Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trouble in UKIP ?

Of course, Nigel Farage could ask his mate photographed here with him , Tony 'bomber' Lecomber to help him with the current UKIP infighting.. Lecomber is an expert in fomenting destruction of a political party. As is Farage, if this picture is anything to go from. The third person is Dr.Mark Deavin.Even though Deavin was involved in the hijacking of the BNP for crook Nick Griffin. He was able to still work in 'academia' , and publish books about arch traitor Harold Macmillan  apparently.

All the above were involved in the destruction of John Tyndalls genuine nationalist BNP..
 Dr Sked pointed to one notorious meeting Mr Farage had with far right activists as reason why he wanted to leave the party he founded. Mark Deavin, a former PhD student of Dr Sked’s and BNP activist, managed to infiltrate Ukip in the late 1990s and was photographed after a lunch meeting with Mr Farage alongside the twice-jailed BNP activist Tony ‘the bomber’ Lecomber. Dr Sked admitted bringing Deavin into Ukip but said he had “no idea” he was research director of the BNP. 


 "...............But here's an even stranger coincidence. Shortly before the 1997 general election, Mark Deavin spoke freely of his plans to undercover researchers from Searchlight magazine and The Cook Report, who had posed as emissaries from Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National. One necessary step, he said, was to get rid of the BNP leader John Tyndall ("who is actually an obstacle") and replace him with Deavin's chum Nick Griffin. This would leave one other obstacle. "If Blair becomes prime minister," Deavin predicted, "the BNP will be the official opposition in the inner cities, in working-class areas. The UKIP will be the opposition in the shires, the county areas, the middle-class opposition. That party is a serious opposition to us in middle England, but, if we had the resources, we could tear it to pieces." .........................,,202962,00.html

We all know that Farage is ill . Is this the 'States' way of destroying a vehicle that they helped to build, which has now got too influential ? Surely 'the state' wants us all to vote for either the Conservatives or the Labour Party as our Dads did and their Dads before them ? All dumbed down so we haven't a clue ? All voting for the Zionists Rothschild family enterprise so that all the top one's can toddle off to the Annual BILDERBERG get their orders.

UKIP  got almost 4 million votes. That is a serious threat to 'them'.

Come on baldy bomber Lecomber. We know you visit here. Explain you traitor !


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Spy Base GCHQ Takes Stand Against Homophobia. (AWWW HOW SWEET!)

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In 1095 the first of five Crusades were initiated against the Muslim world, by the Pope, to wipe out the Muslim world for Christendom.

The first five fake Crusades all failed.

This time the Khazarian Supremacy together with their lackeys have now declared their privatized version of a Sixth Crusade against the planet:

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This is really the mentality of Her Majesty's Government. Now it is not enough to obey. You must LOVE BIG BROTHER.

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UK's New Counter Terrorism Act - 'One Step Closer to a Police State'

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Mandy lobbied Blair to give Janner a peerage AFTER sex abuse claims: Grandee said to have asked then-Labour leader about ennobling him ahead of 1997 election

Peter Mandelson lobbied Tony Blair for Lord Janner to receive a peerage
Janner was made a peer six years after being accused of child sex abuse
86-year-old escaped historic child sex abuse charges last month because he has dementia

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UK Government quietly rewrites law so that GCHQ and other British spy agencies can avoid prosecution for hacking computers
Government has changed the law via an amendment to Serious Crime Bill

The change offers more protection to spy agencies who hack computers
Privacy International is challenging the legality of GCHQ's spying actions
The charity has called Government's 'underhand' behaviour 'disgraceful'

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How Britain's 1million migrant voters could decide EU referendum: Eurosceptic MPs want them banned from poll

Ministers urged to allow only British citizens to take part in the referendum
EU citizens living here are allowed to vote in local and European elections
Government says it will decide on who can vote when it publishes its EU Referendum Bill

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We all know that Farage is ill Cryptic. You referring to that mysterious plane/copter crash and an anon call to The Sun?

Your linked
When the photo was sent anonymously to the UKIP a few months ago, Farage expressed bafflement. While admitting that "I briefly met Mr Deavin at his request on June 17 1997, and had lunch with him in a restaurant," he insisted that "I have no recollection of ever meeting or speaking to Mr Lecomber in my life... I can only surmise that Mr Lecomber was planted outside the restaurant or that the photograph has been doctored."
"Sked is a member of the British-American Project, which exists to promote Britain’s political ties to the United States."

Hmm, sounds a tad like The Pilgrims, wot?? [Sir Harry Brittain: 'Pilgrims and Pioneers', 1946] Another 'Templar' Scot?

Given who controls the USA, is Sked's preferred political system any better than the EU.SSR?

PDF links please if any to "Deavin's"

'The Mindbenders';

'The Grand Plan: The Origins of Non-White Immigration'

Whatever else, agreed: they do want to maintain the semblance of choice in the media-led L-R paradigm.

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We all know that Farage is ill Cryptic. You referring to that mysterious plane/copter crash and an anon call to The Sun?

No. It has been in the media that Farage has been ill and the election campaign was taking it out of him. Another reason why his colleagues told him to take a holiday. Farage himself said he had had hospital appointments and that politics was spoiling any real family life.

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Thanks for that.
More here in comments:

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Canada's plan to make boycotting Israel a 'hate crime' is stupid and counterproductive

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Hilary Swank & Tom Wilkinson To Topline Holocaust Drama ‘Denial’ – Film Briefs .Hahahaha!

Hilary Swank and Tom Wilkinson are attached to star in Denial, the David Hare-adapted drama based on Deborah E. Lipstadt’s book History On Trial: My Day In Court With A Holocaust Denier. The book recounts Lipstadt’s legal battle for historical truth against David Irving, who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier.

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Was Ed Miliband’s father a KGB stooge?

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“I’m afraid at this point that it [UKIP] has been taken over.”
Jack Sen (former member of UKIP).
Time - 9:30

Youtube - Jack Sen at the London Forum

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...