Sunday, June 12, 2011

A brief outline of campaign policy by Andrew Brons MEP for the BNP Leadership election 2011


Anonymous said...

War Criminal Kissinger To Be Arrested at Bilderberg

see alex jones

GWR said...

The video is pretty shallow stuff.

No remarks about policy or activism.There is no comment about education for members and especially BNP officials.

In fact, the only thing that stands out is the call for unity.

Mr.Brons opines that the last 12 months has been wracked by internal conflict.

I can tell Andrew Brons now that ever since Griffin hijacked the BNP in 1999, there has been constant and continual infighting due to Griffins fetish for expelling people from the BNP.

But of course Mr.Brons will not know that, as he only returned to nationalism in the last few years after he left nationalism around 1986 - a gap of over 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Brons knows about all the expulsions, he just chooses not to mention it.

Dwaynne done Stephen said...

Yes Brons is clever. If he had spoken out before, he would have been expelled and we would never be in this position to get rid of Griffin.


So the story is "under my leadership we still are not going to do anything"much the same as before.Europe is about to go pop,and the only people interested in doing anything are the stinking commie unions,so the membership of the bnp might just as well sit around and knit jumpers for the elderly folk.This is a re-run of the sixties ,when we could easily have taken power,unfortunately all that we were interested in was sitting around,saying "man" a lot and smoking dope,we know better now,so why the hell are we not tearing the treasonous politicians throats out or beating them to death on the pavements of westminster?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...