Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wigan - the BNP in total disarray !

Wigan was one of the last BNP areas to understand what has been going on in the BNP over the last 11 years. But we can see that even here now, there is an understanding of the problems besetting the BNP and nationalism .

That issue and problem is the Chairman of the BNP Nick Griffin. Wigan and people like Charlie Mather, the ex-Wigan BNP Organiser ,were vociferous Griffinites.

In the past, Wigan had one of the very highest concentrations of BNP electoral support in the entire country with many thousands of votes.

Now have a look at this video.


Anonymous said...

Rift springs to mind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tracing America’s Enslavement To Bankers

Those were the days... said...

Why do I get the feeling that the people concerned about the future of the BNP have mostly been ejected out of the party? This seemed to be the theme of this Wigan meeting, i.e. "You are not a member so shut up."

Anonymous said...

OMG Has the party really sunk to depths of becoming a subway sect ? " You are not a member so shut up " Not that i have ever been to one but that was nothing more than a labour party trade union meeting slanging match! So glad i made the decision to leave the party a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I bet the collection bucket went down well that night ?

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the jar of lollipops on the table but failed to notice Jefferson was already sitting on the left.

Anonymous said...

OUT with the Gri££in, conies TRATIORS

OUT with the English Democrat TRATIORS

ever watchful said...

Whose idea was it to put Jefferson in as a leading BNP Official ?

He has similar eyes to IRA murderer Martin McGuinness. Dead mans eyes. Psychopathic in fact.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell i never knew Jerry Springer was a BNP official.

Anonymous said...

The Cromies have gone !

Anonymous said...

that loud mouth fat boy on the left wouldnt think himself so tough if someone gave him a Callan style solar plexus punch-POW!!
Is this what the BNP has become? It looked more like the Muppet show with those three turdshoes sat there!

Vic Dakins temper

Nemesis said...

It's surely the end of the pier for the BNP after that evening's little performance.
Out with the Griffinites!
In with genuine racial and ethnic nationalists!

Nemesis said...

I disagree that Wigan was the alst area to become aware of the reality behind Griffin and what is going wrong with the BNP.
Try checking out Leicestershire which used to to be a very active branch which had to split into sub-branches as it became so large and it was always one of the bigest fundraisers within the whole party.
Now Leicestershire is little more than a trickle and its activists disappeared.
Chairman Geoff Dickens must take full responsibility. His silence on Griffin speaks volumes.
He ws one of the coterie of arse-licking sychophants around Griffin and backed him to the hilt.
Along with James Mole as the Treasurer those two have brough the whole region into disrepute with their blind loyalty, lack of intelligence and exceedingly poor judgment.

Anonymous said...

NW Leicestershire has folded after having two District, one County and several Parish Councillors.

Nobody will do anything while Griffin remains in charge. They even had their own diners club which hasn't done anything for a year.

Dickens and Mole have done nothing to hold things together and the membership has plummeted.

Gavin Duncan said...

Clearly over the last 8 years a pattern has emerged. NWN has been bang on regarding Griffin pushing out competent and able officials and replacing them with buffoons. The internet has what Martin Webster quite rightly said become a boon for the treacherous and the weak. This self exposure clearly is part and parcel of the 1999 plan. Anybody wanting hope, salvation and a new dawn for Britain must surely be left bewildered by all of this. I believe it is up to the National Front to offer that hope and salvation. John Tyndall RIP.

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that there was one person in the room intelligent enough not to have be a member under the current regime.

Those running the meeting seemed critical of this, "You are not a member so shut up."...yet surely - --- here was someone they could finally look to for guidance.

There must be many of us waiting to see if the BNP becomes credible again before rejoining.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I think someone uploaded the wrong video. This is the AGM for the BR standard class 4MT preservation society by the look of those three cnuts. Bah Gum..

And to round my day of nicely I get a letter from the jews Golding and Mozar for the British Freedom something or another. Where in the hell did they get my personal info from?. Clearly a breach of the data protection act by someone either in or formerly of the BNP here methinks.

I will be making some phone calls on Monday rest assured.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

just like black country bnp a bunch of wanker's. bnp is dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

Isi Leibler urges British Jews to whisper insidiously into Government's ear, not shout or grovel:

David Cameron and the Anglo-Jewish leaders.