Monday, November 28, 2016


Isn’t it time you joined the winning team?

BNP National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, told Sky News.

He added that people were increasingly leaving their full estates to the BNP, and said the party was "putting a lot of resources into it and helping people to do something really worthwhile".Mr Jefferson said Brexit had fuelled a surge in membership and that the party was now a "resurgent force".

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NWN: This is the latest missive/e-mail, from the remains of the BNP after Griffin destroyed that party. This is absolute nonsense contained within this e-mail. 

Why would anyone give their lifes savings to this tiny band of spongers ? 

This scam is very similar to these religious groups who promise eternal life, if you 'cough- up' your hard earned lifes wealth.

Crooks the lot of them, who learned their scams from the master scammer , Nick Griffin. 

Roll up roll up ! Leave your full estate to the BNP. 
They will "help people to do something worthwhile" ! 

Yeh right .

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