Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jack Straw to take on Griffin

Gordon Brown wants Jack Straw to take on BNP on Question Time

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, is being touted behind the scenes in the Labour Party as the man to take on Nick Griffin, the unsavoury leader of the British National Party, on Question Time after the BBC decided to allow him the oxygen of publicity on the programme.

Officially, Labour is now "reviewing" its policy of never fielding members to debate with representatives of the racist party. Gordon Brown is, I am told, taking a personal interest in the issue and favours Straw, a lawyer by training, as the man to take on Griffin.
"We have to put up a heavyweight, otherwise we will be accused of giving Griffin too easy a time of it," whispers my man at Labour Party headquarters.

Still, there is a danger that Griffin may throw back at Straw the comments he made about Islamic veils in 2006.

The Blackburn MP described them as a "visible statement of separation and difference" and called on women to cease wearing them. This allegedly led to ugly instances of yobs pulling veils off Muslim women in streets.


Jack Straw History:

In another ruling today the committee found Justice Secretary Jack Straw guilty of a "clear, albeit inadvertent, breach" of donation rules for not registering a donation for a dinner to celebrate 25 years as an MP.
The strongly-worded report states: "We are surprised and disappointed that, of all Members, Mr Straw should have broken the rules.
"Mr Straw is an experienced Member - indeed, the incident that led to the complaint was a celebration of his 25 years in the House.

The brother of the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, was convicted yesterday of indecently assaulting a friend's 16-year-old daughter after inviting himself to her house.
The brother of the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, was convicted yesterday of indecently assaulting a friend's 16-year-old daughter after inviting himself to her house.
William Straw, an Open University administrator, had pleaded not guilty at Nottingham magistrates' court to assaulting the girl in April when she was alone at her home in the city.
But after hearing evidence from the girl that Mr Straw asked to see her bedroom before rubbing his hands on her hips, the district judge, Peter Nuttall, found him guilty and fined him £750 plus £275 in court costs. Straw will be placed on the sex offenders register for five years.
The conviction is a further embarrassment to the Home Secretary who is overseeing a government crackdown on sex offenders. In December 1997, Jack Straw's son, also called William, was cautioned by police after he sold cannabis to an undercover reporter while aged 17. In July, the Home Secretary's chauffeur-driven car was stopped by Avon and Somerset police doing an alleged 103mph.

New plans to strengthen the law on genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity were announced by Justice Secretary Jack Straw today.
These three types of crime are covered by the International Criminal Court Act 2001. But the UK cannot currently prosecute under the Act those who committed such crimes before that year.

To allow for prosecutions of earlier crimes, Mr Straw said the government has now decided to extend the law so those suspected of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity since 1 January 1991 can be prosecuted in the UK.

Vetoing Freedom of Information Act requests

In February 2009, it came to light that Jack Straw controversially uses his powers as Justice Secretary to veto publication of government documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act: in particular, those pertaining to early government meetings concerning the (back then, forthcoming) Iraq War. This move prevented the British public from discovering the government's motivation for the war amidst claims that the move constituted an effort to save face for Straw's colleagues in the upper echelons of the Labour Party rather than anything in the public's interest. The documents will not be openly available to the British public for nearly 30 years.


Anti-gag said...

I really can't see what Jack straw's brother has to do with anything. Nor can I see why what speed his chauffeur drives at should concern us, unless of course Straw instructed that he speed (unlikely I think).

What is obvious to me is that: given Griffin's show business like ability on TV; he'll murder anyone the Labour party puts up against him. The only Labour/Tory politicians with as much charisma as Griffin in the last 30 years, were Enoch Powell and Tony Benn. The first is now dead and Benn is now simply too old. But both would still put up a better show than Straw even so!

I'm not Mr Griffin's biggest fan (in fact in some ways I think he's a creep) but if the Labour/Tory party know what's good for them, they'll hide under a rock rather than expose themselves to this battering from the political equivalent of Cassius Clay.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Straw visited Pakistan beofre the last election to talk up his vote in England!

