Monday, September 21, 2009

"F*** off white boy", says footballer.

El-Hadji Diouf in ‘race row’ with Blackburn ballboy

El-Hadji Diouf was at the centre of a race controversy last night after a teenage ballboy accused the Blackburn Rovers winger of making a derogatory remark towards him during yesterday’s match against Everton at Goodison Park.

The Senegal player was questioned by Merseyside Police after the game and is likely to be interviewed by them again this week.

“Merseyside Police is investigating an allegation of a 28-year-old man using racist language at the Everton match today at Goodison Park,” a spokesman told The Times. “Inquiries are under way.”

The alleged incident occurred during the early stages of the match when Diouf went to take a throw-in, only for the ballboy to roll the ball away from him.

Words appeared to be exchanged between the pair, prompting an outcry from the Everton fans in the nearby Gwladys Street Stand. It was claimed that Diouf told the youngster to “F*** off, white boy”.

It is not the first time that Diouf has been at the centre of a controversial incident during a match.

In March 2003, while playing for Liverpool, he was accused of spitting at a Celtic fan during a game at Celtic Park in the Uefa Cup. He was charged by police and fined £5,000 after pleading guilty to the offence during a hearing at the Sheriff’s Court in Glasgow.

Diouf was also given a two-match ban by Uefa and fined £5,000 by Liverpool, although he did issue a public apology and invited the supporter to attend the second leg of the tie at Anfield as his personal guest.

In November 2004, while playing for Bolton Wanderers, he spat at Arjan de Zeeuw, the Portsmouth defender, and was banned for three matches by the FA after pleading guilty to a charge of improper conduct.
NWN : Well that's his career over then. The Police will be beating a rapid path to his door. Being a racist is the worst crime ever in our society !


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The 'Kick racism out of football'campaign will sorth this out !

That's what they are there for, to kick racism out of football.

Anonymous said...

What's everybody moaning about?
Why would a working class British lad pay all that money to watch an overpaid dimwit kick a ball around!
That's the question we should be asking ourselves.

British desident said...

What happened to that football manager whathisname who said something simular.He went through hell.

Anonymous said...

Ron Atkinson ?

Yes he never worked again.


One wonders why white people pay inordinate ammounts of money to see a negro with an iq of 65 kick a ball around anyway,truly they are killing thier own game.

Anonymous said...

Just wait the 'Kick Racisn out of Football' will kick up a stink very soon !

Anonymous said...

we won't put up with racists here! you stupid nigger.

Anonymous said...

what you ignorant lot don't understand,is that where he comes from spitting at someone is a compliment.if he did not like you he would probably cut your fucking head off.

Anonymous said...

They call these Sengalese 'Lucky lucky men' in the Canary Islands.

Always selling fake counterfeit watches and the like to naive holidaymakers.

Mabel Msonthi at The Guardian said...

So where is the 'UK Race Industry' when its darkies exhibit racism?

Anonymous said...

So where is the `UK Race Industry' when its darkies exhibit rascism?

What fool question is that? Didn't you know only white people can commit race crimes and be carted off to jail for the slightest unintentional infringemnet of the Race Laws?

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