Monday, February 06, 2012

Nationalists picket muslim paedophile gangs at Liverpool Crown Court - mass media blackout apparent

The controlled 'mass media' are still keeping the lid on this one as it threatens to bring their unworkable multi-racial system crashing down around their ears.

Not one news system carried this story including the leftie LIVERPOOL ECHO.

They are very frightened that the behaviour of these immigrants and their descendents will push people to turn against their genocidal plans for the white European nations.

Our rulers care not for the young girls who have been used by these vile creatures.

Well done to all who attended Liverpool Crown Court today.

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Anonymous said...

Woman arrested over 'racist rant' on Central Line.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all whites that turned up at Liverpool you are real hero's hats off to you all ,and fuck off to you white scum that turned up for the Muslim scum your worse than the muslims I hope your kids / sisters are are there next target ,and you get blown up by them musies ,see how you fell then you fucking dirty white cunts ,,,,,,,,,,,,88

Anonymous said...

White race wake up, no chance. To involved in their own little world. If it's not mentioned on the 42 inch surround sound HD Idiot box in the corner or in the dumded down Jewish daily fuckwit.It hasn't happened or it does not exist.If it were true they would tell them about it WOULDN'T THEY

Anonymous said...

We can't /won't deport that fucking musie abu terrorist , instead we pay his rent and give him millions in dole money,what is fucking going on in this soft touch country ? Fuck his human rights ,why can't we find out were the paki cunt lives and hold a demo outside his 900 thousand pound house ,? We got to start taking action against these musie pedos / terrorists as are police / government / judges are guttless cunts a whiteman who's had enough

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...