Saturday, August 18, 2012

 Hunt this racist down !

 There have been quite a few white women hauled in front of the courts in the UK of late for racist outbursts. At least one has received a jail sentence.

Let's make sure our anti-white government and criminal justice system hear about this example.

We cannot allow their hypocrisy can we ?

Youtube have pulled it, but it's still on Liveleak.


Anonymous said...

What justice system, we cannot deal with hypocracy until we have dealt with the justice system

These visitors to our shores should not have to put up with this shit, tell fat useless Kenny Clarke QC

Reet Honrable

Anonymous said...

probaly turn out to be a darling of the left after this, let them spew there hatred of the blue eyed devils, its nothing new. fetch the rope.

DS said...

Hate crime?

dragon said...

She could also have been paid to take the fall, softly,softly people. Condemlab Underworld Never Talk Straight.

Anonymous said...

Link's broken. Try this one:

Anonymous said...

Looks like Youtube have pulled the vid.

That was quick.

I wonder why they did that ?

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