Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Many Thanks to New Labour

Calais migrants ambush Britons at knifepoint in terrifying 'highway robberies'

Migrant gangs in Calais are targeting British holidaymakers in terrifying 'highway robberies'.

Would-be illegal immigrants are forming human roadblocks to force motorists passing through the French port town to stop.

Travellers are then robbed at knifepoint by the migrants, who are desperate for funds to help them sneak into the UK

Last night police in Calais issued a warning to the nine million Britons a year who pass through Calais - the equivalent of 25,000 every day.

They urged motorists to keep their windows closed and doors locked until they are safely inside the ferry terminal.

Officers said they had received several reports from holidaymakers of having to 'run a gauntlet' of migrants between the town and the ferry port.

One British couple reported being forced to stop by bedraggled refugees on the port approach road last week.

A Calais police spokesman said: 'Frontier police received a report from a British couple who said the gang formed a human chain across the road to stop them.

'Around six of them then surrounded the car and waved a knife in the male driver's face and demanded cash. He threw his wallet out of the window and sped off. The refugees fled into the woods on foot.
"Promises: France's immigration minister Eric Besson has vowed to bulldoze Calais, where a London journalist was raped"
"The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, said the lure of the UK's 'enormous' state handouts to asylum-seekers was the reason why thousands of foreigners are using the French port as a staging point to get across the Channel.
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Anonymous said...

Time we gave these seekers a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

"Time we gave these seekers a taste of their own medicine"


Anonymous said...

When it shows these asylum seekers were are their women ?

Anonymous said...

When it shows these asylum seekers were are their women ?

21 July 2009 17:56

Everyone knows they are economic migrants. I want them all to be moved to smart areas in Britain. I want them to stab the labour politicians and members of UAF to death. Let them reap what they sow.

Anonymous said...


Lord Mandelson's empire: 35 Cabinet committee posts
The extent of the Business Secretary Lord Mandelson's influence over the Government became clear when it was disclosed that he is a member of 35 Cabinet committees. Lord Mandelson sits on the following Cabinet committees:

National Economic Council
Better Regulation
Democratic Renewal Council
Domestic Policy Council (which he deputy chairs)
Domestic Affairs
Borders and Migration
Communities and Equalities
Families, Children and Young People
Health and Wellbeing
Justice and Crime
Local Government and the Regions (which he chairs)
Public Engagement and the Delivery of Services
Life Chances
Talent and Enterprise
Economic Development
Environment and Energy
Housing, Planning and Regeneration
Olympic and Paralympic Games
Productivity, Skills and Employment
National Security, International Relations and Development
Overseas and Defence
Afghanistan and Pakistan
Protective Security and Resilience
Public Services and Public Expenditure
Public Sector Pay and Pensions
Pandemic Influenza Planning
Post Office Network (which he chairs)
Flood planning
PM's ad hoc Committee on International Climate Change
PM's ad hoc International Climate Change Negotiations

Anonymous said...

Mandelson sits on .....

You forgot to mention Gaylord also sits on bum jockey Dago Rinaldo's arse reaming & creaming tool.

Anonymous said...


Its those nice folks again!!!!

Anonymous said...


Jewish group sues Amazon over 'Nazi' books
The American Jewish Committee said on Friday it was suing the German branch of online retailer Amazon for selling books which it said questioned the Holocaust and "trivialised" the Nazis.

According to AJC research, around 50 works including "Der Auschwitz-Mythos – Legende oder Wirklichkeit ("The Auschwitz Myth – Legend or Reality") by Wilhelm Staglich were on sale on Amazon.de this month.

Some of these books, the AJC said, were classified by the German authorities as being unsuitable for under-18s.

Neo-Nazi crimes soar in Germany"It is unacceptable that books are for sale on Amazon.de that normally are only available under the counter in far-right extremist shops," the AJC said in a statement.

"We cannot let the spread of internet sales erode laws that ban Holocaust denial and incitement to hatred of minorities in Germany," it added.

A spokeswoman for Amazon Germany said that "of course" it did not sell any books that were banned or classified as unsuitable for under-18s.

She added that in the interests of freedom of speech, it was not keen on stopping selling certain titles.

"We think that the best response to questionable literature is not removing them but more discussion," a spokeswoman told AFP.

She added that the company had recently tightened up its rules regarding books that glorify or trivialise the Nazis and that certain books had been withdrawn from sale as a result.

Anonymous said...

A bull-bar made of 10" high I-beam girders with foreward facing serrated edges, fixed on the front of a 4x4 or an ordinary car driven at speed will cure any knife or gun wielding immigrant criminal.

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