Wednesday, February 08, 2012

This Thursday 9th February - Liverpool Crown Court - be there !

For all nationalists that can, get down to Liverpool Crown Court this coming Thursday for 9.30am., to show your disgust at the Asian peadophile grooming gangs who will be making a 'special guest appearance' in the dock of the Crown courts on Merseyside.

The Government/Police and 'controlled mass media' are trying to hush these trials up.

Let's bust their silent treatment 'embargo' wide open.

They have held the lid on these trials up to now, by giving them the 'silent treatment' by ensuring 'our free press' reports nothing. But they cannot continue to keep a lid on these trials and keeping the news from the British public.

If anyone can produce leaflets explaining to the public what's going on at Court, all the better.

Nationalists unite !


Anonymous said...

REDWATCH have already identified some of the communists who actually supported the pakistani paedos at Liverpool Crown Court on Monday.

See here;

East Anglian National Front said...

Disgusting how the media are trying to keep these horrific crimes hush hush.... Nationalists unite and lets make sure this doesnt get brushed under the carpet

Anonymous said...

Jewry’s Push For War On Iran.

Anonymous said...

Can north west nationalists tell me if the peados are up on Friday ,as I'm coming from london ,cant make 9:30 Thursday ,but i know some scousers from bootle who are going to let me stay at there house Thursday night a take me to the court Friday morning ,thanks ////////////Jim

Anonymous said...

"One Good turn Deserves Another""

Ex-chief constable Hughes defends commissioner bid.

(He will be seeking a Labour Party nomination for the role on 17 February.)

Anonymous said...

Ray Honeyford, who has died aged 77was the unknown headmaster of a school in Bradford until, in January 1984, he published an article critical of multiculturalism and its effect on British education; widely accused of racism, he was subjected to a barrage of abuse, forced to take early retirement, and never taught again.

Honeyford had been headmaster of Drummond Middle School — where some 95 per cent of the pupils were Asian — for four years when he wrote his article for Salisbury Review. Local politicians and pressure groups responded with a campaign to get him fired; he received death threats, and had to enter his own school under police protection owing to the presence of pickets. His health, and that of his wife, began to suffer, and in December 1985 he accepted early retirement.

Honeyford’s article did not pull its punches, and his critics viewed some of his language as intemperate. He referred to “a growing number of Asians whose aim is to preserve as intact as possible the values and attitudes of the Indian subcontinent within a framework of British social and political privilege, ie to produce Asian ghettoes”, and “an influential group of black intellectuals of aggressive disposition, who know little of the British traditions of understatement, civilised discourse and respect for reason”.

He cast doubt on whether his pupils were best served by the local educational authority allowing such practices as the withdrawal of children from school for months at a time in order to go “home” to Pakistan on the grounds that this was appropriate to the children’s native culture.

He added: “Those of us working in Asian areas are encouraged, officially, to 'celebrate linguistic diversity’, ie applaud the rapidly mounting linguistic confusion in those growing number of inner city schools in which British-born Asian children begin their mastery of English by being taught in Urdu.” Honeyford accused the “race relations lobby” of employing “a dubious, officially approved argot which functions to maintain a whole set of questionable beliefs and attitudes about education and race attitudes which have much more to do with professional opportunism than the educational progress of ethnic minority children”.

Anonymous said...

Ray Honeyford
Ray Honeyford, who has died aged 77was the unknown headmaster of a school in Bradford until, in January 1984, he published an article critical of multiculturalism and its effect on British education; widely accused of racism, he was subjected to a barrage of abuse, forced to take early retirement, and never taught again.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool paedophile ring case update
9 02 2012

Just been told that leaders from NWI, EDL and CXF have met with police today and it has been agreed that so as not to prejudice the trial we will stay away and police will facilitate a demo if we need one one the day of sentencing so as to highlight the case.

Common sense has to come before anger, and the last thing we want to do is ruin the chances of these “alleged” perverts being convicted. Commies are already convincing themselves that trial is about to be scrapped, but its just wishful thinking on their part. Theyd love their beloved nonces to walk free.

Please respect this and stay away unless otherwise instructed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

How will we know when they are being sentenced ? Will there be enough notice from the police to get a big crowd ? Can we start spreding the word now so we can get a really really big crowd ? It would be great to have b.n.p. e.d.l. n.w.i. nf ,and all others to unite as one army ,of a thousand ,then the papers / T.V. would have to show these scum muslims are rapeing are daughter's, and sisters, its been going on for at least 10 years here in London ,I bashed 2 mussies up in 2002 for giving my 15 year old daughter weed , that's how they start the grooming of schoolgirls ,my 3 girls were lucky I was clued up, others girls on are council estate weren't so lucky and were abused by these scum mussies, I missed the 6th Feb as we was snowed in ,and I was gutted (still am) this time I will be there as I need to vent my anger , but when they are found guilty they will get judges remand before sentence so I won't be able to vent my anger to them,if the trial is scraped we can find out where the new trial is and hold a demo again,and the longer there on bail the more stress they will go though ,anyone who has gone though a serious trial will know its very very stressfull ,,,,,,,,,,,,jim

NWN Admin said...

