Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I won't put a cap on immigration

I won't put a cap on immigration vows the Home Secretary

Home Secretary Alan Johnson last night refused point blank to cap the number of immigrants coming to Britain.

And he said he does not 'lie awake at night' worrying about the population hitting 70million.

Official figures show at the current rate of increase the British population will hit the milestone within 20 years, with a further seven million immigrants placing a burden on public services

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has pledged that the Government will not allow the population to grow to that level. But last night he was apparently undermined by his boss.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Johnson said he would not bring in a cap because it would harm the economy, claiming the argument that immigration had made a contribution to the economy was 'irrefutable'.

'I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70million,' he told the cross-party group of MPs.

'I'm happy to live in a multi-cultural society. I'm happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but also where we can go and live and work in other countries.'

The Home Secretary did acknowledge the recession has made it more difficult for ministers to convince British workers who have lost their jobs that immigration is beneficial.

But his argument goes against evidence that the vast majority of jobs created in the private sector have gone to immigrants - meaning local workers have failed to feel the benefits.

In recent years, Labour has tried to head off the rise of the British National Party by giving the impression that it is talking tough on immigration.

The BNP won two seats in the European Parliament last month after it exploited fears in Labour's white working class heartlands, taking tens of thousands of votes from the governing party.

In 2007, Prime Minister Gordon Brown made his now infamous 'British Jobs for British Workers' speech at the Labour party conference. But the slogan has come back to haunt him - in particular during the dispute over the use of imported labour at the Total oil refinery in North Lincolnshire earlier this year.

A poll earlier this week found one in four Britons would like to see the population reduced by up to a third to ease overcrowding. Seven out of ten said the best way to curb population growth was to cut immigration.

The population stands at around 61million. If it hits 70million, with seven million immigrants making up most of the rise - it is the equivalent of adding the population of Sweden in just two decades, almost all of it in England.

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I wonder what Nick Griffin would say about this ?

Are they muslims ?

Let them in ?

Anonymous said...

" he wants a cap in his a**" as the less educated foriegners would say.

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Israeli Minister Changes Arab Names of Palestinian Cities

'Israeli minister of transportation and road safety Yisrael Katz has ordered a change in all Arab names of Palestinian towns and cities that appear on signs on the streets into Hebrew names. Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot on Monday quoted the minister as saying that Jerusalem from now on would be called Yerushalayim and not Jerusalem and in Arabic the word Al-Quds would be erased and instead the word Yerushalayim in Hebrew would be written.'

John Tyndalls ghost said...

Griffin would let them stay as he now wants to get rid of the voluntary repatriation BNP policy.

Nick Griffin got John Tyndall to change the compulsory repatriation to voluntary repatriation in
1998.John Tyndall was BNP leader until 1999.

Now Griffin wants to get rid of the voluntary repriation policy.

In a couple of years time, he will be pushing BNP policy for 'more Immigrants into the UK'.

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I'm waiting for Griffin's two minute speech to the European Parliament about the benefits of immigration.

Anonymous said...

BNP - Nick Griffin Uses Euro Parliament Maiden Speech to Expose Hypocrisy

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Whether of not David Cameron holds a referendum is irrelevant. In order to preserve democracy in the UK the only way is out of Europe and in a recent interview with the Mr Cameron has already made it clear that this is not his intention.
"If I thought that being a member of the EU was against the natioinal interest, I would argue for us to come out, but I don't."
Since 80% of our law (including all the PC nonsense) already emanates from the unelected EU Commission the Lisbon Treaty will effectively render our PM as a puppet of Brussels and our Parliament its rubber stamp. We have one last chance at the forthcoming election and that is the BNP.

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The former North West MEP, who was expelled from the Conservatives last year over his allowance claims, surprised colleagues when he turned up on Monday night to collect the award.
Mr Dover also picked up a framed certificate "playing tribute to the representatives of the Union's citizens".
MEP calls for disgraced colleague to be treated same way as fraudsters
Disgraced MEP could keep £500,000 in 'unjustified' expenses
The European Parliament expresses its gratitude to the members who, throughout their term of office, have placed their talents and their commitment at the service citizens and the European project,"
Following a parliamentary investigation and his expulsion from the Tories last November, Mr Dover stood down before European elections last month, after 10 years as an MEP.
He remains entitled to full pension, worth over £35,000 a year and continue to collect his full salary for another six months as a retiring MEP.

Tom Wise, a former UKIP MEP, who has been charged with fraud over claims of secretarial allowances worth £36,000, also turned up to collect his medal.

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Murdoch: Europe has been poisoned by antisemitism
Rupert Murdoch has warned that Israel’s legitimacy and security are under attack from opponents of “freedom, tolerance and democracy” around the world.

Speaking after receiving the National Human Relations Award from the American Jewish Committee last week, the News Corporation chairman said that European public debate had been “poisoned by an antisemitism we thought had been dispatched to history’s dustbin”.


Anonymous said...

UKIP leader attacks ‘trendy’ Israel-hate in EU Parliament
There is a “strong bias” against Israel within the European Union and an emergence of “almost a trendy new form of antisemitism” in politics, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party believes.

Nigel Farage, head of the party’s delegation of nine Euro-MPs, hit out in an interview with the JC at hostility towards the Jewish state.

