Friday, June 18, 2010

BNP Leadership Challenge

The Leadership contest is ON!

Following a series of meetings and discussions involving members of the British National Party who believe that we must have a change in the leadership of the Party, it has been decided that Eddy Butler should stand against the current Chairman Nick Griffin MEP this summer.

It is hoped that the campaign will be conducted in a clean manner with honest and open debate on the issues at hand.
Teams will be organised in all regions to get the required number of signatures in order to be nominated as a candidate.

If you would like to be part of one of these teams please send you details to:

Details of the team working with Eddy Butler and his candidate for Deputy Chairman will be announced shortly.

This will be a very exciting campaign and a chance for the British National Party to re-launch itself. It is vital that there be new leadership for the BNP for the following reasons:

1. It is essential that we have financial transparency and competence, so that the membership and our donors have faith in how their money is being accounted for and spent.

2. It is essential that spending is kept under tight control. We are facing hard financial times and vast amounts are thrown away on avoidable litigation and on wasteful internal projects. The Party is facing insolvency over the next few months due to a series of imprudent decisions by the leadership.

3. Our resources must be targeted at our ‘front end’ activities – elections, councillor support, local recruitment and organisation.

4. The Constitution must be revised to ensure we have both strong leadership and accountability. At present all power is vested in one man, the Chairman, with virtually no checks, and the Constitution is skewed to make it almost impossible to remove him.

5. There must be a careful separation of powers between the Political Chairman and the Party Administration.

6. The Party has got stale and needs a total revamp. The authoritarian leadership style inhibits new ideas and stifles debate.

7. A new draft Constitution will be written up and publicised and an EGM called within six months of a successful leadership challenge.

8. The aim is to stabilise the Party – to enter the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliamentary elections rejuvenated, and with proper local support for the vital round of local elections next year.

9. The Party must be given room to breath internally in order to find new longer term leadership. Next year we will have a full new leadership election under the new fairer Constitution with several fresh candidates who we can choose between in a civilised debate. That new leadership can take us on with confidence to contest the 2012 London Assembly elections and we can face the future with renewed vigour.

Most members agree that Nick Griffin MEP has done a tremendous job these past eleven years in promoting the BNP. This will always be remembered with gratitude. However it is now clear that we need a re-launch.

• Funding has dried up.
• Our financial liabilities are mounting.
• Enquiries to the Party from the public have plummeted.
• Our electoral progress has all but halted.
• Our activist base has lost its enthusiasm.
• There are no new ideas or initiatives from the centre.
• The central machinery of the Party is failing and not functioning properly.
• The local organisation needs rebuilding with a fresh set of eyes.

We do not have the luxury of waiting for several years before the current Chairman feels it is time to leave. After eleven long years Nick has accumulated a massive amount of baggage which makes him less popular with the public than the Party. In bringing the Party forward Nick has become more of a public liability than an asset. It may be unfair but it is nevertheless true. It is inevitable that after eleven long years, the old Chairman will have run out of steam, particularly when due to his European commitments he commutes by car every other week to Brussels or Strasbourg.

Now is the time for change. It has to be now as the Party must be able to revitalise itself ready for the next rounds of elections. Eddy Butler has the experience to do this and to build a team that can bring in stability and unity. Under a new team:

• Many who have left our Party will rejoin.
• Many who enquired but didn’t feel the Party was quite right, will re-enquire and get involved.
• Many people who have felt the Party isn’t quite right and have instead got involved with other parties will join.
• Our donors will have confidence provide the funding necessary for growth.
• By removing the harmful influences and the alien Corporate consultancy culture that infests the upper reaches of the Party, our activist base will be re-enthused.
• By opening up the Party and allowing the talent we have within our ranks to express itself, we will get new ideas and new approaches to old problems.

Eddy Butler has stepped forward to bring in these changes now – to help the Party find its way to a better and more ultimately victorious future. We must have change.

NWN: Butler's details have been removed from this article due to the behaviour of one of his supporters Sharon Ebanks and her actions against NWN.


Anonymous said...

Well done Eddy, but please beware there are a lot of Gri££in sycophants now masquerading as your supporters, including bi-sexual, drunken Barnbrook. Gri££in is bound to be plotting some way of derailing this challenge?

Anonymous said...

I wish Eddy all the best. Its time for change!

Anonymous said...

