Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Come to the UK and get all the benefits !

Come one come all ! All are welcome !

No wonder British people are being denied welfare benefits now in the UK. Old age pensioners are not told about any benefits they could claim. In fact, some benefits officials get bonuses if they can avoid paying out benefits to claimants. But above we can see this !
Some people who are disabled are now being forced into work, or in reality, onto a lower level of benefits by the government paid French company ATOS. ATOS are in the business of lowering the cost of the welfare bill for the government.

A relative of one of the NWN team was deemed 'fit for work' a couple of years back . That relative had terminal cancer and a broken back due to his skeleton crumbling with cancer of the bones. He died within 6 months of the DWP declaring him 'fit for work'.

British people who have worked all their lives and paid into the system are being denied. But we can see above that the government is encouraging and welcoming in immigrants who have not paid a single penny into 'our system'.


Anonymous said...

That must be a close up pic as if the cameraman was a bit further away he could have got all the other 8 asian kids into the pic.

Henry said...

That's over six and a half years old.

Many thousands, if not millions, have enjoyed the 'benefit' of the advice given in that Labour government publication.

See here:


And now also they intend to reduce housing benefit by 14%if you have a spare bedroom,we should not be surprized this is what tories do,have always done,put the boot in to the poor indigenous people,but if you will not physically fight,you must expect more and more of the same.

Anonymous said...

This government attacks disabled people on benefits, cutting support and declaring as many as possible to be fit for work and not entitled to any support at all.

They say they are doing this to help people back into work but at the same time they close Remploy, which was set up after world war two to provide supported employment for returning soldiers disabled in the war.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...