Friday, September 04, 2009

Blackout fears

Blackout fears after power station strikes loom over 'British jobs for British workers'

Britain risks fuel shortages and power cuts following a decision by workers at some of the country's biggest oil refineries and power stations to strike.

The action is the latest offensive by British workers who are angry that employers have opted to bus in cheap foreign labour rather than use locals.

The GMB union claims there is backing for industrial action from its members at seven key locations across the country, including plants run by BP and Shell.

Separately, workers who are members of the Unite union are expected to vote in favour of industrial action.

Any blockade of refineries could bring shortages of petrol and diesel at petrol station forecourts within a few days.

The dispute is the latest evidence of a widening campaign by workers and unions who are demanding that British jobs should go to British workers.

Earlier this year, workers staged a series of unofficial walkouts earlier this year at sites including the Lindsey oil terminal in North Lincolnshire, which is run by Total of France.

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