Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ralph Hebden – Friend and Comrade – R.I.P.

Ralph Hebden – brave patriot, nationalist activist, Heritage and Destiny contributor and Royal Marine Commando – has died near his base in Arbroath at the tragically young age of 32.
Ralph Hebden (second from right) presented with his prize at the John Tyndall Memorial, October 2012, in Preston
Last seen alive early on the morning of 11th March, Ralph had been heading out for his regular morning run near the Arbroath cliffs.  His body was recovered from the sea three weeks later, a few miles further up the coast at Carlingheugh Bay.
Extensive land, air and sea searches had taken place in recent weeks, and several nationalist activists in Scotland had been interrogated by police, who seemed to be under the impression that Ralph’s disappearance had something to do with his politics.
Royal Marine Commando Ralph Hebden
Ralph married fellow Liverpudlian Sarah last year, and was looking forward to becoming a father for the first time.  His daughter was born four days after his disappearance.
Serving with the elite 45 Commando, based at RM Condor near Arbroath, Ralph completed several tours of duty in Afghanistan and was drafted in to assist with anti-terrorist security operations for the London Olympics last year.
Ralph’s unit were long-term specialists in Arctic and mountain warfare, but found themselves deployed in very different mountain operations against the Taleban, as well as peacekeeping in Helmand province.
Ralph was accustomed to dangerous winter conditions, but died in exceptionally bitter weather on the Scottish coast.
As a lifelong nationalist activist, Ralph was very well aware of the political abuse of our armed forces in operations that have nothing to do with protecting Britain.  Nevertheless he did his duty and had an outstanding military record.
The same spirit of loyalty was evident in Ralph’s relations with fellow nationalist comrades, and he remained immune from the factional backbiting that characterises so much of our movement.  Even when he was targeted for abuse by a former Nick Griffin bodyguard, Ralph refused to respond in kind.
I have known Ralph since the late 1990s, when he attended BNP meetings across Lancashire, including one event in Todmorden that was attacked by “anti-fascists”.  Ralph became a regular at the monthly meetings I addressed in central Manchester until 2002, and in 1999 he accompanied Nick Griffin and myself as personal security inside the European election count at St George’s Hall, Liverpool.
Ralph leafletting for the BNP in Liverpool
After I split from Griffin in 2002, Ralph became an important contact for Heritage and Destiny inside the North West BNP, building bridges between various factions and regularly attending H&D events, including all three John Tyndall Memorial events in Preston, Lancashire.
Frequently travelling through Preston on his way between the Arbroath base and his family home in Liverpool, Ralph would stop off for a drink with the H&D team, and last year he and his future wife Sarah were our hosts in Liverpool – even though my team Oldham were playing against their team Liverpool at Anfield!
Following the death last year of his comrade and mentor John Fearns, ex-organiser of Liverpool BNP, Ralph was the author of an obituary published in H&D.
When Ralph told me last October that he was about to become a father as well as a stepfather, I could see how happy he was to be starting a family.  Heritage and Destiny sends deepest sympathy to Sarah, her new born daughter, and all of Ralph’s family, friends and comrades at this tragic time.
An appeal broadcast at Everton FC’s Goodison Park during the police search for Ralph

NWN:   I met Ralph on several occasions. Such a quiet and unassuming lad. What a tragedy and a waste of a young life. 

RIP Ralph !


GWR said...


Ralph was part of the 'security' at the John Tyndall commemorative meeting last year, where they had the additional threats this year from the National Front.

The NFs deputy chairman Kevin Bryan issued threats, posted on the appalling VNN blog.

When his threats were seen to have 'backfired', Bryan pulled the posts from VNN.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wishing to donate to Ralphs Wife and new born baby they can do so on this paypal account

GWR said...

It seems some 'nationalist' doesn't like the comment that Ralph was put on extra alert at the last John Tyndall meeting due to the National Fronts Kevin Bryans issuing of threats.

So, in other words, they actually support the threats against the John Tyndall meeting by the National Fronts Deputy Chairman.

But 'they' don't like the fact that we have mentioned those threats ! And what the meetings organisers had to do to prevent violence.

We could create a list of the 'cock- ups', of the highest order that Kevin Bryan has committed.

Theiving off historian David Irving for one.

Not to worry, he will continue to and only 'bang on' about the muslims.

A real vote winner ! FFS.

GWR said...

For those who are intellectually challenged. We are praising Ralph as a very good nationalist and patriot.

What we are doing is showing up the so called leaders/thugs of nationalism like Kevin Bryan who are not fit to lick Ralphs boots.

Ralph did his duty.

Bryan is screwing it up, and those that support him are a disgrace too.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...