Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nick Griffin in depression as Libya's Gaddafi under pressure

As the revolts in Arab countries continues unabated, news is coming in that Libya's 'for life'

President Muamar Gaddafi might flee abroad. Country's mentioned that he might flee to, include Venezuela in South America. Gaddafi though might seek the help of supporter and now Euro MP Nick Griffin and seek political refuge on the isolated Griffin family farm abode near Welshpool.

Gaddafi could then swap tips with Griffin on how to be an unpopular despot but ignore reality.

As the above picture shows, Nick Griffin when he supported Gaddafi and his green book on a trip to Libya.


Anonymous said...

Some tents have been sighted on the Griffin farm.

Could Gaddafi have already arrived or due to arrive ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Some tents have been sighted on the Griffin farm.
Could Gaddafi have already arrived or due to arrive ?
22 February 2011 01:45
Thanks anonymous - now I know what a camel train was doing heading west along the A458 out of Shrewsbury to Welshshitpool late last night - with all those big fannied dromidaries grazing on Gri££in's farm Jackie's sure going to be lonely these coming nights -hope Nick's miggy eye doesn't accidently fall into his illustrious desert friend's plate of sheeps' eyes while they're eating and swapping endless tales of former glory days when the money was rolling in.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi's 'Green Book' was very good in my opinion. Maybe it just worked on paper though because if it had worked the people wouldn't be rioting against him?

Or maybe these riots are just organised by the USA to weaken militan Arab states?

Anonymous said...

Seems Wigans Charlie Mather was at last nights anti-Griffin meeting in Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

Griffin vows to die a martyr says he will never leave Welshpool !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Or maybe these riots are just organised by the USA to weaken militan Arab states?
23 February 2011 00:54
You can be assured the CIA are encouraging and funding Lybian protesters with the aim of replacing Gadaffi with a puppet controlled by America. Whatever Gadaffi's faults are, he is an out-and-out Lybian nationalist who retrieved Lybia's oilfield out of the clutches of America.

The yanks are blustering over the release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber, when every scrap of evidence points to the Syrians being the real culprits who planned and carried out the Lockerbie plane explosion. The American government refused to blame Syria for this terror act because they needed Syria to help bottle-up Iraq and use Syria as one of the coalition's military jump-off bases.

I wouldn't be surprised if America madfe a deal a three-way deal with Syria and Gadaffi - America promises Gadaffi they will not bomb the living shit out of Lybia if Lybia takes the blame for Lockerbie, provides a scapegoat, and after a bit of rhetorical center-stage protesting cough-up so many millions compensating Lockerbie victims' families, and does not back Iraq in an American-Iraqi war the Americans were hoping to eventually provoke.
America promises Syria it will not bomb the living shit out of Syria and not point the finger of blame at Syria for the Lockerbie incident if Syria allows American and NATO bases and weaponry on Syrian soil when the Americans get an American-Iraqi war going. Deal done - smiles and handshakes all round - and poor Iraqis get the living shit bombed out of them - while the Iranians quitely chuckle to themselve because they were the real villians behind the Lockerbie bombing for evening up the score for the yanks `accidently' bringing down the Iranian passenger jet.

Fly On The wall

Final Conflict said...

The rebels in Libya could well be hardline Islamists.

The secular nationalists like Gaddafi and Nasser a few years back in Egypt were modelled closely on Italian Fascism.

MI6 already tried to murder Gaddafi via a Muslim terrorist strike which killed innocents.

The funny thing now is that because Gaddafi's green book is loosely based on Fascist corporatism, and because Gaddafi is a Muslim (though not an Islamist), Gri££in wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.

On the other hand I wonder if sometimes the failure of Fascism is that it becomes a Monarchy without a monarch and quickly evapourates when 'the leader' dies or is overthrown (Franco and possibly Gaddafi).

Their clearly does need to be some kind of popular plebiscite within the corporate/guild system to allow basic freedoms.

There must also clearly be some stringent laws against corruption, nepotism, cronyism and the like, especially in the ruling circles.

Good debating point for fascists...

Anonymous said...



Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...