Wednesday, April 17, 2013

gauge-lowIt appears ironic, and not a little inevitable, that it fell to the British Democrats’ Andrew Brons MEP to defend the BNP on BBC’s Newsnight programme last week  following the inability of the BNP to find anyone from within its own dwindling ranks to speak for it. That, combined with the “explanation” provided by the BNP in a statement, that it was now ”policy” to field fewer candidates in elections (which had all the credibility of a failed election candidate claiming he had “won – as it was never his intention to come first”), illustrates the extent to which the BNP has degenerated under its current “leadership”.

For those of us who have a long history of association, if not actual membership, of the BNP, the close of nominations for the County Council Elections has left us experiencing a mixture of emotions, not least of which is sadness; that is distress over the current dire state of what was once a great party – a party that promised so much in terms of national salvation.
Our analysis reveals that the BNP, despite pulling out all the stops to stand as many candidates as possible, has only managed to field 96 across the entire country. That’s a mere 96 vacancies being contested at County Council level when in excess of 2,500 are available. The BNP had 459 candidates standing in the same round of elections just four years ago, in 2009 – making a direct comparison possible.

What is equally a matter of concern is the alleged lowering of standards in respect of candidate “selection”; meaning that it is entirely likely that the media will be taking more than a passing interest, for all the wrong reasons, in some nominees.

As fellow nationalists we should applaud the courage and integrity of those prepared to “put their heads above the parapet” whilst being mindful of the old saying “lions led by donkeys” – although, perhaps, in view of that party’s insatiable hunger for legacies, “lions led by vultures” would be more appropriate. As an aside, if the rumours are to be believed, the BNP’s evolving “legacy business” or, to be more accuarate, the backgrounds of those said to be involved, could shortly be the subject matter of a commissioned investigation by a TV program maker.

So, without further ado, here are the facts, on a regional basis – facts that the BNP “Leadership” would rather you and, more importantly, its dwindling membership, didn’t know.

North-East (2): The County Council elections were actually held in 2008 with successful candidates taking their seats in 2009. The BNP stood 31 candidates throughout the region. This year it can only manage 2 – both being in County Durham.

North-West (15): In 2009 the BNP had 41 candidates standing in Cumbria alone – this year it can only field 9. Meanwhile in Lancashire, despite promising a full slate in the former stronghold of Burnley, it could only manage 4. With 9 candidates in Cumbria and just 6 in Lancashire the total for the entire strategically important NW England region is 15.

Yorkshire & Humber (0): There are no BNP candidates in this vitally important region – yes you have read that correctly.

Eastern England: (13): The BNP stood a full slate of 71 candidates in Essex in 2009 – this year it can only muster 11. There are 2 candidates in Hertfordshire but not a single one between Cambridgeshire, Norfolk or Suffolk. With only 13 candidates standing throughout the region it is a huge drop from the 116 of 2009.

East Midlands (26): Some 80 candidates stood in the region in 2009, This year only 26 in what was a very good region for the party. The line up is: Northamptonshire 10, Leicestershire 6, Lincolnshire 4, Derbyshire 4 and Nottinghamshire 2. As a matter of record, only a few years ago, the BNP had elected councillors in every East Midlands county with the sole exception of Northamptonshire – now it doesn’t have a single one.

South West (1): In 2009 the BNP stood nearly 30 candidates in the region – this year it could only find 1. In actual fact 3 were nominated, but one nomination was disqualified whilst a second candidate subsequently withdrew his nomination.

West Midlands (30): In 2009 the BNP fielded around 90 candidates in the West Midlands.  This year it has, after considerable effort, struggled to find just 30. These being: Worcestershire 15, Warwickshire 8, Shropshire 5 and Staffordshire 2.

South East (9): In 2009 the BNP fielded dozens of candidates across this geographically vast region – this year only 9. These being Kent 5, Hampshire 2 and 1 apiece in Surrey and West Sussex – not a single candidate in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex or on the Isle of Wight.

A disappointing, if not acutely embarrassing, display of “strength” – particularly so considering that the BNP website still maintains the fiction that it is Britain’s “4th” and ”fastest growing” political party! No, we kid you not!

Unfortunately few, if any, of the depressing facts presented here will either appear on the BNP’s highly censored website or in its news/donation/legacy solicitation communications targeted at its ever dwindling membership base. A disproportionate number of whom, being elderly and non Internet users, are unaware of just what the BNP has become or for what purpose it now exists. A fortuitous combination, according to some, which facilitates the exploitative manipulation of the gullible – if not vulnerable, to
the financial advantage of the party.

Irrespective of what many consider to be the despicable tactics now being employed by the still heavily debt laden party, the fact remains that after thirty years campaigning and the expenditure (squandering?) of literally £ millions of members and supporters money, Friday the 3rd May is likely to see the BNP without a single elected member on any local authority throughout the length and breadth of Britain; a testament to the utter failure of the BNP’s self-perpetuating “Leadership”.
If the BNP were a private company (as some believe it is) accountable to its shareholders, then those responsible for its lamentable performance would be honour bound to step down. The fact that the BNP is a registered political party in no way inhibits its failed “leadership team” from doing the decent thing and resigning. Under the circumstances that is the very least that those responsible for its continuing decline, as demonstrated in these elections, should do.


Henry said...

Nick and ol' Edgar have done rabbi Schiller proud, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Its definite that Griffin has been working for the State.

If we had had Gerry Gable himself in there he couldn't have done a better job of trashing the movement.

Anonymous said...

The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett talks in an interview with Jörn about
the British Monarchy and the History of the British Monarchy,
which shows that the current monarchy has no right to be on the Throne . . .

Henry said...

When Griffin appeared on Question Time he trashed David Duke, saying in effect, that he (Griffin) was leading young people away from the evil ideas of men like Duke.

This, I believe, was the real Griffin speaking.

No one, no matter how well trained and determined, can withstand the years of vitriol that Griffin has endured while pretending to be a Nationalist, and not crack at some point in time.

His sudden outburst against Duke was a reflexive response to that pressure and was Griffin's desperate way of saying ''look, I'm one of you, not one of them. I'm doing this for you. Now cut me some slack and give me the respect I deserve''

When his time comes they'll lay Griffin next to Prince Philip's mother in The Garden of Righteous Gentiles Among the Nations.

For them, this bag of Shite is one of the Greats.

Anonymous said...

When the history books are written it will eventually come out , probably after Nick Griffin is dead, and someone will blow the gaffe.

Then as long as there are white people, Griffins name will be shit.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...