Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inter -racial strife about to blow in Birmingham ?

After last nights mowing down and killing of 3 Asians by rioters in cars there are reports of muslims now organising in the Birmingham area.

There has been inter racial strife in Birmingham in the past.

This could make the London riots look like a picnic.

The Muslim community are observing Ramadan, so it could get a bit hectic after dark when they break their fast.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it,s going to be a rama dama ding dong then!

UNITED RACES and The Holy Book of Racial Government. said...

UNITED RACES and The Holy Book of Racial Government.

". . . All Iranian women are ugly, dark haired, dirty Arabs when compared to our own pure blood, blonde haired, blue or pale eyed, White Aryan women of Northern Europe."
Say the White Supremacist Racists."

From London to The Shires to Britain to Europe to The World.


This is the most powerful religio-political movement for more than 3500 years, possibly.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy the shiite's about to hit the fan! Thank Allah for the joys of divershitty!

NWN Admin said...

We think it's the fact that the muslims are in 'religious mode' as it's the start of Ramadan that they have held off from retaliating in the Birmingham area.

Anonymous said...

I kid you you not NWN i once lived in Birmingham and its not the radicals wearing sandals and gowns folk should be scared of ! Its the ones with shaved heads,wear designer gear,work out and partly fit into our way of life.They are like a military and have numbers across every area of the inner city and even have divides with other muslims from other area's.If this lot join together then its good night Vienna.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...