Monday, April 04, 2011

"Eddy Butler has completely lost the plot, he wants an alliance with the Black Christian Party now !
He calls his latest article 'THE FUTURE'".
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I also met a number in the aftermath of the GLA election in 2008. I found them very agreeable on a personal basis, and even attended a Bible study class in Dagenham! For a regular wicked sinner such as I this was remarkable. "
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In conversations I have had with black preachers involved in this tendency I have been mightily impressive with their....... It is a fact of life, whether anyone likes it or not, that it is illegal to organise politically with a colour bar.

' Furthermore there are an increasing number of areas, such as Barking and Dagenham for example, where it will be impossible to win seats without making some sort of accommodation." . ,'

NWN: Butler has also apparently asked that any financial wrong doing that Nick Griffin has been getting up to be 'ignored' if Griffin went quietly ! .

We at NWN right from the start, said that the only difference between Griffin and Butler is that Butler 'might' be less dishonest where money is concerned. Policy wise, they are both the same, wishing to 'water down' our message so much so that we were a new Conservative or Labour Party.

.Are they both involved in the plan that has come to fruition, of the total destruction of the BNP and the radical right ?


Anonymous said...

Griffin and Butler - a plague on both their houses.

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Anonymous said...

Butler says please make me leader, if you dont i will scream and scream till im sick. He knows its all over for him and he has shut himself out of Nationalism forever.

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EFPStoke said...

You will never get the ethno nationalists- proper nationalists- to work alongside the civic nationalists- multiculturalists like Griffin, Tommy Robinson et al- because the two are at opposite ends of the nationalist spectrum.

We keep been told we can't have a white Britain, but nobody says why we can't. It's our country, and you can bet your arse that if you were talking about Africa they'd do what they are doing at the moment,simply kill the whiteman.It's as if every nation can have what they want apart from a handful of white nations in europe. Bollocks to that.

Anonymous said...

Griffin loves the South of France because thats where all the money and upper classes go !

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH jew-lover Tommy Robinson of the EDL has head-butted into unconsciousness a young nationalist lad who went along to an EDL meeting to support England, the country he loves.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

My reckoning is there will be 300+ candidates down from 2007.Every area that had the establishemnt worried or was looking promising and on the rise has literally been bombed out ! No wonder griffarge pissed off to Cyprus as his game plan came into force to destroy the BNP.

Anonymous said...

London 2012 Assembly Campaign Already Well Underway ?

Well what about the 2011 local elections griffin plc ? A piss poor turnout of candidates.


Griffin sold the BNP out from day one of his leadership.I can not help thinking he is a state asset.JT warned people about him and JT was right.The party has been run down to nothing'take Wigan as a example last year the BNP stood in most of the wards in the town'this year only in three wards including Ince.Where the England First Party are standing as well.But I think the EFP will beat the BNP this year as the EFP have put out calling cards in the ward and have got a good responce.

Anonymous said...

No amnesties

Griffin's financial crimes must be exposed and punished.

Anyone suggesting they could be ignored may be trying to conceal their own "errors"

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?