Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is Iain Duncan Smith MP lying about his Army record ?

Forces and ex-forces call these people 'Walts'  or 'Walter Mittys ' for lying about a Forces record.

Iain Duncan Smith expects many ex-forces to have to live off £54 per week.

Here we'd like to question 'Bloating Walt' and Tory MP, Iain Duncan Smith's BBC Biography saying he was a captain;

It's similarly reported across a whole range of papers, so look in the London Gazette and here he becomes a 2nd Lieutenant fresh out of RMA Sandhurst:

Here he gets promoted and put into the Reserves:

And here he gets removed from the Reserves still as a Lieutenantt:

  An ex-forces group checked through and can't find any captain promotion for him anywhere.

We think they're maybe right, and on top of him mis-stating his education - we think he may be all 'Walter Mitty' about his military history too?

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