Monday, June 17, 2013

Nick Griffin’s road to Damascus

A younger Nick Griffin (left) with his then National Front colleague Derek Holland visiting Libya in 1988.

Today’s Times reports the arrival of Nick Griffin in Lebanon, and no doubt tomorrow’s papers will update the story now that the BNP leader has crossed the border into Syria and arrived in Damascus.
We have made many criticisms of Nick Griffin over the years, but several of his recent statements would not be out of place in Heritage and Destiny!
  • Distancing the BNP from the cretinous Zionist thuggery of the English Defence League.
  • Arguing against successive British governments’ wars for Israel.
  • Defending the Syrian government against relentless Western propaganda, and exposing the terrorism of anti-Assad rebels.
  • Endorsing the Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah in recent online comments.
That said, The Times is justified in pointing out the remarkable contortions and contradictions in Mr Griffin’s comments on the Middle East over the years.
During the mid-1980s he was a leading spokesman for the most militantly anti-Zionist faction of British nationalism, which became the “political soldier” faction of the National Front, and eventually the “International Third Position”.  In this capacity he visited the Libyan capital Tripoli in 1988 and sought funds from Col. Gadaffi.
As leader of the BNP after 1999 he remained pro-Gadaffi, but only because he saw the Libyan dictator as anti-Islamist, and by now Mr Griffin was hostile to all Muslims – apparently endorsing neo-conservative notions of a “clash of civilisations” between Islam and the West.
In January 2009 for example Mr Griffin criticised the BBC for “anti-Israel bias” and condemned “neo-nazi cranks” within nationalism who opposed Israel, saying that the destruction of the Zionist state would “inspire and radicalise a whole new generation of Jihadist fanatics”.
Mr Griffin now concluded that the survival of Israel was “in our clear national interest”.
Only a year or two ago, Mr Griffin was still condemning both the “Sunni and Shiite fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia and Iran”.  Now he seems to have decided (correctly as it happens) that only the Saudi Wahhabis should be criticised (though in H&D‘s view he should go a lot further in his historical analysis of this phenomenon).
Some cynics might argue that Mr Griffin has no genuine ideological (still less scholarly) interest in the region, and is motivated solely by the search for cheap headlines and potential donors.
But perhaps we should not be too cynical, and as Mr Griffin follows the road to Damascus we should remember the words of St Luke’s gospel:
I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

NWN: We think that the 'mass media' are attempting to get the traitor Griffin perhaps re-elected as an MEP. For the simple reason that Griffin screws the nationalist system up. That is his job.

The state needs him to bollox the nationalist scene up, or we might become a major threat like we were BEFORE Griffin hijacked the BNP, at the behest of the Establishment.


Anonymous said...

I think it was a scam that Griffin got elected in the first place.

To say that Liverpool got him elected is eyewash.

Liverpool is generally a waste of time regarding nationalism. Too many raeds /Irish republicans.

In the past we had some gems from Merseyside such as Ian Sloan.

And major dicks like Owens.

Anonymous said...

Was/is Holland a poofter ?

Griffin is more poof than bisexual.

Anonymous said...

By their fruits ye shall know them..................

that is why Gri££in is a traitor, who should die a traitors death.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the mass media grill Gri££in ?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool BNP was NOT responsible for getting Griffin elected at the Euro elections.The BNP came LAST in Liverpool and TOTALLY ignored the next door Borough of Knowsley which SHOULD have been its natural target.In Knowsley the BNP came THIRD and within a few hundred votes of being SECOND! Please state in which Borough in Britain the BNP performed better than this?
The previous two Liverpool BNP disorganisers, "Bond and the Druid", between them ran the area into the ground though to be fare they had a lot of help from two members who forgot to mention they were each married to very vibrant wives,one very African and another of Chinese origin.These two "nationalists" never seemed to be far away when something went wrong!

Anonymous said...

Well Gri££in is in todays MIRROR so you could well be right NWN.

Anonymous said...


Art and Artist Censored ?

I note that a short story in a sketchbook in a local Art Degree show , told of the British Governing 'progressive' 'elites' immigartion policy of millions and millions immigrants into the UK (and of course across Europe and the West) adn how this
would eventually destroy the English people and culture..

The story had a 'disclaimer' wriiten opposite it(possibly not by teh artist and I guess if it was not agreed to the story would be removed from public viewing) , which began with..

" IF this story Upsets you....

What part is the upsetting bit? That these Facts were Stated and in a Cultural Context of free expression, usally only given over to the Cultural Marxist 'left'... or was the upsetting bit refering to The Facts of the outcome 'immigration policy' (Genocide of the West?)

In any event there may have been other art works that would have really critcised and exposed the current perverse genocidal warmongering progressive climate would have been far to xpressive of the 'liberal zeitgeist' and so had to be suppressed....

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...