Monday, April 11, 2011

NWN supports the Blackpool demonstrations

AROUND 50 members of a group fighting for justice in the case of missing Charlene Downes held a flash protest in Blackpool.

The members of Casuals United gathered on Dickson Road to call for further police action in the case, just two weeks after a similar protest on Blackpool Promenade. The unplanned protest was organised at short notice by Internet and phone.

Charlene disappeared in 2003 and has never been found. One man was acquitted of her murder and another of helping dispose of the body last year when a retrial was halted due to problems with evidence.

The protest started with a minute-long silence and then lasted for an hour. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “No arrests were made during the protest as it passed without incident. “A small number of protesters stayed in the area and we increased the police presence in the town centre accordingly.” For the full story,

see Monday’s Gazette.

NWN: If the Police play their political games and refuse to do their duty then British people should act according to how our forebears did as freemen.

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