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The far right is fragmenting

The BNP is in freefall but there is potential for one of its many rivals to move into the space it vacates

Nick Griffin launches his party's manifesto at the 2010 elections.
Last week, a new report on the English Defence League was released. Detailing the key personalities within the movement and their links to the global "counter-jihad" movement, the document sought to set out what "really lies behind" the group that attracts considerable attention but remains little understood. The author, however, was not a researcher, campaigner or thinktank. It was the chairman of the British National party, Nick Griffin.

Griffin's report marks the latest episode in an escalating story of tension between the BNP and EDL, which has so far been restricted to Twitter and the occasional slanging match at demonstrations. The report goes further, claiming that behind the EDL lie a number of shadowy neoconservatives and "Zionist terrorists" who are seeking to manipulate public concern over Islam to launch new wars and split the far right nationalist scene. It is classic conspiracy theory stuff, although it is no surprise that the co-leader of the EDL, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was unconvinced: "I swear Nick Griffin's lost the plot," he announced on Twitter.
Seen from one angle, the episode is merely the latest example in a long history of rivalry within the far right. The latest accusations are partly a response to anxieties within the BNP about being out-flanked by the EDL and its new alliance with British Freedom, which will see both groups increase their involvement in elections. This begins with elections for a police commissioner in Bedford in November, but may snowball into more significant campaigns at the 2013 local elections and 2014 European elections (where two BNP candidates, including Griffin, hope to save their seats).

For the BNP, the significance of the challenge is underscored by a disastrous set of results at elections this year. At the London mayoral election, its candidate of Uruguayan heritage polled fewer than 29,000 first preference votes, finishing seventh and failing to match the party's result in 2000. Meanwhile, at the Greater London Assembly elections the number of BNP votes was lower than at any previous contest and at local elections the party stood fewer than 140 candidates and failed to win a single seat. With the party in electoral freefall, there is space for a new challenger.

But the rivalry also reflects a broader process of fragmentation within the far right. The most striking aspect of this year's elections was the number of far right parties competing alongside the BNP. In England, local elections were contested by 149 candidates from far right groups other than the BNP, and in some areas these out-performed the 30-year-old party. In Dudley, for example, the BNP was forced to watch its old and more ideologically extreme rival, the National Front, attract more votes. This owes much to a series of personality clashes and ideological splits that have spawned an increasing number of groups, including Britain First, British Freedom, British People's party, England First, National Front, English Democrats, Democratic Nationalists and the Britannica party. Most lack resources and members, but their emergence reflects a scene that is in transition and has not yet decided on its destination.
More broadly, the BNP-EDL rivalry also reflects how the failure of the far right has often owed more to internal disunity than a lack of external space. The latest spat follows a long line of disputes between the BNP and the National Front in the 1980s, the BNP and Combat 18 in the 1990s, and Griffin and his internal critics in the 2000s. But in Britain, as elsewhere, there has emerged a perfect storm for the far right: ongoing public concern over immigration, more specific anxiety over Islam, falling trust in political institutions, weakening bonds between voters and mainstream parties and the financial crisis have each offered opportunities.
The picture is not all bad, as the young are generally more tolerant than older generations. But there clearly remains ample potential for a far right populist challenger. Whether this latest round of internecine rivalry will remain confined to elections remains to be seen. What is clear is that – one way or another – the modern face of far right politics in Britain looks set to have a makeover.

And here is what Scotland Yard said they would do back in early 1999 just before Griffin decided to challenge John Tyndall for the BNP leadership;

 'Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate far Right groups such as the British National Party.'Other officers will tap telephones, open mail and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organizations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.' 
 The Express newspaper published on 18th February1999

NWN: Agent Nick Griffin has done what the state required of him.  We were infiltrated right at the very top and traitor Scotland Yard Cmdr. John Grieve knew this.It's gone according to their plan. How come some people still cannot understand this ? 


Anonymous said...

