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The Riots in England - An Open Letter to Gilad Atzmon


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Dear Gilad,

As you see, I am copying this to our friends Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen (of ‘Dir Yassein Remembered’) whose company I enjoyed at a pub meeting in London last week, plus some others people in the ‘Bcc’ line.

I read all of your e-bulletins with great interest and listen intently to such of your speeches at meetings I am able to attend. Where you turn your mind to subjects about which you are qualified to discuss (i.e.: what’s going on in Israel; the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis; Jewish ethno-centrism and hypocrisy on the race issue, philosophical topics, etc.) then in my opinion you talk a great deal of sense and, as an “ex-Israeli” and “a proud self-hating Jew”, display courage.


(There’s always a “but”....)

Because you are committed to a ‘One Nation’ solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and because this requires the full-hearted acceptance by Jews of what they don’t want to practise in Israel (but what they do want the gentile world to implement in the Diaspora): a multi-racial society, you feel called upon to defend the multi-racial concept in very place and on every occasion where events indicate that it is a far from perfect way of ordering human society and far from popular with those on whom it has been imposed by the power elites — most notably the Jews.

Thus you invite your subscribers to view a video which promulgates an explanation of last week’s riots in England which you summarise as follows:

“The statistics, sociology, police brutality, massive food price increases and economic catastrophes behind the recent and continuing riots in Britain.”

If I may use a good old-fashioned English expression: “What utter bollocks!”

Were food shops the principle target of the rioting looters? Have our newspapers and TV screens been filled with pictures of people (80 per cent of whom were Afro-Caribbean blacks, 20 per cent of whom were white pseudo-anarchists and/or opportunist crook scum) making off with food?

No they were making off with large plasma TVs, mobile phones and the like.

Once they had all the electrical goods they required for themselves or for re-selling via the Internet, they returned to ‘shopping’ for clothes — not practical clothing for England’s often wet and cold weather, but armfuls of track suits and expensive and equally impractical sports-trainer footwear.

Once they had their fill of ‘designer-label’ clothing, they turned their attention to bicycle shops, jewellers and other luxury goods emporiums.

Plasma TVs & ‘designer’ sportswear
at top of looters’ list — not food

When they did invade supermarkets — or, more often, family-run convenience stories and corner shops — did they emerge with bread, meat, tinned food and other items to stock their larders? No. It was the alcohol that they carried away. Food stocks were scattered and destroyed.

Shop-keepers who tried to protect their premises were beaten.

In Birmingham, three Asian men were run down and murdered by a car convoy Afro-Carrib looters who objected to shop- keepers trying to protect their livelihoods.

In London a Malaysian tourist was attacked, beaten and had his jaw broken. Then other rioters pretended to assist, but only to help themselves to his possessions in his ruck-sack. So much for coloured immigrant solidarity!

A lone elderly and white man in Ealing tried to put out a fire set by a gang of Black ‘hoodies’. They kicked and/or stabbed him to death.

And if that kind of mayhem were not enough, furniture shops and other properties were set ablaze in Tottenham, Croydon, Hackney and elsewhere in London leading to whole city blocks being turned into rubble and endangering the lives of innocent people, namely those living in flats above the shops and the fire-fighters who had to deal with the blazes. London has not seen visions of such fiery destruction since the Blitz during WW2.

So the fatuous attempt to draw on Marxian socio-babble to try and explain away and excuse all this so as to salvage the concept of the multi-racial society is naïve and shoddy ‘thinking’. Such tripe may go down well with the leftist student types who attend the Socialist Workers’ Party “Marxism Today” summer schools at which you used to give lectures in yesteryear, but as I think I have indicated above, such knee-jerk twaddle does not bear a moment’s adult contemplation.

But the twaddle is also an insult to the British working class who went through the Great Depression of the 1930s. The standard of living endured by poor out-of-work people in those days (still just about within living memory) was a quantum leap lower and more desperate than that experienced by those who went rioting and looting last week. Nobody is starving; nobody has to tramp from ‘spike’ (workhouse) to ‘spike’ for an overnight sleep.

Read Down and Out in Paris and London or The Road to Wigan Pier or other of George Orwell’s chronicles of the desperate poverty of unemployed people in the 1930s. The wretched indigenous Britons of those days had a million more times right to riot and loot as the mainly Black rabble who tried to put London and other of our cities to sack last week. But the poverty-stricken Brits of the 1930s they did not do so. They strived to remain decent and honest and respectful of their neighbours, in stark contrast to the current multi-racial society’s vile, murderous and selfish rioters.

So the explanations for last week’s rioting which you subscribe to and promote is not only a tissue of lies, it is a grave insult to our — or at least, my — immediate forbears who went through so much.

Gilad — you should be ashamed of yourself.

I conclude by inviting you to post these remarks on your blog and — if you can demonstrate your belief in free speech — post this URL for a video from New Zealand which gives an appraisal of the sloppy ‘thinking’ in which you have indulged yourself in defence of the multi-racial concept which, in England at any rate, has proved to be an utter failure and looks set to develop into a catastrophe.

Yours sincerely,

(Martin Webster)


Anonymous said...

