Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 Andrew Brons MEP view on the death of Margaret Thatcher - a view we agree with !

It would not be quite true that I have nothing positive to say about Mrs. (later Baroness) Thatcher’s political record. I have two remarks about her that might be considered, at least, to be some mitigation.

She was followed by those who were even greater scoundrels: Major; Blair; Brown; and Cameron.

Secondly, there are reasons to think that her ‘Iron Lady’ image was, at the very least, misleading. She certainly acted aggressively towards those in her Cabinet, who, she had been persuaded, were her political enemies. However, the word ‘persuaded’ should not be forgotten. For all her apparent aggression, she was supremely capable of being manipulated. Those who knew how to manage her, controlled her. For all her academic prowess in the natural sciences, she was a babe in arms when it came to Realpolitik.

She had her favourites, who knew where they and their policies were leading: Sir Keith Joseph, who saw himself as the populariser of Milton Friedman’s ideas. Sir Keith had other (non-economic) ideas that were much sounder but that is another article for another day. She adopted ‘austerity policies’ before they were called ‘austerity policies’ and delighted in the prospect of workers being forced to lower the wages for which they were prepared (or forced) to work. Unemployment was a Grantham, non-conformist lesson in humility.

Her election victory in 1979 was largely fuelled by the strikes of the ‘Winter of Discontent’. There were pernicious Communists in the trade union movement, like Red Robbo who helped to destroy our car industry. However, the strikes of 1978/79 however disruptive and counter-productive, were against the ‘Social Contract’ agenda of wage restraint.

Her destruction of Britain’s manufacturing industry, and later our coal mining industry, were, by some quirk of reasoning, seen as positive. The National Union of Mineworkers was certainly led by the appalling Marxist, Scargill, but the other Non-Marxist leadership candidates were just as defensive of miners’ jobs – as they should have been. Coal is a lost British resource for the loss of which Thatcher is personally responsible. She was persuaded by shadowy political gangsters to refuse negotiation and to follow the failure of the strike with the destruction of the industry.

“But at least she was patriotic,” I hear you say.

She affected to be a Euro-Sceptic but one of her first acts as Conservative Leader was to campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the 1975 referendum. In 1986, she embraced the Single European Act with its erosion of our sovereignty. In the late 1980s, she was apparently ‘unaware’ that her Chancellor, Lawson, was manipulating the value of the £ to shadow the Deutschmark. In 1990, in a last desperate attempt to remain Conservative leader and Prime Minister, she allowed her Chancellor, John Major, to join the Exchange Rate Mechanism – the fore-runner of the Euro. She rated the retention of her job as more important than her Nation’s sovereignty.

“Well,” I hear you say, “at least she was an inspirational war leader, during the Falklands War”. That cannot be denied; it helped her to win the 1983 (and perhaps 1987) General Election. However, she had been conniving for two years with her Foreign Office ministers to hand the Falklands to Argentina on a plate. It was those negotiations that emboldened the Argentines to invade. Her negotiations led to the invasion; the invasion led to the Falklands War, which led to the deaths of 253 British servicemen. Their blood is on their hands.

“On the most important issue of immigration, Mrs Thatcher must, at least be seen as sound,” I hear you suggest. She undoubtedly said a lot to create that impression. In 1978, she explained how she understood the fear of British people at being ‘swamped’ by immigrants of a different ‘culture’ (by which she meant ‘race’). In reality, no fewer unassimilable immigrants landed on our shores and at our airports after she was elected as did before she was elected. On immigration, as on everything else, she was a practised fraudster.

I must revise my earlier ‘commendation’ of her. I implied that her successors were worse than she was. They at least were (and are) openly Anti-British. Thatcher pretended to be a patriot. She was an unmitigated scoundrel. 

Andrew Brons MEP


Thatcher was an unmitigated disaster for Britain. And the sheer hypocrisy now of the Tories, who it has to be remembered, threw her out of office ! No one went near her for years, they ignored her as her usefullness was spent.

There will be much wailing in the City of London and other centres of high finance. Israel will also be very sad. For she was their servant.

She was also a Bilderberger, so enough said there really. 

When the truth finally comes out, and it will, how many will deny their current 'Maggie superhero' stance ?

Her links with paedophiles like Jimmy Saville are starting to cast a coming storm over the Thatcher legacy.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Brons.

Anonymous said...

France's top rabbi Gilles Bernheim quits in plagiarism row

Henry said...

Thatcher was raised up by the Jews and financial parasites in her constituency now called Finchley/Golders Green. An area which has more synagogues than anywhere else in Britain.

Her economic guru, 'mad monk' Sir Keith Joseph, was guided by the Mont Pelerin Society, which was formed by the Bilderberg controlling Rockefellers, and was led by Ludwig Von Mises, his pupil, F. A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, George Stigler, Frank Knight, et al.

Their warped ideas brought about the 'big bang' in credit expansion and financial deregulation that we're being slaughtered for, today.

Thatcher's closest advisor was a violent Jew whose parents came from Russia. He was a committed member of the communist party and fought against Spanish Nationalism alongside thousands of other Jewish Marxists during the 1930's.

His name was Alfred Sherman and he was one of those who undertook what Rudi Dutschke described as ''the long march through the institutions.''

The fact that Sherman's name was kept from the general public and escaped the wrath of the critical media demonstrates his value to the Left in Britain.

Sherman drafted many of Thatcher's speeches and along with fellow Jew, Joseph, was the direct source of her libertarian ideas including the notion that there was no such thing as ''society.'

Many of the Tory quotes that the media used to leverage public opinion against 'racism' - howlers such as being 'swamped' by immigrants - were first coined and then placed in the media by Sherman, himself. In the 1990's he became advisor to Bosnian President Radovan Karadzic, and we all know what happened to him.

From his obituary in The Guardian:

''For a brief period in the 1970s, Alfred Sherman, who has died aged 86, wielded considerable influence over Conservative ministers, in government and in opposition. Between 1974 and 1979 he supplied much of the drive for Sir Keith Joseph to turn back the tide of postwar collectivism. As leader of the opposition during those years, and for the first three years of her premiership, Margaret Thatcher leaned on Sherman for strategic advice and suggestions for speeches.

Born into an east London Jewish family of immigrants from Russia, Sherman grew up in great poverty, and suffered from rickets. He became a grammar school boy, getting a place at Hackney Downs county secondary school, then studied science at Chelsea Polytechnic.

He joined the Communist party as a teenager and in 1937, aged 17, volunteered to fight on the Republican side in the Spanish civil war....''

From his obituary in The Telegraph:

''Of the woman he once claimed he would die for, Sherman later said: "Lady Thatcher is great theatre as long as someone else is writing her lines; she hasn't got a clue." Nonetheless, when, last year, he published a book of memoirs, Paradoxes of Power: Reflections on the Thatcher Interlude, Lady Thatcher attended the launch party.''

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Zionist lunacy taking world to hell in handbasket.

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Israel Channel 2 program on Anti-Semitism (must watch)

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Good to see you back here HENRY !

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