I see the CUNTS site is empty at the moment, I'm sure these scumbag arch- Griffinite vermin will unleash a torrent of abuse at Eddy and his brave followers?

Anonymous said...

Time for change, all the best Eddy

from Scotland

Anonymous said...

Barnbrook is suppose to be Eddy's running mate in this leadership challenge, but he tried to bloke today's announcement until next month, either this faggot shit bricks and had second thoughts or he is really working in his one-eyed master's camp, personally I wouldn't trust that homosexual, boozed up buffoon one iota. said...

Anonomous, I hope Eddys election will end the sort of routine hate for gays and Jews and others expressed by the old order like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Eddy for standing up for Britain and the membership. Best of British!

Anonymous said...

From one patsy to another!!

Anonymous said...

Gri££in and family have robbed the BNP for years, Dowson Jefferson both have to be kicked out. Good Luck on your challenge.

Anonymous said...

Eddy Butler - an arrogant, nasty person. Nick will oust you no problem in this "challenge". I see you have a Scottish supporter -gee - at least that's one. What's the betting no Pro Griffin comments get on this site.

Anonymous said...

membership now being renewed.griffin has moved the goal posts from two to five years but f..k it im renewing i have my right and i will have my vote in support of eddy butler.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, aLl the best in getting rid of griffin.

Griffin/Holland riped me off. said...

Now who are the Dick heads who did not rejoin the BNP and can't vote?

Anonymous said...

Bravo Eddy - you bloody hero!

Porksword said...

Its all over Eddie you slimy dirty bastard, dont you dare preach about clean hands you are a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Eddy challenging for the leadership.
Best news in years and long overdue.
The Special branch operative must go.
When the party stops being sabotaged from the very top it will at least have a chance to grow and prosper.
At the moment BNP workers and supporters work under a system of 'controlled demolition'. Just enough encouragement to keep them slaving, but deliberate mistakes to make sure they never really gain much ground.
A conduit for dissatisfaction that can get nowhere.
Good luck Eddy.
You will handle the job brilliantly.
If you are NOT elected it will be A/ either the end of the party as many will finally leave and/or B time for a new Nationalist Party.

Anonymous said...

gri££in won't allow positive comment's for anyone but himself on bnp website. so why should he get any on this site?

Anonymous said...

Will Butler welcome non-whites into the BNP like Griffin does ?

Anonymous said...

"Its all over Eddie you slimy dirty bastard, dont you dare preach about clean hands you are a disgrace!"

Don't speak in haste, Butler only went to the whore house for a drink and a google that's all, if you are going to get on your high horse remember Jefferson was there too, and the part of his voice at the end of the video clip was added on later by Griffin's dirty tricks department.

Anonymous said...

"Anonomous, I hope Eddys election will end the sort of routine hate for gays and Jews and others expressed by the old order like yourself."

What's your angle on all this, you sound like a typical Shabbat Goyim, doing the Establishment's bidding, a pure Griffinite civil Nationalist through & through.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It's time that Tony Mac brought out the photo of Griffin sieg heiling at a Blood and Honour/C-18 gig in Scotland.
Griffin needs to be stopped no matter what it takes.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, according to the constitution, you have to be a member for 2 years to vote. The majority of members with over 2 years have resigned, did not renew or were suspended. Griffin has it stitched up as I doubt that there are not many members with 2 years or more consecutive membership. According to the BNP propaganda machine the membership has risen to 14,000 is that in the last year? No doubt Griffin will allow these new members to vote for him.

seventhvictim said...

Keeping Griffin is to allow a state of affairs that gives the likes of Billy Braggg repeated opportunities to point and laugh at us.

Anonymous said...

So thats what they do over in Brussels ? The BNP getting blind drunk and visiting brothels ! No one comes out of that episode with any decency, neither Butler nor Griffinite Jefferson or indeed any of the others.

This could backfire on Griffin.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Lenin who said that the best way to deal with the opposition is to lead it.

Anonymous said...

We had a meeting in Leeds on Friday and it has been agreed that the photo of Nick Griffin zeig heiling will be released to the press as the leadership election is announced.

Cant wait to see his excuses.

Anonymous said...

Druggy Jefferson must be kicked out of the BNP. Thes are scum we dont want in the BNP!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the nazi nick picture wait till the election gets running when its reported in the press and then release the picture. Griffin has been treating members like shit for years.

Who are Leeds and Yorkshire backing Butler og Griffin?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...