Monday, June 28, 2010

BNP faces financial turmoil if found in contempt of court
Nick Griffin could have his assets seized if high court rules that leader breached order to amend party's constitution

British National party leader Nick Griffin.
The party's assets could be seized if it is found to be in contempt of court.

Fresh from its disastrous showing at the ballot box on 6 May, the British National party now faces financial turmoil with its assets threatened by court action. The high court is to decide whether Nick Griffin and two other BNP officials should face contempt of court proceedings in which their assets could be confiscated under a "writ of sequestration". The assets include Griffin's MEP salary, investments and pensions and any property that they might own. The case shows that no political party is above the law.

The contempt proceedings were brought by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) after the BNP was accused of failing to remove potentially racist clauses from its constitution. The BNP had been in breach of the Race Relations Act 1976 by admitting only white people to the party, but it revised its constitution in February to say it would allow people of any descent or origin to join, but only if the individual "agrees with or supports or does not oppose or does not disagree with the principles of our party". The BNP has since changed this condition so it no longer applies to applicants but to members exercising voting rights.

However, the principles of the party in this amended constitution are still in terms of promoting indigenous over non-indigenous interests, including maintaining the "integrity of the indigenous British" and "restoring and maintaining" the indigenous British as "an overwhelming majority" (indigenous being defined by those that settled in these islands between 11500BC and 6 July 1189).

It is not difficult to see how this is contrary to the Race Relations Act 1976, because by signing up to the principles, any non-indigenous member would have to give up their racial and cultural identity. The BNP has also not changed its rule preventing new members from attending any party meeting until they have been interviewed by two BNP officials. A court in March ruled that this was intimidatory and directed against non-indigenous applicants.

If the high court rules that the BNP is in breach of the March order and gives permission to the EHRC to issue the writ, then it will appoint four commissioners. Two to three of the commissioners will be "authorised and commanded" to take possession of the BNP's assets. These assets will be kept in the hands of the commissioners until the BNP complies with the order to make its constitution free of racial discrimination.

Not only would this be a bitter pill for the BNP to swallow ideologically, it would also be financially punitive. A commissioner can cost up to £1,000 a day, and if the BNP has its assets confiscated, it will cost them up to £3,000 a day for those assets to be held. The BNP faces a period of financial turmoil.


Anonymous said...

I am going to send all my life savings down to Nick !

I have already sold my house so that he can eat roast quails and live in the manner he has become accustomed.

Anonymous said...

I have collected some empty pop bottles for the deposits.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in will drag us all down with him, he's on self destruct mode!!!

Anonymous said...

This is not the only legal action pending against the party, there Unilever, Reuters and a possibly libel action by the Jewish MP Margaret Hodge, plus a few case involving ex-party officials. Eddy Butler reckons the party with be bankrupt by the end of July?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it just Gri££in & Darby's assets they really go after and not the BNP's, I would love to see those two bastards bankrupted, homeless and buried.

Anonymous said...

Roll on the begging letters. I suppose it will be 'send in a paltrey £3000 to save the BNP from going under even though it's my fault and by the way I need extra for caviar and champagne'

Anonymous said...

£35,000 owed to Mark Collett, Emma Colgate and Eddy Butler, illegally dismissed in March 2010

£15,000 Michaela Mackenzie employment tribunal costs
? Michaela Mackenzie settlement

£50,000 Equality Commission case costs

£25,000 new Equality Commission case costs

£75,000 Kenny Smith, Ian Dawson, Steve Blake case (dismissed at the end of 2007)

£40,000 Unilever case (over use of Marmite image)

? Reuters case

? Margaret Hodge case

And that’s only the ones he knows about, Butler adds.

Anonymous said...

Dowson's mysterious lawyer named Jane F**ked up this legal action from day one, between her, Gri££in and the confidence trickster Dowson they are wholly responsible for this financial and legal disaster, lets hope these vermin pay! Incidentally whatever you think of Eddy Butler he wrote and very good and in-depth article about the whole EHRC affair, please see link below for the entire sordid story.

