Thursday, June 30, 2011

The BNPs Treasury Department

Missing from this list are other worthless BNP treasurers like John 'I wrecked Burnley BNP' Brayshaw and John Walker.

Does anyone know what happened to Brayshaw in particular ?


Anonymous said...

Brayshaw got a desk job with MI6.

Anonymous said...

The video says it all.


Anonymous said...

The BNP have invested money in getting the new treasurer to be able to perform to his highest possible level. They bought him a new abacus and some new crayons. They even thought of getting him a new piggy bank but realised Griffin fills that role.

Anonymous said...

Simon MI5 Darby was the BNP Treasurer ?

He was also the BNP 'Internet guru' in 1999 according to Griffin and he knew feck all about that either.

In 2004, Griffin made Darby the BNP Leader in case he, Griffin, got sent down in the race trial at Leeds.

IIRC the second in command at that time was Scott McLean, who was obviously overlooked, as Darby was an expert BNP leader as well, according to Griffin.

Darby is an expert at everything according to Griffin !

I wonder what Simon MI5 Darby is an expert in, because it's none of the above ?

Anonymous said...

Hallo Boys Purple here, juss to bring yo ma inner thoughts regardin our revolution against de roly poly man and his hated gang of "Can we bend over or shake hands wit yer middle wicket pleaze Boss, Sir, Mr Griffin". Ma aunt Rosa Parkes says dis shit dat Griffin is dishin out is straight from de 80s likes he did wit da wonderful folk in de NF. I SEZ IT GOTTA STOP, da aint no need to hunt dis mother of all dats pork wit horse an hounds we make it our biznezz ta expose him to all nationalist folk old and new, its called da scorched earth policey jus like der commie bastards in red russia. Dey shuld try dis on Griffin an his goons starve dem of money n expose him and da ring leaders an den de crows come home to roost, an pick de pork scratcings off dis devil in carnate and in de meen time get yo asses behind Andrew Brons he is da man. Yo knows i is rite.

Purple Aki Chief Secretary for positive thinking Nationalists and Lakeside homes with a view.

Joe Owens said...



Anonymous said...

Joe Owens should spit out what he knows about N.G.and anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Jenny Noble is still praying for forgiveness to the Market trader Vicar Robert West from way out East Anglia after running the books.The poor wee miss Jean Brodie will never go to heaven when it all comes out.

Nemesis said...

What a masterpiece in political p**s-taking.

Quality videos like this which combine hard-hitting facts and comedey shows that there is a wealth of talent amongst nationalists, especially amongst those opposed to Griffin and his values.

A Tour de Force - and a right laugh at Griffin and Co.

Well done to the creator - and to North West Nationalists in promoting it.

It made me LOL - including the sly dig at Pat Harrington aka the Edinburgh Gimp.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic / Interesting.

lancashire patriot said...

Brayshaw was MI5 - not MI6. His handlers odly got him to join both the BNP and UKIP - at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Nemesis, you've got to get the gimp's name correct - it's Brown-Hatter Harrington

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?