Monday, July 13, 2009

"No-one wants and all white Britain !" - Nick Griffin.


BNP Party leader Nick Griffin has rebuked claims that he is a fascist.
Sunday July 12,2009
BNP leader Nick Griffin has denied as "smears" claims he was a fascist and defended his call to sink boats carrying migrants from Africa to Europe.

Mr Griffin, one of two members of the extreme-right party elected to the European Parliament last month, said he actually "detested" fascism.

He branded the EU "essentially fascist" and said he feared what he called Islamofascism which was spreading across Europe and Britain.

He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show "I am not a fascist - that is a smear that comes from the far left."

Asked if he still wanted to see an all-white Britain he said: "No, it is simply not do-able. Nobody out there wants it or would pay for it."

Britain could not be changed back to how it was before 1948 when the "liberal elite" started to allow immigration and the "multicultural experiment".

"What is done is done," he said.

Mr Griffin denied he "enthusiastically" read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and branded claims his two rottweilers were called Anne and Frank - after one of the most renowned Jewish victims of Nazi Germany - as a "wicked, wicked lie".

Asked about his call to sink boats containing African migrants he said: "What I said was that what needs to be done as an example is to sink a couple of boats near the shores of Libya.

"Throw them lifebelts so they can paddle back so they understand they will never get to Europe."

NWN: We want an all white Britain !

If Griffin is not up to the job, then let him resign. The BNP was set-up for this very reason, as was the National Front before it.


Anonymous said...

I want an all white Britain. We might as well pack it in here and now otherwise.

What is Nick Griffin fighting for ?

Anonymous said...

This is typical of people who get elected on large salaries & perks, they soon capitulate with the system. The Belgium Nationalist party has already completely sold out and it appears Gri££in is following suit, he is an amoral middle-class spiv!

Anonymous said...

Link to the Andrew Marr BBC interview

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is fighting to maintain control of a money making business controlled by him and a small number of cronies.

Anonymous said...

He sold out years ago when he played footsie with the Neo Cons.

Why are you surprised?

The BNP is a money making scam.

GriffinWatch said...

We have been saying that Griffin has sold out for years.

Anonymous said...

Who are those other two in the picture with Nick Griffin ?

Anonymous said...

The 2 cunts with Griffo on the photo did the BBC undercover program which seen Collett and him in court!

Anonymous said...

Griffin takes up his seat in the Euro Parliament today, you just wait and see how he is seduced by the glitz and glamour, wined and dined. It won't be long before he is doing deals in expensive restaurants with the other 'nationalist' parties so that they let him in to join a bloc in exchange for watering down BNP policies. The forming of the bloc will mean even more lavish meals and expenses. In fact the fat git is probably at this very moment swallowing down huge amounts caviar and gallons of fine French wine?

Anonymous said...

It's a incredible fact but the election of two British 'Nationalists' can do nothing as the new Euro Parliament will ratify the Lisbon Treaty during the next term. ( The Irish electorate will be conned this October during the Yes vote campaign.) This Treaty is nothing more than the creation of a European Constitution with the aim of having a Euro President ( Arch Neo-Con Tony Blair named as the probable first leader.) This is what will be the main 'achievement by 2014. All that British Nationalism would have achieved by then, is it's leader will be a few stone heavier and have a very large personal bank balance!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
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Many bloggers appear to greatly over-estimate the wealth and power of tiny little Israel.

Israel's GDP is lower than that of Greece. (The government says it's perky)

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In Israel, foreign investment has dropped sharply.

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White South Africa got help from Israel

However, the Israelis are clever.

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Israel appears to work with the fascists within the US, UK and European establishments.

Michael Ledeen is a neoconservative Zionist and a former employee of the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Council. (aangirfan: Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.)

Peter Chamberlin has written NEOCONSERVATISM - FASCIST ZIONISM and he links Ledeen to:

1. The fascist false-flag terrorism in Italy associated with Operation Gladio and the Strategy of Tension. (aangirfan: The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio, terrorism in Europe)

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3. The Iran/contra affair.

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In Zionism – A Pernicious Virus and a World Problem, Les Visible writes: "When you look at who heads up a number of main departments at Homeland Security you find mostly Zionist Jews.

"When you look at who pushed the Iraqi war and who is pushing for an attack on Iran you come up with a preponderance of Zionist Jews.

"Five Israeli were found celebrating the assault of the WTC. How did they know?...

