Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'BNP suspension is against party code of conduct'

THREE British National Party (BNP) members from Cornwall have been suspended indefinitely for criticising leader Nick Griffin.

Parliamentary candidate James Fitton, who stood in the St Austell and Newquay constituency, has also accused the party of breaking its own constitution after he was suspended. Two other members, Peter Mullins, from Liskeard, the party's former regional organiser for the South West and Simon Bennett, from Camelford, who designed and maintained the BNP's website, have also been suspended.

In a letter from party bosses, Mr Fitton is said to have been suspended for a "serious breach of BNP code of conduct" but the letter does not state any specific reason – something Mr Fitton says is against the party's own constitution.

He said: "Myself and two others in Cornwall have been suspended along with a member in Torbay and there's been members suspended in the East and West Midlands."

Section 9.9 of the BNP constitution states: "The individual member concerned should, as soon as practically possible thereafter, have in writing details of the alleged offence."

Mr Fitton also accuses the party of bending the rules to suit its own needs, after a member who joined in February became sub-region organiser for Devon and Cornwall in April.

Party rules state that members are on probation for two years and are unable to attain any positions within the party during that time.

All three members of the party have been vocal in their criticism of Nick Griffin in recent months and the party's attitude towards Cornish members.

Mr Bennett, a member for five years, has accused Mr Griffin of "entrenching himself" as the leader.

"There's been a vast majority of members up for removal, there's a climate of fear. But the truth is more important," he said.

Mr Mullins said: "There is a pyramid structure within the party and at the apex is Nick Griffin. What he says happens. He doesn't do democracy and it's virtually a dictatorship."

"They've kissed goodbye to the whole of Cornwall and literally thrown us in the bin."

Both Mr Mullins and Mr Bennett recently attended a meeting in Leicestershire, where a vote was carried to support Eddy Butler, from Essex, as a potential challenger for the leadership.


Anonymous said...

So that's Cornwall trashed !

Griffin did for the West Mids in 2000, then he trashed the North West. Then he trashed Yorkshire. Only last month he trashed Barking and the surrounding areas.

Darby trashed Stoke probably at Griffins say so during the GE!

When will BNP members learn ?

Anonymous said...

I think the clock is now ticking against griffin and his band of merry con-men the party is now at an all time low and members are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in will be expelling dozens of members now, the same people who only a few months ago were praising him to the hilt, if Butler goes for a serious leadership challenge, Gri££in will get rid of him and his supporters before the nomination signatures are in.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who has gone from the west midlands?

Anonymous said...

Griffin gets an 'hard on' when he expels someone !

Anonymous said...

Colin Jordan (Gothic Ripples, December 2002)

"Griffin the Trimmer now fancies himself as a mini-Churchill for the BNP. After experimenting with a faction of the National Front, he entered the BNP intent on conspiring against and ousting John Tyndall. its founder. Building up a faction of discontent by trotting around the country, he got himself voted into power..."
"Griffin's mainstream debut. The sign that his sell-out is succeeding is the fact that, although the media maintains and will continue its obligatory fulminations against the BNP, Griffin is beginning to find doors opening to him as a convert to the conventional party game."
"Do you think this significant accommodation of Griffin indicates the beginning of some policy of sweet tolerance of racial nationalism by the other participants in the programme representing the mainstream or multi-racial media? Or would you say that instead this indicates that he is now seen by them and the rest of those who really rule behind the window-dressing of the ballot box as a useful instrument for taming the BNP, turning it into a safe outlet for the discontent with multi-racial-ism which they know to expect and want channelling into impotence? Beat the BNP from within by extracting its teeth is a smart procedure and the most likely explanation of the beginning of Griffin's rise to respectability."

Anonymous said...

Where is Griffin ?

Over a month now since the GE and no-one has seen hide nor hair of the blighter.

I know he used to disappear when there were elections to be fought, and he often went off to the USA leaving the poor members to 'fight the good fight' without a leader.

Anonymous said...

Brittas National Party, we all love Nick Brittas!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Where is Griffin ?

As of yesterday and today - 15-16 June 2010 - the slippery bastard is making personal court appearances, in Bristol, explaining to a Judge why he/Dow$on illegally dismissed Michaela MacKenzie.

A couple of weeks ago Gri££in's useless joke of a lawyer deperately tried having the Court Hearing deferred again, claiming her client was still recovering from a serious life-threatening throat operation to repair his voice box damaged by years of continuous non-stop lying and weekly sticking both feet into his mouth. However, Miss MacKenzie's sharp-as-a-razor lawyer holed Captain Gri££in's boat below the waterline with a BNP video and Twitter evidence of Gri££in's ability for still speaking in public, for an hour, without drawing breath, at the latest Trafalgar Club do. His Honour verily was not best pleased by someone trying to make a monkey of him, so fired a bigger hole below the waterline of Captain Gri££in's now fast-sinking boat by telling his lawyer words to the affect "Make sure your client's lying arsehole is in court on the appointed date, otherwise said arsehole's lying owner will be held in contempt of court."

Round 1.

Miss MacKenzie ...... 10 points
Grubby Gri££in ...... 00 points
(unanimous decision of all 20 BNP
Reform Group judges)


Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

It looks like the wheels are already coming of Eddy Butler's leadership challenge, the scum bag
Gri££in has plants and agent provocateurs everywhere, more to follow.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Michaela!!!! It's a pity it's not Gri££in who is personally libel for this case, it's the members' money being wasted.

Anonymous said...

Butler must act decisively if he is to challenge Gri££in, taking onboard supposedly disgruntled Griffinites is a very foolish move, they will try and scupper his plans and stab him in the back on their master's orders. How many of them were supporting Gri££in at the EGM and through the years and are now pretending to be dissenters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Eddie Butler is if anything even more liberal than Griffin (if Griffin actually has any real beliefs!) - I dread a new party forming when his leadership bid is still-born.
The only party left is the NF - even with its drawbacks - it has solidity and continuity and common sense would dictate it be the real alternative. But hopefully no more 'new' parties please Mr.Butler.....

Anonymous said...

its all over boys, griffo will now start the purges. as for the wicked witch of the west, just watch and see the fun unfold. she had her day now i bet griffo's attack dogs will have thier's.

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