Was he not also in the communist party? An extremist affair by any standards.

Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

What kind of religion is Islam. Did you see them at Harrow standing shoulder to shoulder with homosexuals, lesbians,transsexuals, druggies, aethist marxists etc. They are bloody hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

they have only let gri££in on because he is state. he has also mellowed down the polices so they are almost like ukip. will he get paid for going on the programme? if so will he give a donation to the bnp?

Anonymous said...

If Griffin uses his brain. He'll have Pat Richardson in the audience to stand up and say she's Jewish when they hit him with the anti Jew questions, and Lawrence Rustum when they call him a racist.

GriffinWatch said...

"If Griffin uses his brain. He'll have Pat Richardson in the audience to stand up and say she's Jewish when they hit him with the anti Jew questions, and Lawrence Rustum when they call him a racist."

I hope that he does, this will publically admit that the B.N.P. IS a civic-nationalist (sic) party and put pay to Griffins lie that the party is actually ethno-nationalist.

Anonymous said...

The BNP needs a new leader.

Nick Griffin on Question Time 75,000 views.

Sharon Ebanks outside Leeds Crown Court 536,000 views.

In a popularity contest the viewers prefer Sharon Ebanks and so do I. Its been terrible since she left Birmingham the new organisers don't do anything.


David Hannams Jewish said...

anon said.

The BNP needs a new leader.

"Nick Griffin on Question Time 75,000 views.

Sharon Ebanks outside Leeds Crown Court 536,000 views."

Thats because the Sharon Ebanks Vid has been up for a couple of years. The Griffin one has only been up a week. So 75,000 views in a week compared to 536,000 in over 2 years, you get the drift.


Anonymous said...

Eurocrats to Control Britain's Borders, what is N.J.Griffin MEP going to do about this?

frodo said...

photo of the CUNT bev:

Anonymous said...

due to the lack of interest in the 'life membership' gri££in has put the price of membership 2010 to. £40 single, family £50 & gold £70. ever had the feeling you ve been cheeted?

Anonymous said...

if you are a true nationalist why don't you join the only true nationalist party? the national front. white's only for 'race & nation.

Anonymous said...

Like him or hate him, but whoever the main political parties put up against Griffin, Griffin will intellectually fuck them over, but good, just like he gave Jeremy Paxman an intellectaul reaming and creaming,leaving poor old Paxman with with an intellectual sore arse,on Newsnight a few years ago. Jack Straw an intellectual? What a joke. Griffin is going to bury that commie import from eastern europe.

Yep, Straw was a card carrying commie when he was a student ... the4 vain little shit has labours under the self-delusion he is a real ladykiller ... sad bastard had the hots for Condalisa Rice ... in fact the four-eyed twat is so vanity stricken he now wears contact lenses.

Jack, with or without glasses, you're still one ugly myopic tosser.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Vladimir Bukovsky, he has a different take on the reason behind Mass, Mass, Mass Immigration.

Think about it REDUCING the Population (British women have 1.8 children which is just below replacement levels) would reduce Pollution/emmissions, road congestion housing shortages, NHS and welfare strain, crime, prison overcrowding.

We have been lied to about the need for Immigration, we are being wiped out, what was it former British Communists Jack Straw said...'the British are not worth saving as a race'

6 Million Abortions to date, think about it people, Isnt Dawn Primorolo even now pushing to have British Schoolgirls sterilised.

Wakey Wakey People, Westminster is Brimming with former British Communist Party Members, Mandelson, Prescott, straw, Harriet Harmthem.

These are One Worlders, and you and your children are in the way.

Nick should remind the Fabian Commie of his words against the BRITISH!!

Undercover at the world's most secretive society: Mail reporter infiltrates shadowy Bilderberg summit where the West's power broke...