We agree Anon.

Any nationalist who has had any dealings with the Police will know, they will do us no favours - the opposite in fact !

Nationalists should not allow the Police or anyone else to set the agenda.

For us, we would have demos every time these vile creatures set foot in Court.

Apart from looking at the Court website, can others please send info into us about this very prickly and 'hidden' Court case(s).

The whole idea of demonstrations is to tell the people what the hell has been going on here, and the fact the Govt/Police and mass media are trying to conceal these crimes from the British public.

NWN Admin said...

We were present at Derby Sq again today, friday 2pm. The police tried to corral us in a quiet corner of that square so the masses could not see us. We had none of it, we moved on down to Lord St/Church St and handed out about 1500 leaflets with major harrasment from 1 or 2 police (higher ranks.) The average bizzie was OK with us and also on Monday when I was there, so the higher ranks are politically motivated. The people receiving the leaflets were fine for the most part, with a few halfwitted reds concerned for the muslims, can you believe, and no compassion for the white only victims. Stupidity on an inter-galactic scale!
Makker is offline Reply With Quote


Posted on Stormfront

The leaflets and getting the message out is the most important thing here.

Make no mistake about it, this trial is 'earthshaking' in it's depravity.

We must accept this like a gift from God, to help us challenge the evil state we live in. 'They' have brought about this state of affairs and 'they' should reap the whirlwind.

We can still win the struggle for our country, and it's issues like this that can help us.

20 years down the line and stuff like these asian paedophile crimes will be occuring even more .

Unfortunately the well meaning footie fans who have some control over the EDL/Infidels and so on, haven't got the experience of we older nationalists.

When the oppo are on the back foot like now, you must deliver a knockout blow !

You must keep up the pressure.

In the above post nicked from SF, it's clear that the top cops have been told to keep a lid on this.

We are pleased to see that special leaflets are being used to tell the British public just what our Govt/Police and mass media are really up to in hiding these heinous crimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for agreeing n.w.n.admin, you are right we should not trust the old bill ,and well done for giving out the leaflets great idea fair play to you all ,is there any chance we can organize a large flash demo for midweek ? Im coming up but would love a big crowd so when I vent my anger there's less chance of being nicked,the smaller the crowd more chance of being done for racist behaviour ,I've done 2 jail sentences for A.B.H. on muslims ,and wormwood scrubs is full muslims (heroine dealers) both times I got batterd , what time do them muslims go in the court ? Can we still shout abuse like on Monday ? See you there in midweek ,,,,,,,,,,Jim

Anonymous said...


Of course the facts surrounding the Holocaust are true, why else would half of Europe want to imprison anyone who examines it?

Anonymous said...

Were talking about the mussie child rapists at Liverpool crown court fuck the jews , have you got Nothing to say about them ? Do tou even care ? Stop trying to change the subject ,are you going to Liverpool ? Fuck the kykes this is more important right now 12 year old whites girls have been raped by 47 mussies what you going to do about that ?????????? 88

Anonymous said...

How The Deception Works.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Boinking in the Box Seats.

Anonymous said...

Jews jews jews jews I'm sick of hearing about fucking jews ,I think the muslims are putting comments on this site about jews to change the subject of these Muslim peados,we can get back to the scum jew cunts after we spread the word about these mussies rapeing are kids I can't belive you've got nowt to say about this trial at Liverpool ,what's more important right now ?

Anonymous said...

Update on Liverpool Muslim Paedophile Trial
13 02 2012

The Liverpool Paedophile Trial is on. There is over 100 police there, but the scousers have done a deal with police to stay away until the end of the trial. Reason for this deal will be texted to trusted people only, but this is in our interests. NFSE

Anonymous said...

Hoping for good turn-out to oppose the IRA this weekend.

Smash Islam and Irish Fenianism!

Anonymous said...

Who told you this bullshit ? Scousers there everyday ,no one knows When the trial will end ,so how can We stay away untill till then ? And how will We find out when it ends if were not there ? And who doing texts to "trusted people" ? Smells like bullshit Im going tommorow to give out leaflets ,and find out whats happening (and will be texting my mate mark.c) so stop spreding shit for the police. JT

Anonymous said...

Starting point ,stanley road bootle 12 .30 ,Orange men from bootle will be waiting for you I.R.A scum someone will die ,////bootle loylists//

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