Friday, July 10, 2009

Eight British troops killed TODAY in Afghanistan ...............

Breaking News 10:11pm UK, Friday July 10, 2009

The soldiers, from the 2nd Battalion The Rifles, were killed near Sangin, Helmand Province, this morning.

Next of kin have been informed.

A spokesman for Task Force Helmand said: "While there are no words to ease their loss, our heartfelt sympathies go to their families, friends and fellow soldiers at this very difficult time.
"Their deaths were not in vain," Lieutenant Colonel Nick Richardson added.

The news comes just hours after three others died in separate incidents in what has been one of the darkest days for British armed forces fighting in Afghanistan.

Fifteen soldiers have died in the last 10 days in southern Afghanistan, taking the number of British troops killed since the start of operations in October 2001 to 184.

This is more than the number who died in the bitter Iraq campaign, which lasted from March 2003 until the end of combat operations in April this year.

It comes on the same day that the bodies of another five British servicemen killed in Afghanistan over the past week were returned to the UK.

Eight of the most recent fatalities came during Operation Panchai Palang, or Panther's Claw, a major British assault against the Taliban in Helmand ahead of next month's Afghan elections.
Some 3,000 troops are involved in the operation, which began on June 19 and has seen fierce fighting and significant casualties on both sides.

The top US commander in the Middle East has warned of tough months ahead in the fight against the Taliban.

General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, described the battle in the south of the country as "the longest campaign".


Anonymous said...

Afghanistan is turning into another Ulster

Anonymous said...

Lay down your guns and mutiny on mass, stop dying for ZOG for God sake! We need our people to take up arms here in Britain against the agents of our racial destruction not a bunch of rag heads on the other side of the world!

Anonymous said...

More on those nice folks next door!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the Communists that run this country now want to stop White flight from inter-city schools by adopting a lottery system, so that our children have to be educated with rag heads and other Mud people, while are heroic troops are being killed because the New World Order out in Afghanistan, they are trying to destroy us all. The Marxist Jew Milliband must be laughing at us all?

Anonymous said...

"British troops giving their lives to secure Britain's future, says David Miliband"

"David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has insisted that troops fighting in Afghanistan are engaged in a battle for "the future of Britain" after eight troops were killed in 24 hours."

GriffinWatch said...

Pawns in the establishments sick sick game.

My heart goes out to their families at this time.

Anonymous said...

More Marxist indoctrination from the Jews, while our troops fight their wars in far of lands our children's minds are poisoned.

History: all secondary schools to have a Holocaust expert

300 schools to become Holocaust specialists

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan is going to be the graveyard of the British Army.

Anonymous said...


Final Conflict said...

This is another meaningless Zionist war.

When the Soviets went in we supported the Mujahadeen freedom fighters.

The news is that these are the same people fighting another group of invaders today.

We need to get off the American-Zionist coat-tails and put our own interests first!

Anonymous said...

Worth reading

Anonymous said...


richard chadfield said...

"Their deaths were not in vain," Lieutenant Colonel Nick Richardson added.
Another lie. Their deaths were in vain. If their presence and deaths in Afganistan served any constructive purpose perhaps this spokes creature could inform us all as to just what it was. If pushed on this I suspect that he would blabber on about bringing democracy and progress to Afganistan. (via bombs, bullets and depleted uraniam etc etc) There is ,of course, neither democracy or progress in Afganistan--quite the opposite. And in any case why should we be bothered about bringing 'democracy and progress' to Afganistan: a small harmless country on the other side of the world? I would like a little democracy and progress in my own country. I would like things like a representative democracy where MP's take instructions from their constituents and can be recalled and removed by their constituents, I would like things like full employment and financial security for everyone, I would like things like a first class totally 'free' health care service. I would like things like totally free education--no more tuition fees and student loans etc. I could go on but I suppose you all get the drift.
Soldiers really should stop just obaying orders. They should ask questions about the validity of their orders. They should remember that they can be judged upon what they do and that the statement 'I was obeying orders ' is no defense.
They should also be acutly aware that the politicians are ,from my viewpoint, criminals who will sacrifrice them without hesitation if their (the politicians) wellbeing requires this.
Soldiers should defend their people and the land of their people.
Soldiers such never allow themselves to be used as pawns in politicians games.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Well put Richard Chadfield.

The quickest way to get Broon and his arselickers, Millitwat et al, to pull our troops out of the American/Iraeli Afghan war is by giving those tretcherous commie MP bastards a loaded rifle, put them in uniform, send them to Afghanistan, and shove them in the front line during a fire fight .... the fucking wankers will be running up a white flag before the first bullet they hear whistling past them lands.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Daily Wail has its priorities right - 8 brave English soldiers are killed in one day, and the Daily Wail gives front page coverage for some shwartzer runner with flu.

Fucking nice. Real fucking nice - send the bastard who made that decision to the front line in a fire-fight in Helmund.


Just how are the army containing the menace of islam in this country,by fighting in afghanistan?As far as i can see,the English are still being robbed,raped and murdered,dispossessed and despised the same as always,no matter how much blood and cash we expend ,and the most important question as to wether the army stands with the English people,or against them is still unanswered,personally i take the oppressive silence to be a negative.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...