Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now even the Cromies have gone !

The latest news is that Paul & Lynda Cromie have gone Independent in their Councillor status. These two were thought to be staunch Griffinites, but now seems they have had enough of Griffin.

The wheels have certainly fallen off the BNP bus !

It has taken a while though for people to see Nick Griffin for what he really is. Years ago he took all the credit for the surge of support from local activism and the Oldham & Burnley riots of 2001.

Griffin and his spin machine said it was all Griffin's doing that had propelled the BNP into centre stage. We here at NWN knew what Griffin was and what he was up to. That is why we set up NorthWestNationalists (NWN) in opposition to Griffin in 2001.

The State through Cmdr. John Grieve of Scotland yard said "we would close down the BNP using any means at our disposal" in January 1999. Immediately after, Nick Griffin threw his challenge in to take control of the BNP, which he did in late 1999.

Griffin has now done what John Grieve promised the State would do starting in 1999.

For many a year we had the dirt and brickbats thrown at us by the Griffinites.


Anonymous said...

Talking of buses where is the BNP bus Boadicea ?

Nemesis said...

Well done to the founder and administrators of North West Nationalists.
You have all been exonerated from the years of hate, riducule and baseless accusations thrown at you by Griffin and his pack of lying attack dogs.
It was people like you who have bravely stood the ground flying the true flag of British Nationalism whilst all those around you scattered or fled in fear or ignorance, denying the truths of what you spoke of.
Like Harold who held Senlac Hill in the face of repeated onslaughts by the Norman warriors against the shieldwall of the Anglo-Saxons at Battle in 1066, you shall not be forgotten for your loyalty and work.
Carry on with the task North West Nationalists - there is still much to do.

Anonymous said...

Talking of buses where is the BNP bus Boadicea ?
Last I heard of Bodicea is she's been abandoned and is rusting away in some Cornish field.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Nemesis said... Well done to the founder and administrators of North West Nationalists.
Northwest Nationalists, I echo Nemesis's sentiments - and we mustn't forget all those nationists too numerous to name individually, who sussed out and were commenting on the thieving treacherous one-eyed cunt, on Northwest Nationalists, years before most BNP members began having an inkling the bastard was a State traitor and a jew to boot - Nemesis and Cadmus being among the first nationalist anti-Gri££inberg commentators, Nemesis being always analytical and professional where Cadmus was, verbally, strictly boots, fists and blunt instruments when exposing Gri££instein, Kiddy-fidlers Co££et & Hannam, Eddy the Butler, and last, but not least, that perverted fat-arsed crapophelic, Reynolds - Cadmus are you still out there ?

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Makow - Protocols Forgery
Argument Is Flawed.

Anonymous said...

Hail Nemesis, last of the Leicestershire Nationalists.

Joe Owens said...


Ur all SPIES except me !

Anonymous said...

Cadmus are you still out there ?

Yep, still doing my bit and keeping an eye on the traitors, of which they are many.

NWN and Nemesis, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Will the last person leaving the B.N.P. Turn out the lights?

Anonymous said...

Dog sentenced to death by stoning

Rabbinical court rules spirit of secular lawyer who insulted judges 20 years ago transferred into wandering dog's body

GriffinWatch said...

Here you go chaps.

Thanks for your input into this expose.



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