is being conducted in plain sight at Bilderberg when British officials like Balls and Prime Minister David Cameron attend Bilderberg with no public disclosure.

Another Bilderberger and zionist UK Prime Minister David Cameron is also under fire and will have to argue the same for attending Bilderberg to get his orders for ruling the UK.


GWR said...

We have traitors here in the UK without number.

Labour will be getting in at the next GE. And that is why Balls was invited to BILDERBERG.

Balls, Hague, Cameron and even Nick Griffin are in the pay of the zionist jews.

The zionists have been at it for so long, they now use OUR own taxes to fund THEIR programmes !

Anonymous said...

Ed Balls and his wife make me puke.

Anonymous said...

The Hounding Of Emma West - Persecution Through Prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Giant US government Internet spying scandal revealed

Anonymous said...

Edelstein to UK: Punish anti-Semitic MPs.

Anonymous said...

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