“There is within the European institutions a very strong anti-Israel bias,” he said. “I would almost say — and I am bit nervous of saying this — there’s almost a new trendy form of antisemitism creeping in

By I.Littler

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World not safe? German public prosecutor investigating garden gnomes that give Hitler Salute in Germany Dwarfs this is a serious violation of criminal code para. 86a StGB


Occupied Britain said...

Surely, all ethnics in this country are 'illegals' as the people have never voted for a multi-racial society?

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Dont know how to get an e mail to you but here is last nights rochdale report.

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No state for refugees Israel, which berates other nations for historically failing to help Jewish refugees, is cracking down on asylum seekers

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The Silence of the Wolves

The late, great Russian writer, dissident and recipient of the Nobel prize for literature, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, in a speech to a New York City audience of AFL-CIO members back in July of 1975 had some pertinent remarks to make concerning the nature of Communism also known under its various guises as Marxism or Bolshevism or Stalinism or as it currently exists in today’s political vernacular – Zionism.

What he said was that Communism (Zionism) always disguises itself when it is in the process of infiltrating other nations for the purpose of destroying their fundamental social and democratic principles. Disguise, or as the Zionist motto of the state of Israel proclaims unabashedly, “DECEPTION” is the touchstone of the eventual fulfillment of these efforts at undermining free and democratic societies. In other words it must and inevitably does always appear as a wolf in sheep’s clothing as the proverbial expression goes.

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In the above video, one of Jobbiks three MEPs makes an appeal to the EU to condemn the violence being carried out against their members and supporters by their government of the day.

In the following video, you can see that the violence carried out against the BNP is not unique to our sad land. In fact fellow nationalists abroad, have it much worse, as seen in the video below.

The New World Order is determined to destroy all nations that wish to retain their own culture and way of life. Nationalists of Europe must unite against those who would enslave us.

Anonymous said...

Estimates of population, based on food consumption, show the current population of the UK to be above 80,000,000.

Government estimates of population are deliberately distorted to facilitate the continuation of the Multi-cultural agenda.

Anonymous said...

A must watch!!!

Anonymous said...

More rubbish!!!

Anonymous said...

Faking History - How it's done . . . A Spanish Civil War photo by Robert Capa showing Red soldier at moment he was fatally shot in the back was in fact staged, says Spanish newspaper | more | -- a very famous fake just like the "raising of the flag" on Iwo Jima I can think of a few more fakes.

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Muslim Care Home Owner Took Pork off the Menu

The Muslim owner of a care home removed bacon sandwiches and sausages from its menu, infuriating its 40 residents - none of whom share his beliefs.

Dr Zulfikar Ali Khan stopped deliveries from a family butcher who had supplied the home for years in favour of ordering only halal meat from another firm.

The 40 pensioners at the Queen's Care Centre, in the mining village of Maltby, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, found themselves without traditional favourites including bacon butties, bangers and mash, ham sandwiches and sausage rolls.

None of them are Muslim and concerns were taken up by their families and members of the home's 37-strong staff.

A relative of one resident said: "This is a disgrace. The old people who are in the home and in their final years and deserve better.

"They are paying customers who are making profits for this man. The least he can do is give them their favourite food."

One member of staff, who asked not to be named, said even lard was stopped and claimed no one had been consulted before the change.

The employee added: "Bacon sandwiches are a favourite here. It's quite wrong that someone should impose their religious and cultural beliefs on others like this."

Residents at the Queens Car Centre pay up to £343 a week for a single room and the home is rated as a two star "good" care home by the Care Quality Commission.

Anonymous said...

HOW come Simon Darby his the New Treasurer for the BNP and Deputy chairwoman and paid GLA assistant to Barnbrook and Press officer. He lives 5 minutes from Griffin. All Begging money goes to Griffins Personal PO Box. Are the bnp members thick for putting up with this shocking state of affairs??

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Say that again!!!

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The Colnbrook Centre is said to be on the brink of chaos as unruly inmates unleash violence on staff 19th July 2009 By Rick LyonsHARDENED foreign crooks have created a reign of terror at Britain’s toughest detention centre.
Rapists, murderers and paedophiles are attacking staff at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre at will, it has been

But rules at the centre, which holds offenders before they are kicked out of the country, mean staff have no handcuffs, batons or body armour.

Terrified officers are now calling for urgent action before one of them is killed.

One unnamed officer said: “It’s on the brink of being completely out of control.

“Somebody somewhere has got to do something before someone gets killed.

"Every day you know you are going to be physically threatened.

“You know before you start your shift that there’s a 70% chance of being assaulted.

“You have heard the saying the lunatics have taken over the asylum, it’s never been more true.”

Earlier this month a female staff member ended up in hospital after being smashed over the head with a fax machine.

Days before another female member of staff, aged 22, was head-butted.

And a male officer was bitten by a criminal on the rampage.

Those responsible are the most hardened overseas criminals who have served time in British jails.

They are sent to Colnbrook, near Heathrow Airport, after completing their sentences and before they are deported.

But despite the violence, Home Office policy means it is governed with a soft regime.

Staff have to call the criminals, who associate freely, “residents” and refer to their cells as “rooms”.

Detainees, many battling deportation, have Sky TV in every room, internet access and games consoles.

Dog searches are banned because they offend Muslim detainees and the centre is rife with drugs.

There are at least eight assaults a month on officers.

But the only punishment is an hour’s segregation.

Ex-prisoners and dissidents share in €333m EU peace cash bonanza 1 Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its...