Nemesis said...

The state is now working on the final dissolution of the BNP, a carefully planned wrecking plan.

Look at the bigger picture.

Griffin is merely a bit-part actor in a wider drama being carried out.

Anonymous said...

by falling in to phillips trap griffin will have the bnp hung drawn & quarterd! he should have contested this case in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"he should have contested this case in the first place."

I totally agree with you, but the members at the EGM voted to capitulate with Gri££in's treacherous game plan, now look at the state we find ourselves in. Just remember most of the 'new rebels' against Gri££in now, voted for this on Feb 14th. Anyway Gri££in has completely mess it up now, either by his own arrogance and stupidity or deliberately and it could end up bankrupting the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Nemesis said...
The state is now working on the final dissolution of the BNP, a carefully planned wrecking plan.

Look at the bigger picture.

Griffin is merely a bit-part actor in a wider drama being carried out.
Nemesis, Gri££in is just one of a number of state-controlled bit-part actors within and betraying the BNP, and being over-seen and guided by MI5 operative Simon Darby.


Fly On The Wall

GWR said...

I totally agree with you, but the members at the EGM voted to capitulate with Gri££in's treacherous game plan, now look at the state we find ourselves in. Just remember most of the 'new rebels' against Gri££in now, voted for this on Feb 14th.


Butler said recently, he drafted that resolution so that Griffin would have more powers !

Anonymous said...

A previous poster wrote 'by falling into Phillips trap....'
Are we talking Trevor Phillips or Jane Phillips of Iverson, Stanley Holmes, the one man band Banbury based legal practice?

I know you meant Trevor Phillips, but judging by Jane Phillips' disastrous performance on behalf of the party, the question could be asked. She must be raking in thousands in legal fees but no payments to her appear on the leaked accounts, only those to Welshpool solicitors, Gilbert Davies & Partners. So who is paying her, and from which invisible account?

Anonymous said...

There was also a payout to Donna Hancock and her husband to go quietly.

ex-bnp 2009 said...

Gri££in is scum. He will destroy the BNP rather than let someone else take over [to give it a chance]. He actually said this at a meeting, I was there! The fat piece of shit has nearly wrecked it completely.

Anonymous said...

This is the address of the secret lawyer Griffin was using during the EHRC case, what a strange address for a solicitor right out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, miles from anywhere?

Iverson Stanley Holmes Commercial Solicitors
Unit 4
Sugarswell Business Park
OX15 6HW

0844 803 7363

Anonymous said...

The firm of solicitors that Gri££in used during the EHRC case in court in London are based in Welshpool and are a small provincial family lawyer set up not specialists in Race Law, but as they must have cost a fortune to pay for their travel and accommodation in London, what an absolute bloody shambles. The real lawyer working behind the scenes was Jane Phillips who is based in the middle of nowhere, right in the sticks in rural Oxfordshire, who Gri££in was constantly on the phone to during the legal hearing by passing his lawyer standing in the court room .

"Gilbert Davies & Partners are based in Welshpool mid Wales and specialise in conveyancing work on properties in Wales and the Borders. We also offer a full range of legal services including notary work and will-making information."

Gilbert Davies & Partners Ltd
18 Severn Street
Welshpool SY21 7AD
Tel: 01938 552727

simonben said...

For the record...

It is common knowledge that I "flirted" with Special Branch / MI5 of whoever the hell they were (I still have no idea), and I did so in the full knowledge of Griffin, Darby, Kemp and just about everyone.

You need to understand that I was just a normal geezer wrapped up in this and found the whole thing both fascinating and very comical at the same time. I wanted to see what it was all about and played along for the laugh.

When it got heavy I bailed out fast and it did freak the shit out of me. However, and this is the one thing, to this day, I cannot get my head around...

Griffin was not interested in what they said to me or what I said to them. Whatever I told him went in one ear and out the other. He was simply not bothered or interested.

Darby on the other hand asked a million questions and was as fascinated by it all as I was.

Make of this what you can, I still am!

Simon Bennett.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...