Griffin woud have trashed the BNP earlier but the race riots of 2001 gave an unexpected massive boost to the BNP.

Democratic Nationalist said...

" 'Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate far Right groups such as the British National Party.'Other officers will tap telephones, open mail and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organizations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.'
The Express newspaper published on 18th February1999"

Or that may have been referred to David Copeland and his association with Steve Sargent's, Charlie's brother, organisation, the National Socialist Movement which clearly used Copeland to bomb parts of London as a means to discredit the BNP since Copeland was a former bodyguard for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

You can tell the party is state run because how come a man of Simon Darbys inteligence can just carry on regardless when thousands of honest hard working members have left the party and hundreds of good candidates are no more ?

The BNP answer has always been quality not quantity but we have seen both desert the party over recent years so there is no question the party was deliberately run into the ground and those at the top remain at the top to hold the skeletons in the closet.

GWR said...

Copeland was never a 'bodyguard' for the BNP.

Just because he happened to get photographed when John Tyndall and his wife got a serious kicking in East London, does not make Copeland a 'bodyguard'.

I would suggest the opposite, bearing in mind the pics of Mr & Mrs Tyndall.

Copeland might have been a member for 12 months.But that was all.

All this Sargent nonsense was from the early 1990s .It all went tits up when Sargent C got a lifer for murder.

I think your getting your dates a little mixed up DN. We are talking post 1999.

Anonymous said...

Austria Freedom Party condemned for Nazi-like cartoon.


Why did griffin bring his garden gnome with him?

Anonymous said...

The BNP has been held together for the simple reason that it satisfies the same need as "The Trust" did in the USSR of the 1920's, it allows the state to monitor and control its own most determined opposition and therefore guarantee that they are permanently un-successful.

The article in the DE was perfectly honest about the states intentions which makes me wonder why people are so puzzled that the BNP was run into the ground every time it looked like doing the government some damage!

The fact that a serving police officer felt safe to publicly state that he was determined to destroy a LEGAL political party by using covert subversive methods and thus attack the very roots of democracy by using the police to damage one particular party demonstrates just how corrupt and fascistic Britain really is! In a civilized country this man would be shot for subverting the democratic process and trying to usher in what can only be called FASCISM and is therefore clearly treason against the British people.
But such behaviour now gets you a knighthood or a quango as a reward,maybe both!

Anonymous said...

Knew Griffin was a wrongun from the second half of the 80's, nor did I keep it a secret.

That is why I was getting "threatening" calls from Tommy Williams & Co.

It did'nt take a genius to work out that Griff was a charlatan from the word go...

Anonymous said...

Today, General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

Democratic Nationalist said...

"I think your getting your dates a little mixed up DN. We are talking post 1999."

And this article was written in February 1999 and the London bombings happened in April 1999 before the European elections. The entire incident was an MI5 setup to allow Copeland to terrorise London and to discredit the BNP.

Talking of Nick Griffin, this is an article by him in Spearhead reporting on Copeland - Stranger Things have Happened

Anonymous said...

Get that bus out!

Anonymous said...

Here is a Civic Welsh Nationalist site haunted by RED FLAG of the ANL it needs help and advice from real Nationalist if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

The one time Gri££inite. Ken Griffiths is no longer a member of the NF.

This loud mouthed moron should never be allowed in the Nationalist circle again.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Griffths i remember the red white & blue a few years ago .the theme was to have been regional stores selling products from there area. The Blck Country store which he was in charge of where trying to sell photo's of Stonehenge! since when has Stonehenge been part of the Blck Country? The deranged yam yam.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Griffths i remember red white&blue afew years ago. on the regional store for the Black Country which he was in charge of he was trying to sell photo's of Stonehenge!. Since when has Stonehenge become part of the Black Country? The deranged yam yam.

Sir Henry Rumpo said...

The vision of Griffin delivering the manifesto of what was a supposedly serious political party(the BNP)with a vacant looking St George in the background will haunt me to the grave. I resigned my membership the next day!

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