"How is it that the same Israeli security firm was in-charge of all the 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube and Madrid train station at the time of attack?" (Nexus between CIA and Mossad)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The longer version of the Andrew Marr interview with Griffin in HD on Youtube. Watch Griffin wriggle and lie throughout. It wasn't his dogs that were named Ann & Frank it was his pet pigs, Marr should have pulled him up on that, the BBC gave Griffin and easy run now he's part of the establishment. He gets a lot more publicity than UKIP.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Marr gave Gri££in an easy time, why didn't he mention about Cyclops's trip to Libya to meet and get funds from Mad Muslim dictator Gaddafi or the Mind Benders publication, amount a catalogue of other incidents? Marr could have mentioned about Gri££in's 'good' friend and Solidarity Union chief Patrick Harrington's abhorrent comments in support of the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, who was killed by Libyan terrorists in London? These journalist do have short memories!
Incidentally the traitor Gordon Brown met Gaddafi last week and had a photo taken with him, please see link below.

Anonymous said...

It wont be long before Griffo lets Blacks into the party. Griffo needs to stand down and lets have a new chairman/woman

Anonymous said...

Full Version (8 minutes) of BBC interview by Andrew Marr with Nick Griffin in High Definition.

Anonymous said...

Join the NF then.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Join the NF then.

14 July 2009 21:45

You mean like Griffin, did then change/hijack, the NF ?

I don't think the NF would like that much do you ?

NF supporter said...

I am an NF member and read this blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is run by dinosaurs left over from the 1970s. Centralised, no one really knows where the cash is going, do what we say or you are out. Men of destiny (self-styled).

It's an outdated model which was based on the notion of a disciplined force to take the streets when the great collapse came.

Some of us thought these people could change but they are stuck in the past with their current death grip on nationalism.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple way to show how nationslism is growing under Griffin.

Send him bathroom scales to Brussels and give his weight every day on the BNP web site.

You'll see the growth!

Anonymous said...

the lastist begging letter is trying to get member's to ungrade to gold member's £60 a year. what a check most member's i know are struggling with their enployment or are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Anon said

Andrew Marr gave Gri££in an easy time, why didn't he mention about Cyclops's trip to Libya to meet and get funds from Mad Muslim dictator Gaddafi or the Mind Benders publication, amount a catalogue of other incidents? Marr could have mentioned about Gri££in's 'good' friend and Solidarity Union chief Patrick Harrington's abhorrent comments in support of the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, who was killed by Libyan terrorists in London? These journalist do have short memories!
Incidentally the traitor Gordon Brown met Gaddafi last week and had a photo taken with him, please see link below.

Looks like Griffin and Harrington have a lot of commom with Gordon Brown and the Establishment who wanted a rapprocahment with Libya to combat Muslim extremism and the neo-con wars of aggression in the Middle East. maybe that is the reason why Griffin has been handled with kid gloves?

Harrington, Griffin's pet poodle lap-dog and Solidarity "leader" put into place by Griffin's minders, is equally as guilt in his abhorrent remarks and support for Col Gadaffi and his anti-British hatred and violence. shame on you Griffin and harrington for supprting foreign murderers... shame on you both. You are not , and never will be, nationalists or indeed patriots. You are enemies of the British people.

Anonymous said...

gold members? £60 p.a.

So we are all valued by how much we put into Dowson/Griffin's pockets.

Shouldn't be necessary if Griffin the Millionaire put HIS money where his mouth is for once.

Anonymous said...

Griffin will find that people do not feel their interests are being advanced by his tramping round buildings run by the EU fascists.

And especially when they realise how profitable it is for him.

Radicals need to look like they are in the trenches with the people and with their sleeves rolled up.

Gtiffin will not care himself now he's rolling in it but the image of a party with everyone suffering persecution together essential for the cohesion of the enterprise will evaporate.

It will also become very clear that the BNP is a one-man-band to avoid rivals. He can't leave anyone at home with any power in case of a palace revolution.

The penny will then drop that a one-man-band can't hope to get any power.

Anonymous said...

Somethings up in the West Midlands,5 organisers gone in 5 weeks, whats going on there then, Simon Darby does a runner then 5 others do the same, something to do with Jenny Noble and Michaela McKenzie perhaps,or something more sinister perhaps.........................

Anonymous said...

I've also heard rumours about the West Midlands' problems, it's all centred around our strong- hold of Stoke. There is a lot of sympathy for Michaela & Jenny, they were hard workers and dedicated BNP employees, this is typical of Griffin to mess things up when they are going well. He did the same thing in Burnley and the N.W Region around 2003, it will be interesting to see if he can keep his paranoid dictatorial control over the party while spending a lot of time in Brussels?

ex-AC member said...

