Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nick Griffin banned from Twitter


Nick Griffin banned from Twitter after threatening gay couple

Nick Griffin

THE Twitter account of BNP leader Nick Griffin has been suspended after he threatened a gay couple.

The Far-Right politician caused outrage by tweeting the home address of Michael Black and John Morgan and telling them a "British Justice Team" was coming to get them.
His comments came after Black and Morgan won a court case against Christian B&B owners who refused to let them stay.
The court had ruled the couple suffered unlawful discrimination.
Nick Griffin Tweets
'pathetic' ... Nick Griffin's twitter feed
However, Griffin braded them "bullying gay activists" before tweeting their home address to his followers.
He then said the "team" would give them a "bit of drama" and remind them that an Englishman's home is his castle.
The vile tweets caused outrage on the social networking site, with users branding Griffin "despicable", "pathetic and "sick".
Another, @nwjerseyliz, told the right wing MEP he had been reported to Twitter for violations of privacy.


Anonymous said...

Well what about Nick Griffins gay past ?

His affair with Martin Webster for example?

Anonymous said...

Is this part of Griffin's drive to marginalise the BNP and drive yet more members away?

He can claim he is defending white Christian homeowners' rights, but he knows the effect of his tweet will be damaging to the BNP.

Henry said...

One day soon Griffin will get his big thank-you in the form of a royal handshake from the Queen and Prince Philip.

Just as Martin McGuinness got his reward earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

Oppp's say no more!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't care less about the fact he's offended some queers. As a non-Christian I also believe I should have the right to refuse two poofters a double room in my own house, regardless of whether it's a B&B.

However Griffin's tweet was always asking for trouble and it's plain stupidity to disclose someones home address to the world... this was just ANOTHER cheap publicity stunt by Griffin. He's worried that with the fall in electoral success and membership numbers that the media will ignore him, unless he makes these gaffes.

Anonymous said...

No fan of Griffin's, but his comments on both NI & now these arse bandits are to be commended!

Anonymous said...

Conduct calculated to bring the party into disrepute?

Surely anybody else in the BNP would be expelled for this.

Anonymous said...

surely you mean he bullied the home

owners for not letting his gay friends stay at the guest house. lol!

Anonymous said...

Won't be long before Griffin changes his mind about this issue again.

He is getting lots of publicity.

It's as if the media want Griffin to get re-elected ?

Anonymous said...

NWN take a look a this post from Denise Garside last night ! Now if the left have sussed Griffin WTF are the few idiots still doing around Griffin and the BNP ?

Arrest is exactly what Griffin covets, something he knew he must be courting when posting as he did.

Griffin has now destroyed the two most successful British post-war far-right organisations, the National Front in the 1980s, and the BNP more recently, having plotted his way to the leadership of both, only to unleash his own corruption and paranoia, as some of us documented on the old forum.

Yesterday, to the notice of almost nobody, the BNP's "other" MEP, Andrew Brons - elected with Griffin in 2009 - resigned from the party, which is now down to one MEP and three councillors.

Griffin is loathed by the vast majority of those who call themselves "British Nationalists", who mostly exist in scattered limbo outside the BNP, taking potshots at Griffin and the small band who support him.

Despite the loss of some 80% of its 2010 total membership, and almost all of its activists, the remaining inactive paper membership continues to provide a source of reliable income. The paper membership, mature and unlikely to frequent the internet, getting only one side of the BNP's factional story, are mostly unaware of the internal ructions and continue to renew their standing orders. It is they and their money Griffin will rely upon for his income when Griffin loses his MEP status in 2014.

That's why Griffin has been desperate to have himself arrested for something that will appear "heroic" in far-right eyes for a long time now - the ageing paper membership may not frequent the internet but they do read the newspapers, and there's nothing like reading of their leader's "victimisation" to get them donating.

As for the BNP's "British Justice Department", in fairness this bright and clearly trouble-seeking idea of Griffin's was almost universally condemned and ridiculed across the far-right, largely for the reasons expressed by this one time BNP stalwart.

Griffin's tweets were a trap, but one I suppose that must be fallen into for the sake of justice. On the bright side, if the publicity helps keep Griffin and the ineffective rump BNP in some form of existence, then it keeps the considerably better and more substantial racist talent outside the BNP demoralised and disorganised, and ensures that all the renewed memberships and donations go uselessly where they always have - straight into the pockets of a political conman par excellence.

Anonymous said...

The thing is while folk are debating the merits or otherwise of this latest Griffin stance/stunt.

Next week Griffin will have changed his mind on this issue like he does on every issue. And why have the mass media ignored Griffins homosexual past with amongst others martin Webster.

I mean its no big secret anymore is it?

There's a video over on youtube about the Griffin/Webster affair.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in would like to contact the 2 queers to let them know they can both stay at his Welshpool mansion.Where they can join him for a threesome! Then of course they must donate donate to the Gri££in fund.

Anonymous said...

The incompetent buffoon Griffin is simply trying to make waves as an attempt to raise his profile in the run–up to his re-election campaign in Europe. He aims to keep filling his bank account with tax-payers cash as he has been since his got his grubby hands on his Euro seat. His greed, cowardly bullying and political uselessness have turned the BNP into little more than an empty shell bereft of any soul that now gets utterly hammered in elections across the country – an embarrassment.
Ex-bnp member

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...