Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too many foreigners in Premier League hinders England in World Cup - Beckenbauer !

Der Kaiser crushes 'route one' England
Tue Jun 15 08:48AM

A day after the German paper Bild roared "the tournament is ours", legend Franz 'Der Kaiser' Beckenbauer slammed England and derided Fabio Capello's side's brand of football.

Every paper has an evil looking Beckenbauer unleashing his astonishing and unprovoked attack on Capello's side, describing their play as "kick and rush" (pictured, right), "route one" and "back to the bad old times".

"What I saw from the English in their 1-1 draw against the USA had very little to do with football. It looked to me as if the English have gone backwards," he sniped.

Ever one to blow his own trumpet , Beckenbauer remains confident Germany will win the World Cup, and rounds off his damning appraisal of England by turning on the Premier League.

"The English are being punished for the fact that there are very few home-grown players in the Premier League as they use foreign players from all over the world."


Anonymous said...

England are doing well !

Anonymous said...

Is that on the BNP website?

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