Sunday, October 14, 2012


100 nationalists attend John Tyndall Memorial event in Preston, Lancashire - Saturday 13th.October 2012

The 2012 John Tyndall Memorial meeting organised by Heritage and Destiny magazine in Preston, Lancashire, on 13th October was the most successful yet, with a hundred nationalists attending.
Speakers included Richard Edmonds – for many years the BNP’s national organiser and proprietor of the party’s bookshop and headquarters in Welling – who announced his prospective candidature for the National Front in Croydon North in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.
Other parties and groups represented at the event included the England First Party, British Movement, the British National Party, Candour magazine and Historical Review Press.
A full report and photos will appear here later.
Jez Turner addressing the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, Lancashire, on 13th October 2012
Steven Smith – organiser of Burnley BNP’s electoral success
Dr Jim Lewthwaite of Democratic Nationalists, a former Bradford City Councillor, speaking at the John Tyndall Memorial in Preston.
Richard Edmonds, National Front candidate for Croydon North at the forthcoming parliamentary by-election, addressing the 2012 John Tyndall memorial meeting in Preston, Lancashire.
Ken Shapcott of Burnley thanks the speakers, organisers and staff at the end of the 2012 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Lancashire.
Steve Frost, national secretary of British Movement, spoke about the early political activism of John Tyndall and Colin Jordan at the 2012 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, Lancashire.
Keith Axon – founder member and former West Midlands regional organiser of the BNP – chairing the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, Lancashire, on October 13th 2012.
Dave Jones, independent candidate in a forthcoming Todmorden Council election, speaking at the 2012 John Tyndall memorial meeting.
Pete Barker of North West Nationalists, former NW regional press officer of the BNP, speaking at the 2012 John Tyndall memorial meeting.
Peter Rushton of Heritage and Destiny speaking at the 2012 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting.
Some of the hundred nationalists who gathered in Lancashire to remember John Tyndall’s lifetime of poltical activism. 


Anonymous said...

A nationalist meeting without Griffin and the griffinites ?

Just right !


Anonymous said...

Looks impressive.

Anonymous said...

Could this become the forum for discussions between nationalists to foster co-operation between nationalist parties?

Then to form a federation with a view to finally uniting all nationalist parties under an umbrella organisation...such as the National Front in the late 1960's and early 1970's?

Anonymous said...

At last a movement that will wrest the states grip that uses traitor gri££in.

I hear that Andrew Brons MEP was in the audience.

NWN Admin said...

The Police in Preston TWICE visited the venue where the meeting was being held.

Once, an hour before the meeting. And just as the meeting finished.

Errm why ?

Obviously to 'lean' on the venue owners.

NWN Admin said...

Indeed ANON !

We need to rid ourselves of the 'millstone around our necks' that Nick Griffin is to the nationalist movement.

Griffin has been the biggest obstruction to the cause of nationalism EVER !

May he rot in hell for the damage he has done to nationalism and for his behaviour to white nationalist people.

15 October 2012 01:18

Anonymous said...

Good to see the legend Steve Smith of Burnley still involved.

NWN Admin said...

The National Front Deputy Chairman Kevin Bryans threats against the meeting failed to materialise, thankfully.

Bryan is an idiot.

Several people, including Richard Edmonds were/are, very embarassed by Kevin Bryans threats.

Anonymous said...

muslims planning 1 million man march in London soon.

Anonymous said...

Aye Steven smith still involved and its not often you see him wearing a suit! Where was the other half of the Burnley BNP success Simon Bennett?

Anonymous said...

"muslims planning 1 million man march in London soon."

Bring it on!
We want them to over reach themselves while they are not quite strong enough.

Anonymous said...

If this is the way forward what we have to do is make NOTE who are still involved and around Griffin at this moment in time and keep them at arms length and far away from any new movement once the now cultist BNP has imploded under Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Neither Brons nor Griffin are any good. Both have been more than happy to get fat off Euro money.
When the NF split into two, NF & Flag group the 4 involved in the split were, Griffin, Harrington, Brons & Wingfield. 2 went one way and 2 the other. How strange that years later the 4 end up back together again at the helm of the BNP and bingo the BNP ends up a wreck. The 4,5 including Darby are state in some capacity or another. JOB DONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

That muslim shirtlifter Robert Edwards is arguing like mad that there were less people there. Even though he wasn't there!
Anything positive about nationalism and Edwards attacks that. The guy is a nob.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...