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Europe’s Newest Free Speech Martyr: Barcelona Librarian Pedro Varela ... 31899.html

As one European free speech martyr, Ernst Zundel, is released from prison, another one takes his place in the EU gulag. A Spanish court has sentenced Barcelona bookshop owner Pedro Varela to two years and nine months in prison for “spreading racist propaganda.” The court ruled that Varela spread ideas “favorable to genocide.” In fact none of the books Varela sold were favorable in any way to genocide. Varela has always condemned all human rights violations against peoples. He was charged with “racism” for simply selling a book in his bookstore by a leading British scientist on racial differences. A book which advocated no repression or harm against anyone. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 2,880 euros (3,945 dollars). Prosecutors had asked for a four-year prison sentence.

The court rejected Varela’s defense that he belonged to no political party and that there were no banned books in Spain. During the trial, Varela said “I am not saying there was not persecution of the Jews, and I have always condemned forcefully any persecution that existed, but there should be traditional academic investigation, criticism and challenge on historical events.” Brief English summary from EarthTimes; Spanish-language media reports from El Pais and EFE. So, they seek to throw him in prison not for denying crimes against Jews in the Second World War but for simply selling books in his shop that historically argue numbers of which there is considerable dispute even among mainstream Jewish researchers.

This represents Pedro Varela’s third time through the Spanish justice system over free speech issues. In 2006, Varela was arrested on Holocaust denial and justification of genocide charges, convicted on the justification charge, and sentenced to seven months in prison after a 2008 trial, but avoided incarceration at the time because he lacked a prior criminal record. Previously, on November 16th, 1998, a Barcelona criminal court found Varela guilty of inciting racial hatred and of denying or justifying genocide, and sentenced him to five years imprisonment and a fine of 720,000 pesetas (about $5,000). The conviction was suspended by the Catalonia Provincial Court on April 30th, 1999 when the three judges of the Audencia court in Barcelona unanimously declared that the law under which he had been convicted may have violated Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution, which guarantees the rights of free speech and free expression of opinion.

Ultimately, a Constitutional Tribunal sided with the provincial court, deciding in 2007 to decriminalise a presumption that was included in the reform of the Penal Code of 1996. Article 607.2 anticipates punishments of up to two years in jail for whoever, “by any means” diffuses “ideas or doctrines that deny or justify” the Holocaust. The Tribunal found that this clause limited a fundamental right, the right to freedom of expression, since it punished the diffusion of ideas “without demanding any other element, such as affronts, or inciting to attack groups.”

In 2007, Pedro Varela published Dr. David Duke’s Spanish-language translation of his book, “Jewish Supremacism”. The two launched a joint book tour for Dr. Duke. The November 2007 Spanish news video embedded below shows one of the joint appearances of Dr. Duke and Pedro Varela — and also shows Spanish Marxists staging a riot in protest. Ironically, a nonviolent man who has harmed no one is facing almost three years in prison while communist terrorists who rioted, burned property, who physically harmed police and bystanders, who sought bodily harm against other humans simply because of their viewpoint — were let off with only a slap on the wrist!


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Pedro is a very brave patriot!

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The creeps in the British Freedom Party come out in support of the pan-European Nationalist party's gross betrayal of our greatest principle!I'm surprised Gri££in hasn't come out in support of this Declaration?

"Furthermore, we also wish to state that we fully endorse what has been agreed"

Jerusalem Declaration

Barry said...

How about sending a letter of support to Pedro:


Cheer him up - it only takes a couple of minutes.

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ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites,

Continue reading on ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites - Los Angeles Nonpartisan |

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deep throat said...
who's got a link to Kitchen's Mrs doing some "action" - that should out and about to SHAME gri££in -if anything possibly could!!!

1 February 2011 18:30
Glad to oblige, but, a warning, keep a bucket handy as the viewing is not a pretty sight.

Cyclops attending the wedding.

Kichen's day job.,0,0,0,184

P.S. So that everyone, including those moronic Gri££inistas with their heads still stuck up Fuhrer Gri££in's arsehole and still thinking he's an infallible god, knows the `family values' of Gri££in's chosen ones, everyone send the above links to everyone you know.

PPS. Earlier I posted the links to a later Gri££in Watch article.

Fly On The Wall

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At a recent BNP meeting regarding the BNP campaign for the coming Barnsley BY Election, several people overheard Ian Kitchen, one of Gri££in's Chosen Ones, tell an attending person that his wife, Linda Westwood, wanted to bed said person, and that he, Kitchen, was in full agreement providing he could watch - perhaps Kitchen wanted someone else to work out the puzzle how to thread his weenie past all the dangling metal curtain rings festooning Linda's worn-out knackered gearbox.

EFPStoke said...

Fly on the wall.

I now understand why Mr Kitchen likes other men to sh*g his wife, he doesn't have the stomach for it himself, and after what I just saw, I can't say I blame him!!

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EFPStoke said...
Fly on the wall.

I now understand why Mr Kitchen likes other men to sh*g his wife, he doesn't have the stomach for it himself, and after what I just saw, I can't say I blame him!!

4 February 2011 09:41
EFPStoke, you're dead right, kitchen's old lady sure is a grim 'un- I wouldn't do her with a wooden dick - what with all her dangling metal curtain rings, a wooden dick would end up looking like a curtain rod ready for brothel-style heavy chintz drapes.

Last but not least, don't forget to send a letter or postcard to Pedro Varela, victim of European Soviet Union Halodabolhoax fascists.


Fly On The Wall


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