Jennie and Michaela are two of the most able people in the BNP. They are alos charming and presentable. They have been tremendous assets to the Party but they were not crooked and refused to use a stolen UKIP membership list from the SE Region of UKIP to try and tout for donations. Being honest and having integrity is one way of getting the sack. Griffin surround himself with rogues and those who have enough on him; like 51Mon Darby, like the weasel Collett and the dodgy under-spy from South Africa - Kemp.

Anonymous said...

So what were these two ladies doing in the BNP?

Were they taken in and thought the critics were all 'Searchlight spies'?

Ex-AC said...

Yes probably. That is the way Griffin has been working for years. Throw enough mud about individuals he believes are "not loyal" and the rumour mill does the rest. Every one of those who have fallen foul of the one-eyed monster are "State assets, cranks, Reds, agent provacatuers, Searchlight spies, etc etc etc. Well of course they are - Griffin is the only true guardian of the flame of nationalism so he would have us all believe. There must be more genuine nationalists outside the BNP now than the Daily Mail readers who make up the new BNP membership. So what is to be done? That is the question.

Wakefield Loyal said...

To ex-AC, I agree with most of your points but the shambles December Rebels had the opportunity to capture a very widespread degree of anger and resentment about what Griffin had done not just then but in getting rid of very good people like Warren Bennett, John Brayshaw, Mike Newland all for reasons which only the Griffin spin/lie machine tell the average member (even the mugs, sorry I mean Gold members get the "official truth"!). They didnt and that moment went through their disorganised fingers and there maynot be an opportunity for another few years. If those who claim they have evidence of Griffin's criminality in Treasury and TC accounts can come forward to the authorities the one eyed fudge packer (alledgely) can be sent packing to a institution of Her Majesty's chosing where he can spend the next decade servicing the physical needs of some Jamacian crack dealing gang leader from South London who is banged up in the same wing.

Anonymous said...

What is to be done ex AC is for local BNP groups to leave and operate as independent nationalist groups. No you won't get MEPs like that but there are many advantages.

A home for those who have sussed the BNP and impossible to take over since fragmented. Since people have different views each group can be tailored to suit its supporters and focus on local issues. They can also avoid being done in if they look like becoming too popular and thus a threat to Griffin. They can also avoid the ever present threat of being exposed as BNP members which scares off talent.

What advantages do branches get by being members of the BNP? I can't see much. As far as I can gathet they don't even keep their own money.

A fragmented nationalism is the counter move on the chess board.

Nationalism in the way it's been run in Britain still derives from Mosley with the idea of centralisation of power.

Recent rescruits really don't understand that since he's never mentioned any more but the NF in the 70s where many of the BNP's current 'leadere' arose was pure Mosley. Marches, street fights, the coming collapse etc.

People are hidebound in the way they think about nationalist organisation and there is little self-awareness. They seem to want a 'big chief' somewhere no matter what the nature.

Anonymous said...

i went to my first bnp meeting in march. is john salvage blackcountry bnp. a complete arsehole or what? i have not been to a bnp meeting after that.

Anonymous said...

The BNP lacks the human resources to be a serious party.

That is largely because capable or idealistic people are seen as a threat.

Any organisation run like that will reach a point where it can't get much furher. Rule by expulsion is not a politically viable policy.

Anonymous said...

Somethings up in the West Midland, 5 organisers gone in 5 weeks, whats going on ..... or something more sinister perhaps .....

No shit Sherlock!!! Sinister??? Is it anything to do with with the 4 South West BNP organisers and shakers who were recently suspended without being told why?

I tell you Sherlock its a fucking bloodbath out there, with the great the honest and the good being slaughtered left right and centre by the bad the ugly and the crooked.

Talking of ugly, a dickie bird told me that Gri££in has sent his butler to clean up the blood and dispose of the fallen innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

I want an all white Britain....

That fucking one-eyed cunt has forgotten that almost 100% of the English want an all white Britain.

Next Gri££instein will be suggesting a black should take over from him.

A fat lot of good it did Gri£$instein sucking up to his brother kikes on Question Time. In the latest edition of the Jewish Chronicle dozens of yiddlies took the piss out of their blood relative Gri$£schtein. study the cunts left nose hole from slightly to his left, its a true jews hook and is the jewish nations trademark.

Milord I rest my case.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...