Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Didn't we British ban slavery in 1807 ?

Chinese slaves behind massive DVD piracy scam

A family who worked illegal Chinese immigrants "round-the-clock" as part of Britain's biggest piracy scam were sentenced today

A father and two sons who used dozens of Chinese slaves as part of Britain’s biggest DVD piracy operation, were jailed for up to six years each today.

The “sophisticated” gang, which made up to £7 million, hid behind a “veneer of respectability” by importing hi-tech equipment from the Far East.

Khalid Sheikh, 53, and sons Rafi, 26, and Sami, 28, used it to copy the latest box office hits like Ice Age 2, the Da Vinci Code and Iron Man to “the best industry standards possible”. The gang would then sell the new releases on street corners for as little as £3, sometimes well before the films were available in cinemas.

The court also heard how the family, who were all claiming benefits, also reproduced so many porn and bestiality films some sex film shops were driven out of business.

The work was done by a staff of largely illegal Chinese immigrants working in a string of cramped factories using semi-detached houses scattered across London. The operation had enough raw materials to copy hundreds of thousands of DVDs.

John Hardy, QC, prosecuting, told Southwark Crown Court that the Chinese immigrants “worked round-the-clock in conditions of virtual slavery”.

Today, Rafi and Sami Sheikh from North Chingford, Essex, were each jailed for six years. Their father, Khalid, who lived with them, was jailed for four years.

Police believe much of the gang’s vast profits have been smuggled out of the country. However, tens of thousands were spent by some of the conspirators on first class flights to luxury holiday destinations around the world, as well as visiting lap dancing clubs such as Spearmint Rhino.

The younger Sheikhs were convicted at an earlier trial of conspiracy to contravene copyright laws, contravene the trade mark legislation and acquire criminal property between March 2003 and June 2006 when they were arrested in co-ordinated police raids. Their father was found guilty of the copyright plot.


Anonymous said...

The Heretical 2 got similar sentences to these criminals. Where is the justice ?

Anonymous said...

it was the trade in slaves that was banned,not slavery.
ps just think how pissed you would be if you had just bought one and were told you would have to let it free.
slavery was supposebly banned in 1834 or 1836 not quite sure, but that did not include whites who are still slaves to this day.we are born free until we are registered by our parents,thats when we become the property of the state.check it out before you make an ignorant comment!

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow seems to be pumping out alot of pro Zionist spin on his blog is the BNP being moved in the same direction ? Then we can expect purges any time any soon.

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Anonymous said...

It is called people Trafficking now and a bullet between the yes for the Mr Bigs of this evil trade in the western world would soon put an end to it.


Anonymous said...

Where is the justice?

Sorry to shatter your dreams but there is no justice in England thanks to the jewdicary.

Anonymous said...

.... we are born free until we are registered by our parents, thats when we become the property of the state.

You're dead wrong,chum, because thats when you become the property and slaves of the jews

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