Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prime Minister’s award for Mohammed Sheraz

Mohammed Sheraz has received a special award from the Prime Minister for the community work he did during the Boxing Day floods.

Mr Sheraz, a charity worker in Rochdale, joined forces with the charity Al-Khair Foundation to lead a team of a hundred volunteers to make sure the vulnerable were unharmed.

A youth centre was set up where they worked to give residents access to gas, electricity, food and blankets.

Not wanting to take all the credit for the award, Mr Sheraz said: “It's an award for the whole town and all the individuals and volunteers and organisations that helped during the floods, you know who you all are.

“I met and spoke to PM David Cameron and was honoured to receive the award at Downing Street.

“I am a proud Rochdalian and this award is for all of us, we are proud of our town and communities and will only get stronger as we move forward. I would personally like to thank Imran Talib Hussain from Alkhair for his outstanding help during the floods and clean-up operation we mounted from Gower Street.”

He added: “I am not worthy of this praise as it's a collective recognition of the town coming together in our darkest hour to rally around and help, Fellow citizens and volunteers up and down the country who gave up their time and energy to help.

“I would like to inspire young people and other communities to challenge the hate and ignorance which we see in the world. Let's celebrate our shared cultures and live peacefully side by side.”

NWN:  A special award for the community work ? There was only ONE community they helped when the floods hit Rochdale. 
Can you guess which one ?


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