Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Nick Griffin on holiday - again !

NWN: This is reminiscent of the where's Wally childrens game from a few years back. The search for Wally.

We at NWN have noted ever since Griffin hijacked the BNP, he has had many long holidays. Of course, we wouldn't begrudge anyone a holiday.

Except Griffin often has holidays at 'crunch' periods, for example; in the immediate run up to the 2000 European elections.

Where was Mr.Griffin ?

He was 'swanning around' speaking in the USA, and he has carried on in that vein.

John Tyndall attacked Griffin at the time for that, as Tyndall argued, he should have been 'leading his troops' into the elections. Nothing alters with the vain Mr.Griffin, he has chutzpah as the jews would say.

It would be quite interesting to see the critical periods of BNP history over the last 11 years, and correlate them with Nick Griffins holidays. We think it would make very interesting reading into the mind of Nick Griffin.

Where is our Chairman?

By Hogarth. Last Monday the Chairman was elected to a fresh term of four years, by merely nine votes. He did not bother to attend the count, perhaps in case he lost.

To obtain his mandate of merely nine votes, his team broke his own rules:

1. A 50 point email circular was issued, attacking Mr Brons, utilising the party’s email address lists.

2. Regional Organisers or their officials despatched email circulars to their memberships, imploring members to support Nick Griffin.

Had the Chairman been re-elected with a majority of several hundred votes, it could have been argued that these two clear breaches of the rules would have been insufficient to alter an assured victory for Nick Griffin.

These two actions, however, were designed to influence the vote, which is why they were sanctioned. Had merely five members voted for Mr Brons instead of Mr Griffin, Mr Brons would have been elected with a majority of one vote.

There are grounds for the Returning Officer, who is already carrying out routine enquiries, to declare the result null and void on account of these breaches in the rules and to re-issue fresh ballot papers in a new election.

This would almost certainly be the decision of any Court, given the circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Chairman has sent a long and rambling letter to his runner-up, Andrew Brons, which underlines the Chairman’s micro-management of the Party.

One of the points of Mr Brons’ election platform was the futility and damage wrought by micro-management.

Alas, Mr Griffin has no expertise as a manager outside the political realm. In fact, he has done very little outside the political realm, although he has accomplished one bankruptcy.

He has very nearly brought his own party to the point of bankruptcy – if such is possible for an unincorporated association.

Once again, the accounts are late, which will invite a fine from the Electoral Commission.

That fine represents the money of hard-pressed donors, which the Chairman enjoys tapping for their hard earned wages and pensions.

We were told, during the campaign, that the accounts were now properly overseen and administered.

Clearly, the Chairman’s appointees, Clive Jefferson and Jennifer Matthys have some explaining to do.

More bizarre, however, is the absence of the Chairman. He has narrowly won the slenderest of victories but he has disappeared – presumably on holiday – when his party is in utter chaos, with morale plumbing fresh lows.

His website is becoming a joke and features illiteracy.

His party is split.

He faces numerous challenges in Court.

His members are resigning or refusing to donate. Others refuse to participate in any political activity. The BBC are rumoured to be preparing an expose of his tenure of the party.

Damaging copies of Trafalgar Club bank statements have been issued, denoting large cash drawings.

Mr Brons’ voters are finding new reasons to depart, despite the former’s earnest representations that they remain.

In fact, it is speculated that the Chairman would prefer his detractors to depart. That way, the party will contract into a micro unit of unelectable sycophants plus some delinquents.

What few councillors we retain are fast departing the party.

In fact, the party is descending downhill so fast that it will soon be beneath where it was when he took it over in 1999. What a record! What sheer incompetence!

Instead of departing on holiday amidst such ruin and destruction, the Chairman should be in the UK, rapidly mending and building bridges.

He should be in earnest negotiations with Mr Brons’s team to act on their criticisms of his tenure and implement their ideas.

In particular, as the first stage in the building of those bridges, Mr Griffin should relieve the party of the services of the non-member, Pat Harrington, who has stood ethnic candidates against our Party.

That demand, which appeared on this website several days ago, remains unanswered.

He has done none of the things we requested. There have been no meetings with Mr Brons or his supporters, no discussions and only the despatch of a rambling, patronising letter to Mr Brons.

We are reminded of the late Enoch Powell’s reflection: “All political careers end in failure.” As someone else once remarked: “How great the arrogance before the fall.”

The tragedy here is that the Chairman is likely to bring the entire party down with him and, with this, the one remaining avenue for the British people to save the nation. What a record — which will be long remembered by frustrated activists of the nationalist cause.



Anonymous said...

I once offered Nick Griffin a free holiday with Mick Dundee's Never Never Safari's down under in Walk about Creek in the Northern territory but Griffin was too focused in wrecking the Northern territory of the BNP back in the old country.

Anonymous said...

Its not that long ago there was another 'wheres Griffin' thread on here when no-one seemed to know where he had gone on holiday.

Some said Cyprus, others his favourite for the toffs place, the South of France.

I think he used to like Dowsons place in Spain as it was free for him.

Then there is the rumours of property in Croatia.

Anonymous said...

Griffin had the cheek to accuse John Tyndall of owning a yacht when challenging for the BNP leadership in 1999.

Mind, he also kept attacking John Tyndalls late father in law for being a freemason. In view of Griffins own father being a very high ranking freemason, that is a bit 'cheeky' isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin didn't need to attend his own count for the BNP leadership.

The State apparatus is looking after Agent Griffin !

Pat Harrington's G-String said...

GRIFFIN TWEETED FROM ZAGREB, NEAR HIS DACHA. He is like a Third World despot, syphoning funds off to overseas property whilst his people live in penury.

Nick Mugabe is living high on the hog.