Gilad and Martin are both missing the point:

These riots were wanted, and were provoked and abetted by undercover workers. Cameron did not come up with the idea to reduce the police force and call in a US private consultant overnight. It was a plan in the works all along, and the riots have enabled him to further it. He works for corporations, not people.

They might appear to save money by laying off 16,000 police officers, but those would then find work with private security companies who would then be contracted to handle riots at exhorbitant cost. (Remember the Toronto G20 and the one-and-a-half billion?) The reason they need the help of the US guy is because North America has developed a system of joint police, military and private security firms

Anonymous said...

An interesting artical Martin.

NWN Admin said...

Atzmon's & Jewish Chronicle editor's similar "replies"

FROM:Martin Webster TO:Paul Eisen CC:Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon Israel Shamir Israel Shamir

I am very disappointed by Gilad Atzmon’s response to my analysis of his commentary on the riots. He has not attempted to respond to a single one of my assertions of fact. He merely said that he won’t take me up on my “racially driven” point of view. Just that. Nothing more. He might just as well have said:

“I know my own mind — don’t confuse me with facts!”

I am grateful that Israel Shamir has circulated my submission to his world-wide list so Atzmon will not be able to suppress my view (in the way that the Jewish-controlled mainstream media does) by simply refusing to publish contrary opinions.

In that regard, Atzmon’s ‘reply’ to me is almost exactly similar to a ‘reply’ I got a few weeks ago from the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, regarding my attempt to correct the JC’s publication of false information about me:

From: Stephen Pollard
Date: Tuesday, 5 July 2011 13:48
To: Martin Webster , Letters
Cc: Gerald Jacobs
Subject: RE: Re-send, letter re. Aaronovitch column

Mr Webster,

The day a letter from a fascist appears in the JC is the day hell freezes over.

Stephen Pollard
Editor, Jewish Chronicle

From: Martin Webster <.com>
Sent: 05 July 2011 13:40
To: Stephen Pollard ; Letters
Cc: Gerald Jacobs

Subject: Re-send, letter re. Aaronovitch column


Atzmon may think that he has got his case against Zionist tyranny all worked out in a logical and principled way — but as we see, he has not. He merely wants to replace a Zionist-Jewish tyranny for a Marxist-Jewish tyranny. I hope you and Shamir can save him from strangling himself on his own contradictions.

On the face of it, people like Atzmon and Pollard just do not understand the ordinary Britons’ concept of fair play and so they will always be a malignant and disruptive element in our nation’s affairs. They would greatly enrich us by departing our shores.

In his introduction to the Atzmon vs. Webster clash of view on the riots, Israel Shamir in his Shamireaders posting suggests that the British working class might do well to copy the antics of the rebellious Jamaicans, and that the attitude of Britons during the 1930s depression might do credit to a dog, but not to a man.

Burning down one’s habitation — and other peoples’ homes, risking their lives — destroying places of actual or potential employment, thieving from and/or robbing and/or killing one’s neighbours is not the way to preserve any kind of civilisation, socialist or capitalist, multi-racial or ethnically homogeneous.

Police go out on patrol in Kingston, Jamaica, every day equipped in the manner of soldiers going out to war. They are at war. Inter-gang shoot-outs, robberies with murders and the like are daily occurrences, despite the efforts of the idealistic reggae musician the late Bob Marley in the 1970s.

And Kingston also has another notable attribute: it has the largest lunatic asylum in the ‘western’ world.

If we were to follow the example of the Jamaicans (or, for that matter the examples Afro peoples still resident in Africa) then our country would become like Jamaica — or most places in sub-Saharan Africa: squalid, lethargic, crime-infested, drug-addled, corrupt, tyrant-ruled rubbish dumps.

Come to think of it — that is exactly the drift Britain is on as Afro proportion of its population increases.


(Martin Webster)


From: Paul Eisen
Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2011 19:19
To: Martin Webster <>

Subject: RE: Starkey controversy

Can I forward your remarks to some friends?

From: Martin Webster <.com>
Sent: 17 August 2011 19:13
To: Paul Eisen
Subject: Starkey controversy


Anonymous said...

Is that photo from Martins one man march against immigration in the 1970s? that was one of the brave acts amongst others that got my friends and i to support the old NF.martin was a great speaker and writer,i collect 1970s nationalist publications such as Spearhead and many of the excellent articles are written by martin.a lot of what he predicted in them has come true.Just remembered,in 1979 0n the eve of the general election our juniour school teacher asked the class who we would vote for if we could,about six of us shouted out "National front! nf! national front!" the teachers face turned bright red as she did her best to ignore us until quickly changihg the subject! Those were the days.

Inspector Blakey
"I `ate you Griffin!"

NWN Admin said...

Anonymous said...
Is that photo from Martins one man march against immigration in the 1970s?

Yes it is.

IIRC it was late 1977 and his 'one man march' was to Hyde Town Hall in Greater Manchester.

The rest of the NF members were on a march near to Longsight, Manchester.

There are exclusive pics of that on this blog site, just use the search function.

Joe Owens said...

The SPYS the SPYS .

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...