Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why would anyone want to interview Nick Griffin and put that video on the web?

Seems some videos have been put up on the web of Griffin talking about eating curry, and how he made a great success of his 'Question Time' debacle. To "get himself beaten up" he says.

Griffin was also lying about ridding the NF of "homosexuals" in the early 1980's.    There were a few left after they 'booted out' Martin Webster without paying him what they owed him.Griffin himself was not averse to some 'male action' either apparently.

Some people will never learn. Griffin is a wrecker. He will also make a 'bee line' for the money even though he has been bankrupted TWICE.

All people need do is use the search function on this site to read about the Gri££in record, and there is much much more on this crook out there on the web.


Anonymous said...

Purim in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

(For entertainment purposes only?!)

Jack Sen - Russian agent, fluent Russian speaker, Russian wife...