Give your hard earned money to the Trafalgar Club! he needs another £10 cocktail.

Anonymous said...

He's in his Croatian bolthole.

Someone should tell the Croatian nationalists they have a traitor in their midst.

Anonymous said...

Griffin always goes on his hols when the BNP accounts are late and reported in the press.

He did the same last year;


Anonymous said...

Maybe Griffins in San Francisco,i can just picture him in a pair of leather shorts. Seems like a nice boy!

Inspector Blakey
"get that truth truck out Griffin!"

Anonymous said...

Brons lost a lot of support by aligning himself with reactionaries like Eddy Butler and turncoats like Chris Beverley who now campaigns against British Nationalism by joining and standing for the anti-British English Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I detect a lot of bitterness toward NG.

Hav'nt you realised its HIS Party, Brons, and everyone else for that matter, arde entirely incidental...

Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley was always a bad leader, and a total tosser.

Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley was always a total tosser and, spoke to people as if there were shit.

Joe Owens said...



I am looking for SPIES !

I will ring my friend Nick Lowles and see if he has seen any SPIES or SEARCHLIGHT.


Anonymous said...

Bitterness towards Nick Griffin ?

No we just hate him !

The biggest traitor to nationalism in this Country probably ever.

Nick Griffin MEP said...

Nick Griffin MEP

Have to admit I spent yesterday in a busy city without being recognised. Very relaxing is Zagreb!

Danny More said...

Sid Williamson has said on his facebook he is making a comeback! he has been intouch with the NF and the BNP.


NWN Admin said...

Danny More said...
Sid Williamson has said on his facebook he is making a comeback! he has been intouch with the NF and the BNP.


4 August 2011 23:49

Williamson is a disgrace to nationalism.

A few years ago he pulled a knife on a fellow nationalist in Oldham because he was blind drunk.

In fact, Williamsons drunken escapades are legendary. There is a phote around the web of him drunk and incapable in a street.

He also disgraced himself urinating whilst drunk on a comrades furniture.

Then when that comrade was dying with cancer,he posted obscene messages about him across VNN, as he was the mod on there !

He also used VNN in support of crook Griffin,and sexual harassment of a midlands female.

The list is endless for this cretin and buffoon.

He threatened the founder of NWN and now he is back posting over on Stormfront as 'The white way home UK'.

Keep Pete SID Williamson at arms length. He will be hoping folk have forgotten his escapades.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit I spent yesterday in a busy city without being recognised. Very relaxing is Zagreb!....

Probably dressed as Zorro and reynolds was weraing that money suit.I can just see the headlines " Zorro of Zagreb caught doing the monkey business "

ES said...

Williamson is a fucking joke, not a funny one either. what an embarrassment he was to the BPP. I really can't see BNP or NF taking him. He'd be better suited to the RVF.

Anonymous said...

I see the JEW seb coe's family kept slaves

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Political Violence, Part 1: Anti-White Violence by the Left as Precursor to Today’s Mainstream Anti-White Establishment.


Anonymous said...

I see the JEW seb coe's family kept slaves.
No surprise as it was Dutch jews who were the first Europeans (semite pseudo Europeans) and the most prolific slave traders - in his pro-jigaboo film `Amistad', Steve Spielberg's tried changing history by portraying Chritians as being the main slave traders.

That aside, jewboy Coe is a self-enriching, spineless gutless bastard who, at the time of the Dunblane shootings by Hamilton, totally betrayed the pistol shooting community, and should never have been allowed to have anything to do with the Olympics.

At the time of the Dunblane shooting jewboy Coe was the Tory Member of Parliament for Falmouth and the president of the National Pistol Association (NPA), but immediately the Dunblane shooting happened Coe deliberately went into hiding to avoid pistol shooters pressuring him into defending pistol shooting sports - and by the time this yellow-backed jewboy resurfaced a couple of weeks later, Coe had resigned his NRA presidency and, through his tory consituency spokesmen, made it known he was supporting a total ban on pistol shooting sports - this betrayal was no more than a blatantly cynical self-preserving political arse-covering exercise he thought would make himself re-electable in the 1997 General Election by pandering to the anti-gun lobby stirred-up by the MSM - but Coe totally miscalculated the political situation and fifteen months later shooters in Coe's Falmouth constituency had their sweet revenge by running a highly successful shooters-don't-vote-for-Coe campaign during the 1997 General Election and unseated the self-serving, self-enriching arsehole.

That Coe was in a strong position for defending and saving pistol shooting sports in Britain but, instead, chose to run away and hide to save his miserable political jew skin, and is now making hundreds-of-thousands of ££££s out of the Olympics makes jewboy Coe an outright hypocrit because pistol shooting is an Olympic sport and shooting usually gains more Olympic `golds' for Britain than the other Olympic disciplines.

Fly On The wall

Anonymous said...

Fat Sid Williamson must never ever embarass nationalism again.

Keep him out.

Anonymous said...

Fat and Fatter-thats Sid williamson and steroid bloated turd eater Martin "swinger" Reynolds.Does Sid collect piles of pooh from public toilets and drop them on Reynolds face? there is supposed to be film footage in existence that shows Reynolds being crapped on by some old brass/boiler,a well known ex- bnp member is supposed to have said footage.

Anonymous said...

Fatboy Sid has been refused membership of the N.F.


cliff richards said...

Martin Reynolds crapped in my tent at RWB 2007.

The dirty fucker.

Safety First said...

"cliff richards said...

Martin Reynolds crapped in my tent at RWB 2007.

The dirty fucker."

You've only got yourself to blame, you shouldn't have let him in. ;)

Anonymous said...

A bottle of bleach a day keeps fatty martin reynolds shit away.

Inspector Blakey
"I `ate you Griffin!"

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